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Happy 10th Birthday, Mycena Cave! (Thank you gift, activities, new games, and more!)

It’s hard to believe it, but Mycena Cave has been around 10 whole years! As I reflect upon this milestone, I’m feeling very grateful to each person who has contributed their time, energy, and passion to help shape this little corner of the web. Whether you are a visitor, a contributor, or a steadfast member, your presence has been the lifeblood that keeps us chugging along. <3 Cheers to you all, and thank you for everything!

We have a few things going on for our birthday this year; a gift, a couple of activities, two new permanent games, a look at the past 10 years, the dory, and of course the launch of summer!

Thanks goes to Plaid and Loon for making the gifts, we hope you enjoy them!

Party Flavors

Nothing says ‘celebration’ quite like a big ol’ get-together — and no type of gathering heralds the warmth of summer more than a block party! Local Mycenians have decided to throw one such bash, in honor of the tenth anniversary of their little community. It promises to boast quite the crowd, so everyone is invited to bring along a dish to share with their friends and neighbors—head this way!

Boney Bashing

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! Wait, what is that strange looking thing dangling from the Bone Monster’s paw?

You can blame Crow for this one

...need I show more? Come hit the Boney-shaped piñata here!

New Games

We’ve released two new games, Remembery, a memory game, and Sprocket’s Secrets, a minesweeper game! These are games we’ve previously tested out and gotten positive feedback on. Payouts will likely need to be adjusted after we collect more data.

This game has been played by Mycenians from a young age as a means to enhance their memory skills. Although it was initially bestowed with an official name, the children affectionately embraced it as “Remembery,” a title that has since become synonymous with the game.

Note: You can set the theme for the game in the Community Settings menu! Choose between forest foraging, circus scarabs, or gone fishing

The game will presents a grid of cards, face down. Each card has a matching pair somewhere in the grid, and the objective is to find all the matching pairs by flipping over two cards at a time.

Click to reveal its face and then, click or tap on another card to reveal its face as well. If the two cards you revealed match, they will remain face up. If the cards do not match, they will automatically flip back face down. The game ends once you have found all the matching pairs.

Sprocket has buried highly volatile electronomers* underground. Your job is to do a survey of the area, marking the sites of potential electronomers that should be excavated by trained specialists. Be careful not to disturb the electronomers!

*Electronomers were created by Sprocket for his Marvelous Meteorologic Machine. Once that project was scaled back, the extra components should have been safely disassembled. Clearly, Sprocket had other plans.

This game is similar to Minesweeper. Click a field to excavate it, or right-click it to mark it as an electronomer. Numbers indicate how many adjacent fields contain electronomers. But be careful! If you excavate on a field with an electronomer, you’ll detonate it and have to start over!

Note: you can also toggle between excavating-mode and marking-mode, to help in case your device does not have the ability to right-click

The number on the square is the number of electronomers touching that square, including on the diagonal

There is one electronomer on this board, shown here. The tiles surrounding it will display the number 1, since they are touching one electronomer.

On this board, there are two electronomers. The top middle tile is touching both of the electronomers, and thus will be labeled with the number two. In the middle row, the first and last tiles are touching one electronomer each, and are labeled with the number one. The middle tile is touching both electronomers on the diagonal, so is labeled with the number two. In the bottom row, none of the tiles are touching electronomers and would not be labeled with a number—they will disappear once you click them.


Flag squares that are likely electronomers.

Flag the electronomer for the specialists. They are experts at digging up delicate electronomers!

In this board, you would need two flags to mark the electronomers because there are two instead of one like on the board above.

Click on squares that are likely not electronomers. The tile will disappear if there are no electronomers touching it, or it will reveal a number.

There are no other electronomers on this board since otherwise the number tiles would have indicated they were touching more than one electronomer. Clicking any of the tiles that are left will clear the area.

On the two electronomers board, this how the completed board would look. All of the tiles have either been flagged or clicked.

The game is over once you’ve clicked any tile that isn’t an electronomer. Specialists will come in and excavate all the flagged areas.

Don’t detonate the Electronomers!

Cheers to 10 Years
10 Year Timeline

It’s easy to forget how bare bones Mycena Cave started compared to where we’re at today. Check out all we’ve managed to do in the past 10 years here!

A Look Back at Events

We’ve hosted many events—if you’re feeling nostalgic, take a look at all the fun we’ve had here!

It’s Summertime!
Seasonal Selection

As always, with a new season comes a new mushroom variety to snack on! Summer Seasonal mushrooms are now available in Tamshir’s Specialties! This season’s stock will remain available until Autumn officially arrives on September 23rd.

Chadwick’s Summer Snack Shack is back in business!

The cat returns with this year’s hottest summer fashion trends (as well as retro styles from years prior). He’ll be keeping his Summer Snack Shack open until 23:59ST on July 20th, after which he’ll be riding off into the sunset until next year!

Meow, meowmeow! Mrooooow!

It’s Item Dory Time!

It’s time for the annual Item Dory—how won-dory-ful!  We want to hear about the kinds of items the community is interested in seeing, broad or specific. You can submit your wishes to the Dory, and then share your interest on the other ideas players have submitted! Collecting this data is very helpful to our artists and coordinators, who often refer to the most recent Dory results to help guide our creative processes. Do note, though, that submitting an idea to the dory does not guarantee that it will be used!

The Dory will remain open through 23:59 ST on July 4th.

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10 Year Timeline

♥ Compiled by KeeperGreymuzzles and Hyasynthetic


  • 21 - Official release!! Woohoo!!
  • Initial release included Ineki, three coat options (Cave Shadows, Cave Painting, Sunbeam), no items, Cave In as the only game, 2000 nugget a day cap, and far fewer forums.
  • Cave Exchange introduced (gems originally buyable with nuggets only)
  • Forum History introduced
  • First Dog and Fox ineki released (Torch & Cenote; initially available only through raffles)


  • First items released as gifts (Fedora, Petrified Mushroom, Blushroom - which later became the Moveshroom)
  • First item shops released (Pages Aflame, Sullie’s Closet, Leetle Companions)
  • Item List page released
  • Backstory released
  • First custom pets created (recreations of Digis Customs/Zaffs only)


  • First Out of the Shadows release (Tanuk, Leaf Hat & Sake)


  • Fishing released
  • Paid forums introduced
  • Ability to buy Gems with dollars introduced
  • First raffle held (originally, raffles were drawn manually, and results/winner prize preferences had to be posted in the raffle thread!)


  • First event (Halloween forum event)
  • Transfers (gifting) introduced
  • Pet profile descriptions introduced
  • High scores board introduced
  • Pet ordering introduced
  • Player stores introduced
  • User mentions introduced ([@userid]; did not send notification)


  • Magic Puddle Released
  • Original version of chat introduced (since retired)
  • Trading introduced


  • First avatar background released (Winter Stream)
  • Search released

Total Items Released:
Shop/Game: 16 OotS: 10 Event/Activity/BOW: 14 Seasonal: 0 Fishing/Crafting: 26 Consumable/Openable: 8 Mushrooms: 14

Total Site Coats Released: 14
OotS: 5 Event: 4 Seasonal: 0 Basic/Other: 5 Glowy: 0

Total Unique Coats Created: 60
Customs/Boney NPCs: 60 Sprouts: 0

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 1
Collection/Scrabble Events: 0 Roleplay/Lore events: 1 Forum Activities: 0


  • Crafting introduced (originally, CanCan were the only common recipes!)
  • Recipe bottles & secret recipes released (boots, draccko)
  • Drasilis released through auction
  • Pondshrooms released


  • Custom shop released
  • First timer-based event (Spring Flower Rush; a collection event)
  • Sacred Tree and Genesses (then called Karasses) released
  • Mushroom Meals released
  • Regular Changingshroom introduced via raffle
  • Nugget cap raised to 3000 and Cave In made playable even after maxing out


  • First Sprout raffle (then called breeding)
  • Ability to specify prize preferences added to raffle page
  • Echolocation released
  • Geness pages released


  • First April Fool’s (Mycena Cage)


  • Custom Credits (precursor to PawPrints) introduced
  • Loneshroom introduced


  • First scrabble event (Discovery Dig)
  • Ability to buy individual items introduced to collection/scrabble event shops
  • Sent/received word list updated to open definition search when words clicked
  • Pagination added to sent/received list
  • Qi was the most sent word (but later got nixed from the dictionary for being too short!)
  • Original shops rearranged, leaving us with Leetle Companions (now Mariel’s Curiosities), Feathers and Flame (eventually merged into Fungimental Magic and Val’s Modern Composition), and Sullie’s Closet
  • Darcy’s Confection Perfection (now Darcy’s Kitchen) & Fungimental Magic added


  • Glowing Changingshroom introduced via raffle (First discovered: Prismatic Tiger)
  • Human avatars released
  • Forever Coats price reduced from 10 gems to 7 gems
  • Echo archiving, adding users to echoes, and ability to leave echoes implemented
  • Customs and sprouts added to Magic Puddle
  • First Cave Challenge held


  • First seasonal coat introduced — the Lammergeier


  • Forum pinning introduced
  • Report feature introduced


  • First Secret Santa
  • Inventory Pockets released
  • Avatar BGs released

Total Items Released: 306
Shop/Game: 88 OotS: 34 Event/Activity/BOW: 81 Seasonal: 0 Fishing/Crafting: 32 Consumable/Openable: 26 Mushrooms: 45

Total Site Coats Released: 48
OotS: 17 Event: 17 Seasonal: 2 Basic/Other: 6 Glowy: 6

Total Unique Coats Created: 194
Customs/Boney NPCs: 174 Sprouts: 20

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 8
Collection/Scrabble Events: 2 Roleplay/Lore events: 4 Forum Activities: 2


  • All items made visible in Avatars (as long as they fit in the frame)


  • Spellstones released
  • BBCode options overhauled, introducing formatting options that were previously unavailable
  • Dice rolling added to forums and the old live chat
  • Glitch begins using dice rolling to live-draw raffle tickets in old chat


  • Lands Within released (initially only sold avatar backgrounds)
  • Spoilers and floating elements added to BBCode


  • First full Background released (Firefly Night; an event item)
  • Karasses renamed to Genesses
  • Ability to add/remove Sprouts from Genesses added
  • single-pet Geneesses introduced
  • Introduction of the Sprout queue
  • Collection/Scrabble events are given their own forums for the first time (Spring Swarm Extravaganza)


  • Forum search introduced
  • Poses no longer linked to gender


  • New forever coats introduced
  • Community Coordinators role introduced
  • Glowy outlines added to ‘tiles’ on scrabble event collection screens (Stellar Spelunking)


  • Forum search introduced
  • ‘Gender’ field removed from pets and Blushroom retired (replaced with Moveshroom)
  • Poses now referred to as ‘Upright’ or ‘Active’ instead of Male/Female
  • Original Forever coats retired; Coral Spring, Golden Glow, and Tainted Smoke released
  • Users help curate the pool of 3-5 letter words for Mycena’s Dictionary
  • Received words added to Scrabble event notifications (Stellar Spelunking)


  • Pings introduced (Username; sent notification)


  • Shopkeepers and old event NPCs begin appearing on the Bone Monster’s profile


  • Kelph release (Shimmers in the Water, custom auction)
  • Potion Master full release
  • 5000th member milestone reached
  • The Kelph Item Compatibility Project begins


  • Edit queue released
  • Extended forum tagging introduced (previously, only a generic ‘Mature’ tag was available)
  • Released thread hiding (ability to hide your own threads from everyone’s recent posts, and other people’s threads from your recent posts)


  • Paw prints & queue holding introduced
  • Scaling ticket prices introduced to raffles (previously, tickets had a flat cost - typically of 500 nuggets, with one free ticket per user)

Total Items Released: 460
Shop/Game: 133 OotS: 58 Event/Activity/BOW: 124 Seasonal: 0 Fishing/Crafting: 32 Consumable/Openable: 37 Mushrooms: 76

Total Site Coats Released: 79
OotS: 29 Event: 26 Seasonal: 6 Basic/Other: 9 Glowy: 9

Total Unique Coats Created: 491
Customs/Boney NPCs: 378 Sprouts: 113

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 20
Collection/Scrabble Events: 4 Roleplay/Lore events: 7 Forum Activities: 9


  • First OotS full background released (Phoenix’s Roost)
  • Pet & Item layering introduced, and pet management gets its own page
  • Encyclopedia released
  • Mycenaissance (the precursor to Creative Collective) became an official event
  • Edit toggles introduced for some site coats (e.g. Peacock Spider & Grim Harvest)
  • Val’s Modern Composition released
  • Avatar backgrounds begin equipping to accounts rather than pets


  • The first seasonal shop, Peent d’Amor, was released
  • First item dorry held
  • Drag and drop made available in inventory/profile for mobile users
  • First drifty item released (Drifty Rose Petals; an event item)
  • Ability to choose between sprout and semi-custom added to sprout raffles


  • Sprout queue tier system introduced
  • First Kelph sprouts appeared


  • Toggles on all site coats implemented


  • Avatar frames introduced (Ornate Frame)


  • Immatureshroom & Bloomshroom released
  • Inventory gets an upgrade
    • Popups introduced to show item details
    • Stack splitting added
    • Keyboard shortcuts added
  • Raffles begin drawing live on the raffle page


  • Involvement levels and Regular/Artistic Freedom custom selections introduced
  • Midnight Collection makes its first appearance


  • Auto-buy with unused points introduced to collection/scrabble events (Marcey’s Actually-Happening Harvest Festival)

Total Items Released: 639
Shop/Game: 209 OotS: 82 Event/Activity/BOW: 159 Seasonal: 12 Fishing/Crafting: 32 Consumable/Openable: 47 Mushrooms: 98

Total Site Coats Released: 101
OotS: 41 Event: 32 Seasonal: 10 Basic/Other: 9 Glowy: 9

Total Unique Coats Created: 874
Customs/Boney NPCs: 598 Sprouts: 276

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 26
Collection/Scrabble Events: 6 Roleplay/Lore events: 9 Forum Activities: 11


  • First full background released to Lands Within (Stained Glass Woodland)


  • Item toggles introduced (Enchanted Gazes)


  • Mont’s New Player Handbook released
  • The Kelph Item Compatibility Project (mostly) ends


  • Knowledgebase created
  • Rikur’s Rarities released


  • Introduction of the Creative Collective / retirement of Mycenaissance
  • Introduction of the Bag of Wonders (originally only awarded through CC raffles; initial items: True Sight, Lightning Bo Staff, Morning Star, Flame Heart Dagger, and Valkyrie Sword)


  • Sprouts began budding on the Sacred Tree
  • Ability to purchase pets introduced to collection/scrabble events (Letters from the Lost event)


  • The first permadrifted item introduced (Mabel; an event item)

Total Items Released: 805
Shop/Game: 256 OotS: 106 Event/Activity/BOW: 208 Seasonal: 25 Fishing/Crafting: 32 Consumable/Openable: 57 Mushrooms: 121

Total Site Coats Released: 125
OotS: 53 Event: 38 Seasonal: 14 Basic/Other: 10 Glowy: 10

Total Unique Coats Created: 1,194
Customs/Boney NPCs: 760 Sprouts: 434

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 33
Collection/Scrabble Events: 8 Roleplay/Lore events: 12 Forum Activities: 13


  • Pet pockets introduced
  • Dras tails for old site coats become toggleable (via tail items)
  • Lone mushrooms updated to allow Genesses to be broken even if they include sprouts
  • Kinnen updated to allow adoption of flower and baby stages


  • First iteration of Adventure System trialed (Quest for the Icy Soul event)


  • Adventure System closed beta begins


  • Pets as profile representatives introduced


  • Bank interest replaced with Daily Bonus


  • Selection of past event banners introduced
  • Notifications vault introduced


  • Gifting overhaul — Introduced boxes, multiple item sending, pet sending, and custom messages

Total Items Released: 996
Shop/Game: 324 OotS: 130 Event/Activity/BOW: 256 Seasonal: 43 Fishing/Crafting: 32 Consumable/Openable: 65 Mushrooms: 146

Total Site Coats Released: 149
OotS: 65 Event: 46 Seasonal: 18 Basic/Other: 10 Glowy: 10

Total Unique Coats Created: 1,393
Customs/Boney NPCs: 846 Sprouts: 547

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 44
Collection/Scrabble Events: 10 Roleplay/Lore events: 15 Forum Activities: 19


  • Adventure system released


  • Adventuring circle added to the creative collective


  • Stickers introduced (originally for Creative Collective)
  • Creative Collective restructured
    • Condensed into one thread
    • Requirements adjusted
    • Stickers introduced for each Circle
    • Obtaining three CC stickers begins rewarding users a Bag of Wonders


  • Unused collection/scrabble event points begin converting into nuggets (Professor Sprocket’s Marvelous Meteorologic Machine; previously, unused points became tickets for a raffle that awarded ~20 users extra event items)


  • Item sponsorship from custom/sprout edits introduced


  • The first Coats for a Cause (Summer Sweet)
  • Pet profile tagging introduced


  • The first Inktober (precursor to Drawntlet)


  • Gloomshroom introduced
  • Driftshroom/Gloomshroom interface tweaked
  • Ability to choose own drifts added (previously, drifting was fully random, and once-a-day)
  • Driftshroom/Gloomshroom effects added into the Magic Puddle


  • Adventure System overhauled to (almost) its current version
  • ‘Send to Puddle’ feature added to Pet Management
  • First official Profile Drive held (precursor to Chamber of Reflections)

Total Items Released: 1,287 Of which Sponsored: 98
Shop/Game: 466 OotS: 154 Event/Activity/BOW: 309 Seasonal: 73 Fishing/Crafting: 32 Consumable/Openable: 77 Mushrooms: 176

Total Site Coats Released: 179
OotS: 77 Event: 55 Seasonal: 22 Basic/Other: 14 Glowy: 11

Total Unique Coats Created: 1,561
Customs/Boney NPCs: 910 Sprouts: 651

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 55
Collection/Scrabble Events: 12 Roleplay/Lore events: 17 Forum Activities: 26


  • Monthly Productividay introduced
  • Image generation/ Driftshroom & Gloomshroom update
  • Dirftshroomg/Gloomshroom interface update
  • Driftshrooms and Gloomshrooms begin stocking in Rikur’s Rarities (previously only available through raffles or crafting
  • using rare fishing items)


  • The community demands Jorts / Myla’s war on Jorts begins in earnest


  • Gemble & Mycelium released
  • Marketplace and item list/search update launched
    • Item previews
    • Tagging system introduced
    • Ability to sell items for gems
    • Old shops reorganized (and some renamed)
    • Release of Adventure Grotto and Tamshir’s Specialities
    • Driftshrooms and Gloomshrooms migrate from Rikur’s to Fungimental Magic


  • Discord Server launched
  • Community word lists added to scrabble events (Reign of the North Wind)
  • First Bingo RP released


  • Golden tickets launched
  • Item pool lists added to openable items
  • Myla embarks on a project to make old site items toggleable (ongoing!)


  • Summer Snack Shack (summer seasonal shop) introduced; Myla loses her war against Jorts! (Thank you Chadwick…we think)


  • Rules Update
  • Major updates to artist and item upload interfaces
  • Event points made buyable with gems for the first time (Kerric’s Magnificent Caravan)
  • First version of the user-managed submission/grading interface introduced (Kerrics Magnificent Caravan)


  • Dras wings & hair become toggleable for all site coats


  • Battleship introduced to collection events (Siege of Saltrock Cove)
  • Boons introduced to collection events, replacing previous ‘send an item for small timer reduction’ format (Siege of Saltrock Cove)
  • Player blocking implemented (previously, blocks were manually implemented by Glitch)
  • The Twitter page was created (#MycenaCave)


  • The first Drawntlet was held, replacing Inktober
  • Alternate skins released for Cave In and Echolocation
  • Pet management interface updated to simplify item/layer management


  • Magic Puddle updated to support layering/toggles
  • Warm Winter Wonders (winter seasonal shop) introduced

Total Items Released: 1,548 Of which Sponsored: 143
Shop/Game: 546 OotS: 178 Event/Activity/BOW: 360 Seasonal: 135 Fishing/Crafting: 32 Consumable/Openable: 89 Mushrooms: 208

Total Site Coats Released: 211
OotS: 89 Event: 63 Seasonal: 26 Basic/Other: 20 Glowy: 13

Total Unique Coats Created: 1,711
Customs/Boney NPCs: 968 Sprouts: 743

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 68
Collection/Scrabble Events: 14 Roleplay/Lore events: 19 Forum Activities: 35


  • Pet sales through the marketplace was introduced
  • Permanent Bin-GO RP and Chamber of Reflections introduced


  • Creative links added to Community menu
  • Items from event random encounters added to seasonal shops


  • Crafting overhauled and Sprocket’s Combinabulator released
  • Many recoloured & unreleased items added to the crafting pool
  • Fishing pool expanded
  • Random encounters released
  • Event-specific random encounters introduced (Spring Blossom Festival)
  • Town Square added
  • Sell-backs added for all shop items


  • Daily cap increased to 3500
  • Payouts increased by 50% for all games (except Spellstones)
  • Prices for the standard wigs, horns, antlers, bobtails, enchanted eyes, and enchanted sclera reduced
  • Enchanted Senses released


  • Seasonal coats get their own category in Pets menu item


  • Profile & inventory sorting streamlined
  • Descriptions for pet pockets added
  • Adventure guides overhauled


  • Artist applications open permanently


  • Unused boons from collection events begin converting into nuggets (Echoes of Nautalis)


  • Cobblestone Cavern gets its own Encyclopedia page, featuring user-made lore!


  • Inventory overhaul
    • Search added
    • Filters added
    • Item previews added for equipables
    • Layout updated
    • Inventory pockets expanded to allow up to 50 pockets per user

Total Items Released: 1,941 Of which Sponsored: 185
Shop/Game: 676 OotS: 202 Event/Activity/BOW: 417 Seasonal: 221 Fishing/Crafting: 93 Consumable/Openable: 95 Mushrooms: 237

Total Site Coats Released: 240
OotS: 101 Event: 71 Seasonal: 30 Basic/Other: 21 Glowy: 17

Total Unique Coats Created: 1,822
Customs/Boney NPCs: 1,022 Sprouts: 800

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 78
Collection/Scrabble Events: 16 Roleplay/Lore events: 21 Forum Activities: 41


  • User-designed items added to Secret Recipe pool


  • Account security improved, requiring email validation before trading/transfers could take place


  • New forever coats added, selected from player designs (Kelph & Dras receive their first Forever Coats)
  • Sprocket’s letter exchange added to Scrabble events (Alphabet Goop)


  • Waterlogged Recipe Bottle introduced (first coat: Painted Lilies recipe)
  • Fishing probabilities tweaked (increased probability of catching something, obtaining Changingshrooms, and obtaining Recipe bottles)
  • OotS archive introduced to Knowledgebase


  • Drop rates were improved across the board in fishing


  • All discovered secret coats made visible in the Magic Puddle

Total Items Released: 2,203 Of which Sponsored: 193
Shop/Game: 710 OotS: 226 Event/Activity/BOW: 473 Seasonal: 320 Fishing/Crafting: 100 Consumable/Openable: 103 Mushrooms: 271

Total Site Coats Released: 274
OotS: 113 Event: 78 Seasonal: 34 Basic/Other: 30 Glowy: 19

Total Unique Coats Created: 1,928
Customs/Boney NPCs: 1,061 Sprouts: 867

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 86
Collection/Scrabble Events: 18 Roleplay/Lore events: 23 Forum Activities: 45


  • Combinabulator updates


  • Dictionary checker added
  • Letter overlays added to scrabble events to improve accessibility (Once Upon a Magical Library)
  • Scrabble event notifications updated to include pet names (Once Upon a Magical Library)

Total Items Released: 2,301 Of which Sponsored: 193
Shop/Game: 736 OotS: 238 Event/Activity/BOW: 497 Seasonal: 337 Fishing/Crafting: 102 Consumable/Openable: 108 Mushrooms: 283

Total Site Coats Released: 286
OotS: 119 Event: 82 Seasonal: 36 Basic/Other: 30 Glowy: 19

Total Unique Coats Created: 1,953
Customs/Boney NPCs: 1,070 Sprouts: 883

Total Number of Events/Forum Activities: 91
Collection/Scrabble Events: 19 Roleplay/Lore events: 24 Forum Activities: 48



Posted Jun 21
A Look Back At Events

♥ Compiled by KeeperGreymuzzles and Hyasynthetic

October 2013 – Halloween Event
Creative event prompting users to explore how their pets celebrate Halloween – do they explore the depths of the cave, or honour the Lost?

February 2014 – Spring Flower Rush
First collection event; the Bone Monster weakens, and Myceans take the opportunity to collect flowers from outside the Cave.

July 2014 – Discovery Dig
First scrabble event; a blocked mine has been discovered in the depths of the Cave, and Mycenians join together to clear the rubble.

September 2014 - Dungeon Diving
Roleplay; Firkasa and Amateresu find a mystical cavern to store their items in, and get stuck within its endless rooms! Mycenians brave the dungeon to rescue them (and maybe find themselves some treasures)
Notes: Created and managed by Firkasa and Amatersu. A ‘Choose your own adventure’ event that was effectively the very first iteration of Adventures.

October 2014 – The Cave Files: The Case of the Lost Necklace
Puzzle/scavenger hunt; a necklace has been lost, and users must find and follow clues to help retrieve it.

February 2015 – Choose Your Own Adventure
Creative; A cave-in opens some new tunnels, and some enterprising Mycenians go exploring. Prompt-based, with each part chosen using community’s votes.

April 2015 – Spring Swarm Extravaganza
Collection; For reasons best known to her, professor Mariel gathers Mycenians to help her research magical bugs by collecting their poop. Everyone ends up with bug poop jewellery…

July 2015 – Stellar Spelunking
Scrabble; Captain Lightyear (no connection to Buzz, we swear) finds a Space Cavern and asks for help collecting strange letters from floating boulders.

September 2015 – Shimmers in the Water
Puzzle; Professor Muriel asks for help investigating some strange samples and mysterious sightings, eventually leading to the discovery of Kelph!

October 2015 – Marcy’s Harvest Festival / The Scholarcrow Event
Community/puzzle; Marcy attempts to hold a Harvest Festival, but his farm is invaded by Scholarcrows! Mycenians come together to prove they’re smarter, and help drive them off.
Notes: for this event, we trialed ‘community checkpoint initiatives’, which saw additional prize tiers being unlocked as the community reached pre-set milestones. We also trialed user-specific ranks, with your rank determining what prizes you would receive at the end of the event. A few people went way overboard, resulting in the user-made ‘I’m a Silly’ Scholarcrow Smasher badge circulating.

April 2016 – The Great Spring Renewal
Roleplay; the Bone Monster grows drowsy, and Mycenians choose between exploring further into the cave, or trying to sneak past him.

April 2016 - Darcy’s Spring Sweets
Collection; Darcy gets snowed under with orders, and asks for help fulfilling them.

August 2016 – Into the Caves
Puzzle/activities; a series of earthquakes strike the Cave, and Kerric gathers explorers to investigate the cause. Eventually, they discover that something is causing magical surges…

October 2016 – Marcy’s Actually -Happening Harvest Festival
Scrabble; having convinced the Scholarcrows to help him manage his farm, Marcy makes another attempt at running his Harvest Festival. This time, however, the harvesters keep finding oddly-shaped vegetables in amongst his crops…

January 2017 – The Winter Watch
Activities; Mycenains gather to celebrate the change of seasons with a few cozy activities.

March 2017 – Quest for the Lost Chamber
Roleplay event; sequel to Into the Caves. Mycena’s scientists finally find an ‘epicentre’ for the magical surges, and some brave souls seek the cause. Eventually, they discover the Sorceress’ Lost Chamber.
Note: second example of ‘adventure’ encounters, all managed manually through the Bone Monster.

April 2017 – Spring Spell Sling
Collection; Jessamyn asks for volunteers to help her prepare ingredients, brew potions, and…taste…them…

August 2017 – Legend of the Lost Trove
Puzzle/activities; a few Mycenians find their way to Saltrock Cave whilst following rumours of an old pirate treasure. Once there, they find themselves trying to wheedle clues from the old crew of the Winter Queen.

October 2017 – Letters from the Lost
Scrabble; Griselda pleads for Mycenians to come to a Cavern of the Lost and help them send their messages. Eventually, Griselda herself is discovered to be more spirit than flesh…

January 2018 - The Winter Watch II
Activities; continuation of Quest for the Lost Chamber. The winter abruptly grows frigid, reminding everyone that the cave is still unstable, and putting many in mind of the Great Winter. Some begin to prepare an expedition to solve these ongoing troubles, whilst others press on with the festivities.

February 2018 – Cave Chronicles: Quest for the Icy Soul
Roleplay; continuation of Winter Watch II. Ambrose sends willing Mycenians out to find the epicentre of the ongoing disturbances, in the hopes of solving the problem once and for all. Eventually they discover a titan attacking the roots of the Sacred Tree, and find themselves battling to stop it.
Note: pilot run of the automated Adventuring System.

April 2018 – The Spring Bloom Jubilee
Collection; to celebrate the end of the blizzard and return of peace to the Cave, Mycenians once again sneak past the Bone Monster. This time, they collect flowers for bouquets!\

August 2018 – Search for the Fallen Stars
Puzzle/activities; Mycenians discover that the recent disturbances have knocked constellations from Twilight Nook; a popular cavern known for its beautiful stars. Together, they try to put the stars right once more.

Oct 2018 – Bruc & Jessamyn’s Sorvery Spectacular
Scrabble; Bruc and Jessamyn maintain a cavern that’s brimming with magic, and ask for help crafting runes to harness the ambient magic.

January 2019 – The Winter Watch III
Activities; Everyone is prepared for a new round of festivities, only to find that a blizzard has buried all their preparations. Not to be put off, Ambrose puts together some new activities to salvage the festival.

April 2019 – Professor Sprocket’s Marvellous Meteorological Machine
Collection; Professor Sprocket gathers Mycenians in Joquil Cavern to help him build a shiny new machine. One Aliza Montaigne becomes suspicious of the strange new Kelph, and decides to keep a close eye on him from now on…

August 2019 – Ye Olde Midsummer Faire
Activities; Marcy puts together an olde midsummer faire for his fellow Mycenian’s entertainment.
Note: this was accompanied by the A Beast So Faire adventure

November 2019 – Stoneskin Outbreak
Collection/Community; Griselda warns Mycenians of the Stoneskin Curse; an affliction that slowly turns its victims to stone. They scrabble to find a cure and get ahead of the outbreak.
Note: this event trailed something new, with Players divided into teams of ‘Cursed’ and ‘Healers’, who sought to either cure or spread the Stoneskin curse. It also trailed an Event Achievement system.
(This one did not age well…)

February 2020 – The Winter Book Faire
Activities; Paige Turner, a popular author, announces her plans to settle in the main Cavern. Mycenians celebrate with bookcentric festivities.

April 2020 – Reign of the North Wind
Scrabble; Mycenians are called to help Stonecrest, which is being devastated by the Spirt of the North Wind. A group of brave souls gather to help tame the North Wind and free the other Spirits from its influence.
Note: introduction of the community wordlists.

July 2020 – Kerric’s Magnificent Caravan
Puzzle/actitivies; Kerric sets out on a quest to find the desert city of Mirage, leading a caravan of foolhardy adventures along with him.
Notes: This was accompanied by the a Desert Escapade adventure

October 2020 – The Siege of Saltrock Cove
https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/announcements/18549/event-the-siege-of-saltrock-cove-coming-oct-4th /
https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/announcements/18567/event-the-siege-of-saltrock-cove-oct-4th-oct-18th /
Collection; Saltrock Cove sends out an SOS: they’re under siege from deepwater monsters! A few brave Mycenians rush out to help, only to be handed bombs by some familiar piratey faces. Everyone finds themselves extremely concerned about Clipper…
Note: introduction of the battleship element of collection events.

January 2021 – Cave Files: Return of the Stolen Sun
https://www.mycenacave.com/forums/announcements/18864/event-cave-files-case-of-the-stolen-sun-jan-30th-feb-13th /
Puzzle/activities; Cavern Noir’s ‘sun’ (a large magical crystal) is stolen, and Aliza Montaigne calls for help investigating. The culprit eventually turns out to be Sprocket, because of course.
Note: The Case of the Lost Sun: Suspect Interviews adventure originally accompanied this event.

April 2021 – Spring Blossom Festival
Scrabble; Seelby shows Griselda forest she has been tending within the Caves, and asks for her help getting the trees to bloom. Griselda suggests setting up shrines, and gathers Mycenians to share their magic.

July 2021 – Soup, Stones, and Snakes: Mapping the Cave
Activities; Kerric discovers Cobblestone, and asks his fellow adventurers for help investigating its secrets.
Notes: This was accompanied by the Exploring the Soup adventure.

October 2021 – Echoes of Nautalis
Collection; Mycenians are called to help a city beneath the waves…

Jan 2022 – The Walk of Three
Activities; Mycenians gather to celebrate The Three – the Sorceress, Bone Monster, and Wanderer.
Note: Based on a user tradition submission from an earlier forum activity.

March 2022 – Alphabet Goop
Scrabble; an earthquake shakes the Cavern, opening a path into a strange prehistoric world. Explorers find their way there just in time for the Quieting Ceremony, used to quiet the world and draw out their shy neighbors.\

August 2022 – The Summer Sunset Carnival
Activities; Mycenians welcome the arrival of summer with their very own carnival.

November 2022 – Warding the Withering Wood
Collection; Fairies besiege the Cavern, and Bardouck the Fairy Hunter appears to get the infestation back under control. However, he finds that it’s a little much for one Dras to tackle alone, and asks for help setting up appropriate wards.

January 2023 – Lunar Luck Festival
Activities; Mycenians gather to celebrate the moon’s annual appearance above the Cavern.

May 2023 – Once Upon a Magical Library
Scrabble; Mycenians stumble upon a chaotic Magical Library and need to help clear the mess in order to find the exit. Four Genre Anthologies need to be quelled in order to quiet the magic in the library.

Posted Jun 21

Happy 10th Birthday Mycena Cave!!!!  It’s so hard to believe, a whole decade =O we’ve had our farm just before MC launched so it’s been fun to watch both grow and evolve over time. 

Posted Jun 21
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYCENA my favourite petsite!! its been so much fun =w=
Posted Jun 21

Happy birthday Mycena Cave!!!!!! Crazy to think about how long it’s been around.

Some stray thoughts: I can’t believe we *had* qi as a word but it was removed >:[ omg I can’t believe the jorts war got a mention!!!

Here’s to another 10 years and hopefully twice as much fun over the next decade. :>

Posted Jun 21

more games more games more games

Wow does time fly. I’m super excited about the gift!! And new games are awesome. It’ll be fun to look through the history posts after work.

(If we find a bug with the games, should we echo glitch or post in the forums in case anyone else has an issue? I couldn’t finish my very first memory match and it was kinda poetic in a way given how many times I just failed at Sprocket’s Secrets. I need to not spend my entire day on memory matches.)

Posted Jun 21
Happy birthday! Thank you for the amazing prizes!
Posted Jun 21
Happy birth MC! <3
Posted Jun 21
10 years fly by!! Congrats, Mycena Cave ♥
Posted Jun 21
Oh my goodness! Ten years already! What a milestone! Happy Birthday Mycena!
Posted Jun 21
raus Echoing glitch about it would be best! Thank youuu :D
Posted Jun 21
Done! Thanks, Myla!
Posted Jun 21
Happy birthday Mycena Cave and thank you so much staff! <3
Posted Jun 21

Y’know, since all I mostly do is play Cave In and do the timer events it didn’t even occur to me that I’ve been here almost the entire ten years.  I still make all my uprights girls and actives boys, I didn’t actually notice when genders were removed.
Congratulations and thanks to everyone, staff and members, for creating and supporting a place where I can silently play Cave In!

Posted Jun 21
10 years…! I can’t believe it! Happy birthday, MC, and thank you for all of your hard work, staff!!
Posted Jun 21


Honestly I think you’re the only person playing Mycena Cave correctly. 8D Wishing you many more happy years of Cave In and timer events!!!

Posted Jun 21
Posted Jun 21
my fave petsite has reached double digits i am soooooo proud of her!!!!!!! literally HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY MYCENA AND MANY MOOOOOORE!!!
Posted Jun 21
Time has truly flown!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYCENA <3
Posted Jun 21
Wow, it really has been ten years, huh? Happy birthday Mycena Cave! :D
Posted Jun 21

I’ve been playing the new games a lot so far, thanks for their release. I really like Remembery and think I might add it to my regular game rotation.

I will say, maybe some people are better at minesweeper than I am, but Sprocket’s Secrets is pretty hard (I lost a lot lol) and takes a lot of time for just 50 nuggets so… probably won’t be a regular game for me when trying to earn nuggets if that remains the reward rate. But… I mean, I also play Mycelium for fun still sometimes when I’m bored and it still gives nothing so I appreciate the extra games anyway.

Posted Jun 22, edited Jun 22
Happy 10th birthday Mycena Cave! :D Here’s to many more years!
Posted Jun 22
Yooo Sprocket’s Secrets! So happy to see it added to the lineup.
Posted Jun 22
Happy birthday MC <3 I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years. Time flies!
Posted Jun 22

Having played Sprocket’s Secrets a bit more, I had a thought:

Fairly often I end up with a board where I have to outright guess (like a 50/50 chance between two tiles being the final electronomer. At least twice this has been the very last mine on the board. So, it’s a 50/50 chance with a fully complete game on the line. I’m wonder if it would be possible to award nuggets based on how many unclicked tiles were left on the board in cases where I’d guess wrong? Like partial credit just cause of how long it takes to get to the point where I’ve marked 18-19 bombs already and therefore only had 21-22 tiles left unclicked.

It can scale as high as you’re generous to. But with 108 tiles, 20 of which are bombs.
If I’ve found all but a handful of them and lose at the end it’s a bit frustrating to get nothing for being so close with how long it takes to get to that point

Posted Jun 23

happy wacky birthday mycena…  hope you’re not melting as much as I am in this summerheat 8’D

but erh might just be me who cant se it thanks to my mouse constantly autoscrolling, but whe does the celebrton event end?

Posted Jun 27, edited Jun 27