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Welcome! You can call me Umbra. I’ve played on and off in such a way that I’m still a bit of a newbie here. But I enjoy coming back and checking in on my Mycenains and what’s happening here. Feel free to echo me about anything!umbra

I tend to go through periods of activity and inactivity on the site. If you need to reach me, I’m on discord at Umbrosa#0525.

Who is this?

Hello, I’m Umbra. If you fancy a chat or something feel free to echo me!

Currently the only other pet site I’m playing even somewhat actively is Neopets (I’m espeons_darkside there).

I’m into reading, manga/web comics, animated shows/movies, Nintendo games… I like cute fluffy things. I somehow tend to like like things that seem childish & cute but are surprisingly deep (ahem, I am playing a pet site, lol).

I also enjoy outdoorsy stuff like nature walks/hiking and bicycling. I’m somewhat sporty and like to play volleyball sometimes too.
And I like to cook (but I’m vegetarian & don’t eat much dairy, so most of my recipes are vegan but happy to swap recipes and cooking/baking tips if you’re interested!)

I’m a software engineer professionally and sometimes like fiddling with front-end coding and writing fun, useful scripts in my free time.

Real Life pets: Corky the Eastern Rosella (the rainbow birdy) and Monty the shelter recscue shepherd mix (my Aussie/German + more! lol) <3

I might have some interest in roleplaying? It’s not something I’ve really done in years though. But working on a few Mycena canon characters and might also bring some existing characters over from elsewhere soon for individual writing at least. I might venture into roleplaying again if I feel brave enough at some point that I can handle it.

My Mycena Characters (Canon)
Nectarine (Coral Spring), or Rina, is fairly easy-going. She has an interest in gardening and fancies herself a decent amateur cook. She might open a flower shop someday?
Cairn (Haunted Hound) is into painting rocks, adventuring, and mapmaking. He emerged in the Cave isolated in a maze of a tunnel and picked up some interesting hobbies and new interests trying to keep himself sane while wandering around. Somehow he loves it though so I guess that’s his life now.

Characters I’d like to bring to Mycena…
Arbor (the deer / tree nymph) w/ Gwen the Mantis fairy
Arbor is based off my Neopet by the same name (woodland ixi), and his companion mantis fairy is based off my Neopet WhimsicalWhisper (faerie ruki). Arbor is a tree nymph who is a faun-like deer character most of the year and goes into a period of dormancy ever year in the winter, appearing as a sleeping tree. His big passions include orchard/perennial farming, wine making, and enjoying the wonders of the forest. Gwen is a fairy/witch with the ability to enchant through singing and music. She spends most of the year with Arbor helping him with his trees, singing to the plants, and helping make wines and jams with their produce. But she often returns to the nearby town in the winter when he goes dormant and works as a singer and sets up shop with their year’s stock of herbs and preserves. If you’re on Neo, check out Arbor’s petpage for more. But I’ll also be hopefully getting them on Mycena soon to post content here, since it seems like it’d be a fun platform to help encourage me to work on their characters. Due to the nature of Gwen’s species, how interconnected Arbor and Gwen’s stories are, and how well the Playing Mantis matches her Neo representation, I figured it makes the most sense to just have them represented as a single Mycenian pet with the right look.

Coat Needs: Laureled Deer mushroom (108k Autumn seasonal coat) + pet to use it on
Equippable items Wishlist: Flower Basket, Winter Berry Bow, Leafy Crown, Sweet Serenade, Rich Seadog Sash, Happy Little Honeybees
Items already owned: Whispering Woods Background, Flower Basket

Note: Items I want for pets I have already are included in the roleplay/character section above!

* Gems for a fodder pet so I can use one of my mushrooms, lol. [Gems: 0/7]

Coats (general):
Colors I like a lot but haven’t planned out for entirely…

Polaris Bear - Lucky Rabbit* -  Flederhund* - Pintsized Herder* (upright)
Note: Flederhund + Laureled Deer are fall seasonal mushrooms, I think Lucky Rabbit and Flowering Fawn are spring seasonals, and Polaris Bear is a winter seasonal.
Pintsized Herder is an event coat I missed. I think it kinda looks like my real life dog so might go for it. :)

Also interested in an Aberration (kelph) but not sure when/if I’m going to prioritize it, seems a bit rare/popular.

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