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Town Square

The morning of the first day of spring, Mycenians gather in the heart of the caves and celebrate the Three—the sorceress, the wanderer, and the Bone Monster. This tradition began in the early years of the cave, and comprises of a day-long festival, followed by three separate expeditions to honor the three most important figures in the history of the caves.

The festival lasts from the early hours of the morning until sundown. Mycenians enjoy bountiful feasts and play a variety of games, while elderly Mycenians gather to tell stories of the early days of the caves. As the sun begins to set, they begin to prepare for the second part of the their gathering. They separate into three groups, all of them bearing baskets full of ripe fruit and fresh flowers.

The first group, comprised mostly of the elderly and children, travel to the Wanderer’s Grotto, where they listen to stories of the Wanderer’s journey. There, they leave gifts of carver’s tools and relics, thanking the Wanderder for their lives and celebrating the joys of life. At the grotto, artisans will carve flowers and figures into the walls of the cave.

The second group, most of which are the young and bold Mycenians, travel to the cave entrance to thank the Bone Monster for guarding their home. There, they leave treats for the Bone Monster and decorate the entrance with garlands and wreaths. The most daring of Mycenians play a game to see who can get the closest to the entrance without stirring the beast.

The third group is composed of only the bravest Mycenians. They travel deep into the echelons of the caves, only stopping when they reach the ends of the mapped locations. There, at the yawning mouth of the shadows caves, they leave lanterns of glow worms and offering of food and drink so that if the sorceress ever appears, she could be led home.

The three expeditions reconvene in the main caverns at sunrise and share a final and simple feast before retreating to their homes and spending the rest of the day in repose.
The Walk of Three, Mycenian Tradition submission by sweaters
Event Information
  • The event will start at 12:00 noon ST on January 23rd and run through the end of the day on February 6th.
  • This event, based on the Mycenian Tradition submission by sweaters, will comprise of three small creative activities - each meant to symbolize one of the three journeys traditionally undertaken during this celebration. Each activity will have its own set of participation guidelines and prize.
  • Participation in at least one of the associated activities will earn you the event sticker.
  • Each activity will have its own submission thread, and will be linked from both the announcement post and the Town Square page.
  • At the end of the event, a prize thread will be created where you can select your prizes based on your participation.
The Activities
  • The Wanderer: Carve a Companion
    In reverence of the Wandering Stone Carver, create a Mycenian coat! At least three player-created coats will become official Forever coats.

  • The Bone Monster: Gift or Gallop
    Create a piece of artwork or writing depicting your Mycenian either leaving a gift for the terrifying Bone Monster or tempting their fate by seeing just how close to the entrance they can get.

  • The Sorceress: Eat, Drink, and Glow
    Leave a snack, drink, or glowing lantern at the far reaches of the known Cave to help guide the Sorceress home from wherever it is she’s disappeared to.