03:39 ST

Town Square


You and a group of like-minded Mycenians charter a boat to—well, you’re not exactly sure where, but you have a feeling you’ll know it when you see it. The place ends up being a rocky reef, out in the middle of an otherwise picturesque, shimmering sea. The light is bright and the sea is calm, and below its surface are more species of coral than you can count.

At first, it doesn’t seem this is a place in need of any sort of help. It’s picturesque and peaceful; almost magical. Curious, you dive into the pristine waters—maybe whatever you’re looking for is hidden among the coral somewhere?

As soon as you’re submerged, you feel it—a strange heaviness in your limbs; a fog that clouds your thoughts. Even your heart seems to slow—like just pumping the blood through your veins is suddenly a struggle. Below you, resting among the rainbow reef, lie the ruins of an ancient city. Toppled buildings, overgrown and encrusted by the bright polyps; broken down, ancient magi-machinery; what look to be Lost Mycenians scattered among the wreckage. A vague echo of the screams and sobs of the city’s final day reverberates between your ears—threatens to physically pull you down into the ruins’ midst.

It’s all too much—the pressure seems to build, and a cough is forced out of your lungs as you slowly sink into the depths. And then, suddenly, everything stops—the air mysteriously returns to your lungs and you crack your eyes open to find a curious little creature smiling inches from your face.

“You came.” It says, that same distant, echoing voice from before in your head. This time, instead of panic, you feel a sense of relief in its tone.

You and the creature gently float back up to the surface—and then clear out of the water, the two of you encased within a shimmering bubble. It sets you gently upon the deck of the boat and the bubble shrinks away until only the frilly-gilled little creature remains floating within it, its silly little smile unwavering.

“Welcome to Nautalis, friends. We have much work to do.”

Event Information
  • This event will run from October 24th at 12:00 ST (noon) through November 7th at 12:01 ST (noon).
  • This event is similar to last autumn’s Siege of Saltrock Cove event in that you will be collecting and combining components, and then using those components to play a game similar to Battleship.
  • This year, this is framed as you collecting remnant bits of magic from the ruins, and combining them into potions, which will allow you to remain within the city for varying amounts of time (aka, different numbers of clicks on the game board). Instead of monster hunting, this year we are conducting a search-and-rescue mission for the ‘Lost’ denizens of Nautalis, as well as re-imbuing their ancient machinery with magic in an effort to restore the city.
  • The event prize shop will open on October 31st, and close on November 14th. As has become standard, players will be able to buy event points with gems.
  • There are several event-specific random encounters, including two which give out new item recolors as a gift.