03:27 ST

Town Square

Every year, sometime in midwinter, the moon passes across a large opening in the ceiling of the Cave, showering the cavern below in its light. This is not an illusion, or some deep-Cave phenomenon that imitates the moon’s light and countenance — but the actual, physical moon. The one that exists Outside.

The moon’s yearly visit to the denizens of the Cave loosely marks the beginning of a new year. Mycenians from all over gather in the cavern to socialize and celebrate. This convergence has come to be known as the Lunar Luck Festival, as local legend states that basking in the moon’s silvery light is bound to bring good luck for the year ahead.

Event Information
  • The Lunar Luck Festival will begin at 12:00 ST on January 22nd and run through the end of the day on February 5th.
  • This event consists of a handful of forum-based activities and one chance-based game.
    • Participation in at least 1 activity will earn you the event sticker
    • Participation in each activity will earn you a Lucky Envelope
      • Each Lucky Envelope contains a random Cave Capsule
    • Participation in at least 2 activities will earn you a Fireworks item
    • Participation in at least 3 activities will earn you a Year of the Rabbit Mushroom
  • Each activity will have its own set of submission rules and guidelines.
  • There will also be a handful of event-flavored Random Encounters, from which you may receive a Wearable Lucky Envelope!
  • The activities in this event will be marked manually. We will try to keep up with marking and prize distribution throughout the event!

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