12:12 ST

Town Square

You’re enjoying the satisfying feeling of leaves crunching under your feet and the unmistakable smell of autumn on the breeze when a peculiar sight catches your attention. There, just outside of his shop, Bruc is engaged in lively conversation with a black cat ineki in a large, pointed witch’s hat. If the sight of the cat wasn’t strange enough, Bruc is gesturing and talking animatedly, something you had never thought you’d witness… you can barely get three words out of the guy on a good day.

Curiosity compels you to edge nearer, and you search for an excuse to get within hearing range. You settle on the idea of purchasing one of Bruc’s enchanted Glimmers. They’re reasonably priced, and you can always resell it.

As you approach, the cat and Bruc are so engrossed in their conversation that they don’t even notice your presence.

The black cat speaks with urgency, “I’m going to lose my business if they keep eating one bite out of every single one of my cheesecakes. You simply must come and help us, dear.”

Bruc, sounding somewhat testy, responds, “I can’t leave my shop on a day’s notice, Sylvie. Had you sent me a message a week ago—”

“A week ago, the rift did not exist! The creatures were contained in their spooky little void. You know me, Bruc, I have my ducks in a row. I was prepared for what Halloween usually brings to our town. But the rift goes beyond what magic we have. I would not be here asking on such short notice unless it was dire… Which it is.”

Bruc appears reluctant, “A day is not enough time to brew up anything that will solve your problems. There isn’t much I can do. I’m sorry, cousin.”

Sylvie pleads, “Bring your mobile workshop, and bring your friends. You can work on your part while they help gather those pesky critters. Your town is far larger than ours; we require many more hands on deck to address this issue. Please.”

“I don’t know about this. But you’ve asked me for little over the years, and so I will try. I have an idea for mending the rift, but you’ll need to rally as many of your townsfolk as well as mine to assist in capturing the mice and delivering them to me. I cannot manage that part, and you, Sylvie, are the charming one between the two of us.”

This cat ineki, Sylvie, sighs with relief before turning to you with a warm, knowing smile. It seems she was aware of your intrusion after all. “You’d be willing to offer your help, wouldn’t you? In our town, we’re grappling with a bit of a pest issue—these Void Mice. If you come, I promise to make it fun; you needn’t miss out on Halloween at all!”

In the heart of Sylvie’s cozy hometown, Silverwood Village, nestled within charming neighborhoods, extraordinary events unfold every fall.  This town holds a secret: it serves as a nexus point where the natural and spiritual realms intersect, causing a host of strange phenomena, especially around Halloween.

In this town, Halloween isn’t just a night of costumes and candy. It’s a time when the ordinary gracefully dances with the extraordinary. Shadows whisper secrets, and the air is heavy with the scent of magic. This year, however, Halloween has taken an even stranger turn than usual. A formidable horde of mischievous Void Mice have nibbled their way out of the spiritual realm, descending upon the town with an appetite for chaos. With each playful prank, they are determined to widen the rift that separates the realms, leaving a trail of pandemonium in their wake.

Recognizing the imbalance caused by the Void Mice, the town’s inhabitants turned to Bruc, a panther with a deep understanding of magic, and one who understands the delicate harmony required here.  He’s embarked on a mission to help his cousin Sylvie restore the interconnected energies that sustain the town’s status as a special crossroads.

But Bruc and Sylvie can’t succeed alone; he needs the townspeople’s help.


Event Information
  • This event runs from Oct 29th (at noon ST) through the end of Nov 12th.
  • This event is similar in style to previous Fall events, in that you will be collecting and combining components, and then using those components to play a game similar to Battleship.
    • This year, you will be collecting tricks and treats from other pets through Trick-or-Treating and crafting them into lures. You will then use those lures to catch swarms of Void Mice throughout the Silverwood Village. Trapped mice can be traded for Bruc’s potions, which have various effects on the event mechanics.
    • Potion of Swiftness - 1 minute off timer
      Potion of Joy - 2 minutes off timer
      Potion of Fortitude - Take up to four lures during an excursion
      Potion of Intellect - Highlights a mouse during an excursion
      Potion of Luck - Choose your next component

  • Players will have a self-selected and editable neighborhood of other players’ pets.
  • Players can set their own pets’ probabilities of giving out a trick vs. a treat between 20 - 80%, and their pet will auto-respond to anyone who knocks (note: tricks and treats aren’t bad vs. good, they are just different types of ingredients).
  • The event prize shop will open on November 5th at noon ST and close after 23:59 ST on November 19th. Players will once again be able to purchase event points with gems.
  • Unused ingredients and lures will crumble into points 24 hours after the event ends. Within 24 hours of the shop closing, any unused boons you’ve received will convert to 50 nuggets apiece and any leftover points will be used to buy prize bottles as efficiently as possible. Any remaining points thereafter will be converted into 100 nuggets apiece.
  • There are several event-specific random encounters, including two which give out new item recolors as a gift.