14:09 ST

Town Square

Event Information
  • This event runs from April 30rd at 12:00 noon ST through May 14th at 12:00 noon ST.
  • This is a word-building event, similar to previous years’ spring events:
    • Every 15 minutes, players are able to collect a letter.
    • Players earn event points by using the letters they’ve collected to build words to other players.
  • There are four Genre Anthologies, which have their own special word lists:
    • The Genre Anthologies’ word-lists are a community goal, quelling the magics loose in the library.
    • Instead of sending a word to another player, players may send words from Anthologies’ word lists to the Anthologies.
    • Each Genre Anthologies will grant an extra prize when their word-list has been completed:
      • Genre Anthology prizes do not cost any event points, and can be collected once per player.
      • A player must send at least one word to a Genre Anthology to collect its prize.
    • When all four Genre Anthologies have been completed, a third event coat will be unlocked:
      • This coat will not cost any event points to collect
      • A player must send at least one word to each Genre Anthology to collect this coat.
    • Words may still be sent to the Anthologies after their word-lists have been completed
  • As in our previous events, there will be a number of Random Encounters added to the site. Some of these will be just for flavor, but there are a few which will award items.

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