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How do I become a member of the staff team?
Mycena Cave recruits staff as necessary to fill needs within the team. Oftentimes, when we are looking to fill a position, we put the information and application in a stickied post in the Annoucements forum. Currently, we do not have any open positions.
Why are staff allowed to participate in site activities, such as events and raffles?

Prior to becoming part of our team, many of our staff were active players. As such, we allow our staff to continue being a part of the site as players whenever their involvement will not unfairly impact our community members. Oftentimes with site activities, rather than prohibiting staff from participating, we create restrictions or amendments to account for their participation.

Raffles are a good example of this policy. Should a staff member win one of the grand prizes in a raffle, we will provide another grand prize for a community member to win. Another example is event mini-games such as Guess the Sprout: staff do not participate in these games if they have access to the answers.

Do staff receive special benefits?

Staff are currently compensated for their services in USD. As staff may participate in the site as players if they choose, in the interest of keeping gameplay as fair as possible, staff compensation does not include payments or benefits that would provide them with an unfair advantage over regular players.

Outside of compensation, there are a few staff-only features. Most of these are mainly cosmetic (e.g. weirdpets, identification labels on the forums, etc) or required for carrying out staff functions. As much as possible, staff compensation and features are designed to be fair and undisruptive to regular gameplay.

What are weirdpets?

One staff-specific feature you may notice are the small non-Mycenian creatures that some staff members own (example here). Known as weirdpets, these pets are account-locked and purely cosmetic; apart from their appearance, they function the same as any standard pet (e.g. putting them through the sprout queue will result in a standard Mycenian species offspring). You will occasionally see them show up as pseudo-NPCs in official forum events!

How can I best get to know staff?
You’ve started in the right place by visiting the “About Us!” page. Feel free to visit individual profiles by clicking the names above — staff profiles will usually tell you a bit more about a staff member! You’ll also see staff posting and interacting with the community. Though some of us may be a bit shy, staff members are happy to chat with you, whether it be on the forums, through echo, or via live chat!
Whom Do I Echo When I Have A Question?

With our growing staff team, you may at times find yourself unclear on whom to contact for assistance. Here is a handy list of which staff is best equipped to respond to your questions or concerns:

  • Something serious happened on the forums - Use “Report” feature on right hand corner of post.  All mods will be notified as soon as you submit the report.
  • Something serious happened in chat - Use “Report” button on right hand side of Live Chat.  All mods will be notified as soon as you submit the report.
  • Deleting double posts or other minor forum concerns - Can use Report feature or echo mods individually.
  • Questions relating to forum content, trading, or site rules - Echo a moderator (see above)
  • Questions related to new updates - Feel free to ask in the announcement’s thread, but if we miss your question, you’d like a more detailed response, or feel it is better fit to a private echo, contact Dove or Crow
  • Questions related to roleplaying - Echo Dove or Crow
  • Questions related to events or gameplay - Echo Dove or Crow
  • Typos/errors or questions about item descriptions or Mycena Cave story - Echo Prose
  • Art errors - Echo Myla
  • Price estimate on future customs or questions about future customs* - Echo Mycenangelo!
    (*You do not need an estimate before you submit a custom form; this is mostly used optionally by people who can’t get an accurate estimate using the form check boxes and want to know how much they need to save)

  • Questions about game, site, & event mechanics/statistics -  Echo glitch or Myla
  • Bugs, glitches, or payment issues - Echo glitch
  • General site questions - Echo Dove or Crow

If you have a question not covered by this list on what a particular staff member can assist you with, please feel free to echo Dove or Crow.

We hope this list will be useful to everyone. All staff is always happy to help! <3