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I’m a 20-something year-old Brit with a love for the furred, feathered, and scaled, and an inclination towards creativity. Sometimes I do a little art, but for the most part I’m a writer & roleplayer – and one with too many characters / ideas for my own good. Fantasy is usually my genre of choice, but I also dabble in crime (mostly T.V) / realism, and often leave that fantasy element behind. I’m a sucker for good characters/plots, and always up for musing / chatting - so if the fancy takes you, feel free to drop me a line. I’m also a Mycena Moderator, so please don’t hesitate to echo (or catch me in chat) if you have any problems/questions!


Mostly unavailable until the 30th!
Aaand still drowning in character concepts

Who do I echo when I have a question?

Something serious happened on the forums - Use “Report” feature on right hand corner of post.  All mods will be notified as soon as you submit the report.
Something serious happened in chat - Use “Report” button on right hand side of Live Chat.  All mods will be notified as soon as you submit the report.
Deleting double posts or other minor forum concerns - Can use Report feature or echo mods individually.

Questions relating to forum content, trading, or site rules - Echo a moderator (see above)
Questions related to new updates - Feel free to ask in the announcement’s thread, but if we miss your question, you’d like a more detailed response, or feel it is better fit to a private echo, contact Dove or Crow
Questions related to roleplaying - Echo Dove or Crow
Questions related to events or gameplay - Echo Dove or Crow
Typos/errors or questions about item descriptions or Mycena Cave story - Echo Prose
Art errors - Echo Myla
Price estimate on future customs or questions about future customs* - Echo Mycenangelo!
(*You do not need an estimate before you submit a custom form; this is mostly used optionally by people who can’t get an accurate estimate using the form check boxes and want to know how much they need to save)
Questions about game, site, & event mechanics/statistics -  Echo glitch or Myla
Bugs, glitches, or payment issues - Echo glitch
General site questions - Echo Dove or Crow

If you have a question not covered by this list on what a particular staff member can assist you with, please feel free to echo Dove or Crow.


Activity Notes

On GMT / BST (depending on time of year).
Generally unavailable until after 14:00ST on Sundays (because volunteer from Feb to Dec)
Working full time! Usually unavailable between 2:00ST and 12:00ST (unless it’s a weekend)

Friends & Links
Character Notes

Some characters are roleplayed / referred to with ‘nicknames’, but have pet representations that are named using their real names.



Main -   Sprouts/Customs, their associates, and any non-canon character that is reasonably well developed.

Mycena Canon - Characters that are primarily played as Mycenians. Follow some or all of the site canon, and may be used in site events.

Undeveloped - Characters that have basic concepts or simple prompts, but need fleshing out before they can be put to use.

Unnamed - Pets with the ToBeNamed label. Usually characterless, but may be attached to vague/partially developed concepts.

Non-Mycena - Pets that inspired characters which are now played off-site. May be connected to characters used onsite, and make cameos in their roleplays.

Roleplay List

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All developed characters that are used on Mycena but are not part of Mycena Canon. Customs and sprouts at top of page.