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Plotlight :) - Those Mycenians who are plotted with other characters and are either actively used or so heavily plotted that they don’t require active use; may be open to additional plotting, feel free to ask!
The Pantheon - A special tab reserved for all of my Shrine God characters; not currently open for plotting
Plotless :( - Those Mycenians for whom I have a character in mind, but are not currently involved in any plotlines with other characters. Feel free to contact me to plot with this group!
Limbo - Those Mycenians who have both a character and plot but are not seeing active use or attention. For shame :(
Supporting Cast - A host of side characters involved in larger scale plotlines
Blank Slate - Those Mycenians who have neither character nor plot; they’re just sitting pretty until inspiration strikes
Trade / Sale - Mycenians I am currently looking to trade or sell; feel free to contact me with offers

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Bag of Wonders

2pp to Oxton!

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