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Plotlight :) - Those Mycenians who are plotted with other characters and are either actively used or so heavily plotted that they don’t require active use; may be open to additional plotting, feel free to ask!
The Pantheon - A special tab reserved for all of my Shrine God characters; not currently open for plotting
Plotless :( - Those Mycenians for whom I have a character in mind, but are not currently involved in any plotlines with other characters. Feel free to contact me to plot with this group!
Limbo - Those Mycenians who have both a character and plot but are not seeing active use or attention. For shame :(
Supporting Cast - A host of side characters involved in larger scale plotlines
Blank Slate - Those Mycenians who have neither character nor plot; they’re just sitting pretty until inspiration strikes
Trade / Sale - Mycenians I am currently looking to trade or sell; feel free to contact me with offers

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Old, update later

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Farm sims, Pokemon, Pikachu, cartoons, The Witcher, urban fantasy romance novels (eyes emoji), spreadsheets, tactical RPGs, mourning doves, ramen, Arknights, character development, organizing (yet being perpetually unorganized), warm colors, BnHA, old school Ragnarok Online, & flamingos

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FFXIV - Cactuar

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Iron Gold - Pierce Brown

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Golden Girls
The Queen’s Gambit

Hi everyone, I’m Dove! I’m a nerdy bird living in the southeastern USA (EST) with my husband, two dogs, two cats, and a lot of extended family. It’s always a little wild here. :)

Feel free to message me any time with questions about Mycena Cave, to ask about plotting, or just to chat! For any Mycena Cave related correspondence, echoes are my preferred means of conversation. For general chatter, you’re always welcome to message me on Discord at Dove #9060!

Status Update: The people asked: did it ever stop being busy? And I answered: no.

I owe:
7pp to Pirran
4pp to Nonnavlis


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Mycenians with well developed and/or plotted characters and at least partially complete profiles.