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Hello there, and welcome to Mycena Cave! I couldn’t help but notice that you look a bit lost. Don’t worry, it’s entirely understandable that you might be a little confused — adjusting to a new place is never easy, after all! I’ve spent quite a while putting together this guide to help introduce newcomers to Mycena Cave. Looking through the information contained here should help you settle in a bit more smoothly. These things take time, of course, but a little head start never hurt anyone!Mont

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll want to do after creating your account is carve your first Mycenian! If you haven’t already done so, you should head over to the Out of the Shadows shop. The three Ineki shown on the right-hand side of the page are our Forever collection, and as a newcomer to the Cave, you get to choose one of these as your first companion for free!

As you can see, each of them comes in two poses. The upright pose is the one that looks as though it’s sitting or floating in mid-air, while the active pose looks as though it’s landing a pounce. Mycena Cave does not associate gender with either pose, so you are free to choose whichever pose you prefer without having to worry about that affecting the gender of your new companion!

Select your preferred coat and pose from the drop-down menu just below the example image, and then click the ‘Buy’ button. You will be asked to confirm the purchase on the next page (don’t worry, it won’t actually cost you anything!), and the Mycenian will be placed onto your account.

Following the link that appears in the green bar at the top of the next page will bring you to its profile, where you will see a greyed-out image of the Ineki you’ve selected. Mycenians are not given life until they are carved from stone — in this case, naming your Ineki symbolizes carving it. So, choose a name you like and type it into the box just below the Ineki (don’t worry, you can easily change its name later if you want to!), and click the ‘Finish’ button on the right.

Voila! You’ve just carved your first Mycenian! You can change its name, equip items to it, and give it a bio by clicking the ‘Manage’ button that appears in its information box.

Community Settings

Now that you’ve got your first Mycenian, you might want to show it off. You should head to the Community Settings page next! You can get there by hovering over your username in the upper right corner and selecting ‘Community Settings’ from the drop down menu that appears. Once there, you can select your avatar, set your preferences, and create a bio for yourself!

Human Representation

Located in the same top-corner drop down menu as Community Settings, you can select ‘Human Character’ to customize the human representation that appears on your user profile. You can adjust the human character’s skin tone, eye and hair color, hair style, expression, and more here. After you hit the ‘Save’ button in the bottom right-hand corner, the human avatar that appears on your profile will update to reflect your preferences.


Mycena Cave has quite a bit of lore behind it! It isn’t required that you are entirely familiar with all of its intricacies to enjoy your time here, but many events and aspects of the site reference the canon lore. The best way to start learning about Mycenian society is by checking out the backstory and subsequent story chapters (which can be found under the ‘Lore’ section of the navigation bar), but we’ll give you a quick rundown here, as well! 

The Cave

All Mycenians live within the Cave, which is endlessly vast and teeming with magic. Due to the varying concentrations of magical energy, it is conceivably possible for any environment to exist within the Cave. This means that, essentially, you can place your Mycenian characters in any type of setting you wish and still consider it canon. It also provides us lots of flexibility when it comes to event settings — we’ve even explored a cavern that lacked gravity and resembled outer space!

The Winter

Before the Cave, Mycenians lived in the outside world in relative peace. Eventually, a great winter struck — and refused to leave. The land grew harsh and cold; food grew scarce. The land’s inhabitants were driven by hunger and the need to survive. Things were grim — if not for the actions of one individual, it’s possible all would have been lost to the howling wind and driving snow.

The Sorceress

A mysterious individual of great magical prowess, the Sorceress is credited with essentially creating Mycenian society. When all of her work to halt the great Winter failed, her last resort was to cast a spell that turned every living creature in the land into stone. She then carefully collected these stones and placed them inside a cave, which she continually expanded as it filled.

Finally, the Cave filled with its stony inhabitants, she conjured a monster of bone to guard the entrance, and left with it the story of the great Winter and the world that existed before it. The last of her powers spent, she disappeared into the deep shadows of the Cave, and was never heard from again.


The first Mycenian was released from its stony slumber by a wandering stonecutter. He painstakingly carved one of the smooth stones in the likeness of one of the creatures described in the Sorceress’ letter, and once the final details were perfected, it sprung to life. The stonecutter taught this creature his trade, and together they began carving as many Mycenians as they could, until life began to flourish within the vast caverns.

Sometimes, however, a Mycenian will not awaken after being carved. They remain stony and grey; their eyes lifeless and cold. These are known as the Lost. As far as anyone can tell, there is no way to bring a Lost Mycenian back to life.

The Bone Monster

The Bone Monster is the beast that stands sentinel at the mouth of the Cave. It was created by the Sorceress to guard the Cave’s inhabitants, and it continues to do so to this very day. It allows no Mycenian to exit the Cave — except for a short period of time during the spring, when it becomes sleepy and dormant. Otherwise, it is a fierce guardian, though it has never been known to physically harm anyone.

The Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree is a great, magical tree whose roots are said to extend throughout the entirety of the Cave. It is tradition for Mycenians to stand before the Sacred Tree when making vows of companionship.

A geness is a linked group of platonic or romantic equal partners whose destinies are intertwined. This can be considered the ‘family unit’ in Mycena Cave, though it cannot exactly be equated to marriage. As previously stated, this bond can be romantic or platonic, and may be created between one or more Mycenians.

Mihlanaku is the act of creating a geness. It is an act of prolonged contact between two individuals as they stand before the Sacred Tree. Performing this ritual allows Mycenians to either create or add to a geness.

Only Mycenians who are a part of a geness are able to have offspring. There are two ways in which a geness may grow to include young — by performing kinnen or by obtaining a Sprout. Kinnen is a ritual that allows a geness to adopt a child by creating a parent-child bond between the two parties. Any Mycenian may be adopted into a geness so long as this ritual is completed and an offering of 3 gems are made to the Sacred Tree.

A Sprout is a direct offspring of a geness. They appear as flowers tucked in the roots of the Sacred Tree, and are created magically through the strength of the bond between the members of a geness. Sprouts are the only Mycenians who are not carved from stone — essentially, the only truly new Mycenian life in the Cave. How to obtain a Sprout is detailed in the ‘Unique Coats’ section of this guide.


Mycena Cave is home to three distinct species of intelligent, non-human creatures. Collectively, they are referred to as Mycenians — a word that describes any inhabitant of Mycena Cave, regardless of species. Individually, they are known as Ineki, Drasilli, and Kelphi.

  • Ineki are our furriest and most physically diverse denizens. There are three known types of Ineki: cat, dog, and fox. Ineki is both the singular and plural term for this species.
  • Drasilli are Mycena Cave’s draconic denizens. A single member of this species is known as a Drasillis.
  • Kelphi are the Cave’s newest denizens. They are an amphibious species, and tend to be much larger than both Ineki and Drasilli. There are two known types of Kelphi: the graceful, long-finned River Kelphi, and the hardy, spined Sea Kelphi. A single member of this species is known as a Kelph.
Coats & Mushrooms

A Mycenian’s distinct coloring and patterning is referred to as their coat. A Mycenian may change its coat by consuming a transformative mushroom. These mushrooms can be found throughout the Cave — they can be bought in shops, earned in events, and won in raffles!



Did you know?
You can tell what species a mushroom will transform a Mycenian into by looking at its shape! In the order shown above, they are: Ineki, Drasillis, and Kelph!Mont


There are several different types of coats, and several different ways in which they may be introduced into the Cave. You can view all of our current coats on this page, and can read more about their various types below.

Forever Collection

Forever Coats are available for purchase in the Out of the Shadows shop. All new players may obtain their choice of one of these coats for free upon joining, and following that, they cost 7 gems for a Mycenian form and 5 gems for a mushroom. It’s very rare that these coats are cycled out, but when they are, they will continue to be available for purchase in Fungimental Magic.

Out of the Shadows

Every month, the Out of the Shadow shop updates its stock to include one new site coat and two new items. There are an unlimited number of these available for purchase until the end of the month, at which point they will be replaced by the new month’s stock. All purchases made from the Out of the Shadows shop utilize gems as currency. Prices are set at a fixed rate of 10 gems per coat (in Mycenian or mushroom form), and 3 gems per item.

Previews for an upcoming month’s stock are posted several days prior to their availability for purchase and can be found in the Mycena Cave Discussion forum. Out of the Shadows coats may be any species and subset, and items may be of any variety of theme or equipment​. You will often see Out of the Shadows abbreviated as OotS.

Seasonal Coats

Seasonal coats can be obtained by purchasing the corresponding mushroom from the Fungimental Magic shop. These mushrooms are only sold for nuggets, but can usually be purchased from other players for another form of currency. New Seasonal coats become available around the start of a new season, and are typically previewed several days prior to their release in the Mycena Cave Discussions forum. Previous years’ Seasonal coats return each time their corresponding season comes around again. They do, however, increase in price after their first release.

Event Coats

Every couple of months, Mycena Cave will hold an official event. Among the various other prizes that can be earned by participating, there is usually at least one event coat that may be obtained! These coats are only available during their corresponding event. Typically, they are awarded as mushrooms — but sometimes they may be available in Mycenian form, as well.

Other Coats

Some coats don’t cleanly fit into any of the above categories. These outliers are few and far between, and may be obtained through the use of Changingshrooms, which will occasionally stock in Fungimental Magic and have a chance of changing the Mycenian that eats them into almost any coat.


Did you know?
The Pancake mushroom may be purchased in Darcy’s Confection Perfection. It’s the only transformative mushroom sold in a shop other than Fungimental Magic!

Hidden Coats

These are the rarest coats of all, and may only be obtained through the use of a Glowing Changingshroom. Unlike normal Changingshrooms, these do not restock in any shops and are currently only available through site raffles. They are very rare, and typically very sought-after.

Unique Coats

As you explore around the Cave, you are sure to notice that there are many Unique Coats owned by players. Mycena Cave offers two methods of acquiring a unique coat, which is a personalized coat that is totally unique to any other coat on site! Unique coats are divided into custom Mycenians and Sprouts, both of which can be obtained through one of our order queues. The custom queue permits you to order a custom Mycenian, while the Sprout queue lets you submit a geness for a Sprout. The edit queue allows you to make edits to existing unique coats! If you are interested in learning more about our queues, please visit our Knowledgebase articles about General Queue Information and Rules, Custom Order Guide, and Sprout Order Guide.

All unique coats are paid for with Paw Prints (PP), a currency available for purchase from the Paw Print shop using US Dollars or other ‘real,’ offline currencies. You may purchase Paw Prints directly for yourself or others using US Dollars, or buy Paw Prints from other players using other site currencies. Paw Prints can only be purchased for an open order, which can be set up in any of our current queues.



You can only have one order open at a time in any queue, so think carefully before creating a new order!

Custom Mycenians

Custom Mycenians offer players the most control over their unique coat, permitting players the freedom to select coat name, colors, patterns, and edits to the lineart, so long as their request remains within our guidelines. Further, custom Mycenians give players the greatest say in which of member(s) of our art staff will accept and create their order.


Sprouts are Mycena Cave’s only ‘breeding’ mechanic, and offer very little player control over the final product. A Sprout is a unique coat that is the offspring of an existing geness. Sprouts, unlike custom Mycenians, will be delivered in a flower stage, which will then trigger a growth countdown. After ten days time, a player can grow their flower into its baby stage, and then into its final adult stage twenty days after it grows into a baby. The only aspects of a Sprout’s appearance that a player controls are deciding between the active or upright position and selecting a level of ‘editedness’ from several available tiers. Everything else is up to the artist’s discretion! Sprouts will always match the species of at least one of the parents in a geness — so a geness of two Ineki will never have a Drasillis or Kelph Sprout!


Did you know?
Sprouts are not direct genetic offspring of their Mycenian parents, and therefore may not inherit any obvious traits from them. Sprouts are created through the Cave’s magic; willed into being by the bond shared between members of their parent geness!


Mycena Cave is home to several colorful NPCs, as well! These characters are part of our site lore and can be found keeping various shops and running events. They all make their home on the Bone Monster’s account, where he keeps a very close eye on them.

Our NPC coats are typically considered unique in that they do not tend to become available for players to own. Occasionally an event will release a similar coat to its host NPC, but this is not considered to be the norm.


Mycena Cave exchanges three different varieties of currency for all business transactions: nuggets, gems, and Paw Prints. Nuggets are available exclusively through on site activities; gems can be purchased with either nuggets or US Dollars or other offline currencies; and Paw Prints can only be purchased using US Dollars or other offline currencies.

  • Nuggets are used for most of the NPC shops on Mycena Cave, and can also be used to purchase items that other players have listed in the Marketplace. Nuggets may be earned by playing games, posting in certain areas of the forum, reselling some items to NPCs, and in certain daily activities.
  • Gems are primarily used for making purchases within the Out of the Shadows shop. They can be purchased directly from the site at the Cave Exchange using nuggets (at a rate of 3600 nuggets to 1 gem), using US Dollars (at a rate of $1 to 1 gem). Any gems being sold by players for less than the site standard will also be listed on that page.
  • Paw Prints are used for purchasing new unique Mycenians, such as customs or Sprouts, or for editing currently existing unique Mycenians. They can only be purchased using US Dollars (at a rate of $5 USD to 1 Paw Print), or from other players on the Trading Post. Paw Prints may only be purchased for an existing order in one of the three queues available (custom, Sprout, or edit). If a player attempts to purchase Paw Prints for someone who does not have an open order, an error message will display and the transaction will not complete.


Any gem or Paw Print purchase that costs less than $10 USD will incur a $0.50 USD surcharge. You can also make payments via PayPal — all you need to do is echo glitch and let him know how much you’d like to purchase!


Mycena Cave offers a handful of games that you can play in order to earn some nuggets (and pass some time). A total of 3,000 nuggets may be earned from playing games each day, and you may find that you are able to earn this amount more quickly via some games than others. It all depends on the types of games you enjoy, and what you are good at!

  • Fishing is more of a daily activity than a game. You can sell the fish you catch from your inventory to earn some nuggets, and this amount does not count towards your total daily game earnings!
  • Cave In is a matching game where your goal is to clear as many of the stones away as possible.
  • Echolocation is a logic game in which your goal is to locate a few sneaky wasps and take back the nuggets they’ve stolen!
  • Spellstones requires you to make as many words as possible out of adjacent letter tiles.
  • Potions Master is a color-mixing game where your goal is to match the color of the potion in the cauldron to the color of the vial. This game also has a small chance of awarding several equippable potion bottle items!
  • Mushroom Meals is Mycena Cave’s version of sudoku. However, since a plethora of sudoku-solvers exist across the internet, this game does not award any nuggets for playing.

Did you know?
If you’re extra lucky at fishing, you might drag up one of the rare Pondshroom or Teal Pondshroom items! These items will change the color of either your Mycenian’s eyes, paw pads, or inner ears, or can be crafted into the super-rare Driftshroom!


Nobody likes to walk around with their pockets full of heavy nuggets or gems! Once you’ve started collecting your fortune, it’s probably a good idea to head over to the bank! By depositing your nuggets there, you can be sure of not accidentally spending them, and of keeping them mostly out-of-sight to help you save up for things. There is no limit to how much you can withdraw or deposit over the course of a day.

Daily Bonus

If you want a little extra boost, go and collect your daily bonus every day. The bonus starts out at 50 nuggets and increases up to 100 nuggets pretty quickly over the course of a week, as long as you collect it every day. It’s free and there’s no catch, so make it part of your daily routine.

The Marketplace & Player Sales

Looking to sell some of your spare items or gems for some extra pocket change? Head on over to the Marketplace! You can list both items and gems for sale on this page, as well as access your sale history.

If you’re looking instead to spend some of the nuggets or gems burning a hole in your pocket, you can browse through all of the items currently up for sale by perusing the Marketplace Shops. Or, if you’ve got a specific goal in mind, you can use the Market Search to hurry things along.

Sales of Mycenian coats, Paw Prints, and other on site commodities often take place in the Trading Post section of the forums. If you’re ever uncertain of the value of an item or coat, that’s a great place to start! Arrangements made at the Trading Post are usually completed using the Cave’s trade feature.

Community Participation

With a few exceptions, posting in the forums around Mycena Cave will earn you nuggets. The amount of nuggets given per post are determined based on factors such as length of post and in which sub-forum you are posting. Mycena Cave highly values creativity and community interaction, and so roleplaying within the forums can be a lucrative way to build up more your savings. There are several sub-forums designated for roleplay, including:

  • Cave Stories: For all roleplay that adheres to Mycena Cave canon. Characters roleplayed in Mycena Canon must have a physical representation on Mycena Cave, owned by the players involved in the roleplay.
  • Mycena Stories: For roleplay that does not necessarily adhere to Mycena Cave canon, but involving characters that have a physical representation on Mycena Cave. Please note: characters can be written as humanoid in this forum, as long as they still exist as a Mycenian on your account!
  • Other Stories: For any other variety of roleplay players want to experience, using any characters!


Did you know?
You can use the Classifieds forum to find a roleplay partner, or the Character Caverns to host any character information involving your Mycenians! However, neither of these forums award nuggets for posting in them.


There are always other opportunities to creatively earn currency on the forums — we have a diverse community with many talents! Some of the ways players have earned a little extra in the past have included:

  • Opening up an art shop
  • Selling ‘mock-up’ designs of unique Mycenians (you can find the lineart at the bottom of this page)
  • Offering custom stories or writing about Mycenians owned by other players
  • Running player hosted events for the community

Community interaction is a big part of the culture we try to foster on Mycena Cave. That said, it’s also important to ensure that all community interaction is respectful and appropriate. Be sure to take a look through our content guidelines before jumping into the forums!


Throughout the year, Mycena Cave hosts a number of different events and activities for its players to participate in, usually with an array of fun, themed prizes to be won. Generally, you can expect at least one event for every major season, with a slew of smaller activities scattered between them. While there is always the possibility of a new variety of event, we have a number of tried and true event types that tend to pop up frequently in the Cave. Events tend to fall under three major categories: ‘clickable’ events, story-based events, and creative community events.

Clickable Events

Our clickable events center around an event page that is linked to in the site banner. Every increment of time (often 15 minutes), players will click on a generated image to collect a themed object for points. Points are later exchanged for event prizes. These are high activity events, usually with a lot of prizes at stake.

  • Word-building events involve harvesting letter tiles with each interval click. Letter tiles are each assigned a point value, and players can use their acquired letters to send words from one of their Mycenians to another Mycenian in the Cave. The player then earns points equivalent to the value of each letter used in the word, and also earns a time reduction of one minute per word for both their own timer and the recipient’s timer.
  • Crafting events have players collect various, randomized ingredients on each interval click. Ingredients are combined to create one of several possible recipes, each with an assigned point value. Players can then select one of their Mycenians to send the finished product to another Mycenian, rewarding them with the point value of the recipe as well as a time reduction of one minute per recipe for both their own timer and the recipient’s timer.
Story-based Events

Story-based events typically have daily activities for players to complete that follow a narrative storyline. These activities vary in nature, from posting in certain areas of the forum, to navigating around the site to find small, ‘hidden’ links and images, or completing puzzles and mini games. Story based events usually require more extensive knowledge of Mycena Cave, but also permit players to assist each other in solving each day’s new task. These are medium activity events which typically offer a handful of prizes.

Creative & Community-based Events

Creative community events are fun, laid back events that are usually centered around some sort of creative medium such as roleplay, cooking, or art. Sometimes, these types of events require players to form groups. The objective of these events is to encourage participation, productivity, and foster a sense of community. These are lower activity events that usually offer only one or two prizes, but sometimes offer additional prizes to participants through an end-of-event raffle.


Did you know?
One example of a creative event is the Mycenaissance. Each month, a new prompt is released and players are asked to create character-based submissions that fit the theme! All participants earn 1 gem, and are then entered into a raffle for a chance of winning old Out of the Shadows items.


Our community is the lifeblood of Mycena Cave. We encourage our players to interact, get to know one another, and make friends! We have three main channels over which you may find yourself interacting with others: our forums, live chat, and echo system.

The forums are where the majority of inter-player communication occurs. This is where you can buy and sell, show off your art, roleplay, and partake in all sorts of discussions! Announcements are posted on the forums and are always open for discussion. Any new threads started in the Announcements subforum will also pop up as a blue banner that displays for all players on Mycena Cave.


Did you know?
You can quickly grab another player’s attention by giving them a mention in a post! Just type the player’s username in this format [@player name here] and they will receive a notification in their navigation bar!


Live chat is our own private chat venue. Many players like to mingle in the official Mycena Cave chat room, but we also offer the unique ability to create and moderate up to two private chat rooms per player! Please remember that all discussions, whether in a public or private room, must adhere to Mycena Cave’s content guidelines.

Echoes are private messages sent bouncing through the Cave to other players. Players can send an echo to any other player — or to a group of players! Additional players may also be added at any time to an echo thread, and players may remove themselves from an echo at any time. Echoes save in your inbox indefinitely unless you leave the conversation, but you can also choose to archive any echoes you want to make sure you keep.


Mycena Cave is managed by a variety of staff members who are all friendly and excited to help you or chat anytime you need! All of our staff participate daily on the site as players, and love contributing to the Cave’s success and growth.


Our administrators run the site in its entirety, appointing new staff, making major site decisions, and handling everything on the business end of Mycena Cave! We currently have two administrators: glitch, who is also responsible for the majority of site programming, and Myla, who runs our artist team and assists in creating site art.


Coders manage all programming needs around the site. They are responsible for maintaining the cogs that keep Mycena Cave running, creating new games and event activities, responding to bug reports, and crafting ridiculously tricky logic based puzzles that keep players on their toes. Our coding team consists of two staff members: glitch and juvian!


Moderators keep the peace around Mycena Cave, ensuring that content guidelines are adhered to, resolving player reports, and tidying up around the forums! They are always willing to help if you have a question of conflict involving the rules or another player. Our current moderator team consists of Paradoxical, Amaterasu, Firkasa, KeeperGreymuzzles, and Metalhawk.

Community Coordinators

Community Coordinators serve as the link between the community and staff team. Coordinators draft all major announcements, write flavor text for new coat and item previews, assist in organizing events and activities, and answer questions about the site and its many opportunities. They also create guides like this one! We currently have two community coordinators: Dove & Crow!


Artists are responsible for producing all of the beautiful artwork you see around the Cave. This includes all items, coats, event and miscellaneous site art, and our customs and Sprouts! Our art team is one of our largest on site, and currently consists of Myla, Eluii, Plasma, Morgan, KingHush, Rhyme, Mouse, Chou, Meru, priz, and Loon.


Writers are our champions of Mycena Cave lore! The writing team crafts the Cave’s history, creates new chapters for the ongoing story, characterizes our NPCs, assists with drafting event flavor text, writes item descriptions, and helps proofread any official site text! We have one staff writer on the team: Prose!

Interested in joining our staff team?

When and if positions become available, announcements will be posted detailing the application process for players who wish to be considered for staff. As Mycena Cave grows, a larger staff team may become necessary — we look forward to all prospective applicants when that happens!