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Mycena Cave is home to three distinct species of intelligent, non-human creatures. Collectively, they are referred to as Mycenians — a word that describes any inhabitant of Mycena Cave, regardless of species. Individually, they are known as Ineki, Drasilli, and Kelphi.

  • Ineki are our furriest and most physically diverse denizens. There are three known types of Ineki: cat, dog, and fox.

  • Drasilli are Mycena Cave’s draconic denizens.They are larger than ineki, and many of them have wings capable of flight.

  • Kelphi are an amphibious species, and tend to be much larger than both Ineki and Drasilli. There are two known types of Kelphi: the graceful, long-finned River Kelphi, and the hardy, spined Sea Kelphi.
Coats & Mushrooms

A Mycenian’s distinct coloring and patterning is referred to as their coat. A Mycenian may change its coat by consuming a transformative mushroom. These mushrooms can be found throughout the Cave — they can be bought in shops, earned in events, and won in raffles!

Did you know?
You can tell what species a mushroom will transform a Mycenian into by looking at its shape! In the order shown above, they are: Ineki, Drasillis, and Kelph!Mont

New coats and mushrooms are often introduced to the Cave in a variety of ways. Certain coats are always available, some cycle monthly or seasonally, and some are introduced with limited events. You can view all of our current coats on this page.

The Forever collection is always available from the Out of the Shadows shop. Typically, they cost 7 gems each for an uncarved Mycenian, and 5 gems each for a transformative mushroom



Monthly coats are available for only a month from the Out of the Shadows shop before retiring. Both Mycenian and mushroom forms cost 10 gems. Each monthly coat is released as part of a set with two themed items, costing 3 gems each.

Previews for an upcoming month’s stock are posted several days prior to their availability for purchase and can be found in the Mycena Cave Discussions forum. Out of the Shadows coats may be any species and subset, and items may be of any variety of theme or equipment​. You will often see Out of the Shadows abbreviated as OotS.



Seasonal coats are sets of themed coats that cycle on a seasonal basis in Fungimental Magic. A new coat is released each season for 72000 nuggets, and previous coats from the corresponding season return for 108000 nuggets.

Previews for an upcoming seasonal coat are posted several days prior to their availability for purchase and can be found in the Mycena Cave Discussions forum.


Event coats are released as a prize in many of Mycena Cave’s official events. These events happen every few months, and often offer anywhere between one and three event coats. These coats are available in both mushroom and Mycenian forms, with the Mycenian being slightly more expensive. Event coats are only available during their corresponding events before they retire.


Other coats don’t fit into any existing categories. These coats tend to be few and far between, and are released sporadically. Many of these coats can be obtained from mushrooms that permanently stock in Fungimental Magic. Some coats can only be obtained through Changingshrooms — a transformative item also found in Fungimental Magic that can turn an existing Mycenian into almost any coat. Coats released as part of a forum event also commonly fall under this category.


Glowing Changinshroom

Glowing Changingshroom coats, sometimes called secret coats, are coats that are generally only available through a Glowing Changingshroom. They are only made visible once they have been discovered, and no one knows how many undiscovered Glowing Changingshroom coats there are.

Glowing Changingshrooms, and individual secret coat mushrooms, are quite rare and hard to come by. They are generally awarded as raffle prizes, but sometimes they can be awarded as high-tier event prizes as well. It is also possible to buy them from Rikur’s Rarities, starting from 250 gems.


Did you know?
Custom pets can also be purchased with real money. For more information, visit the custom guidelines page.

The Magic Puddle

The Magic Puddle is the magical lake that allows you to see see what almost any Mycenian coat looks like. You can also see how items look on specific Mycenian coats. The Magic Puddle also allows you to see what Mycenians look like with the colour-changing driftshroom and saturation-changing gloomshroom effects applied, as well as preview items and complete dress-ups.


Did you know?
You can find a complete listing of all of the items on Mycena Cave, as well as preview what they will look like on template bases from the items page!

The Sacred Tree

The Sacred Tree is a great, magical tree whose roots are said to extend throughout the entirety of the Cave. It is tradition for Mycenians to stand before the Sacred Tree when making vows of companionship.

A geness is a linked group of platonic or romantic equal partners whose destinies are intertwined. This can be considered the ‘family unit’ in Mycena Cave, though it cannot exactly be equated to marriage. As previously stated, this bond can be romantic or platonic, and may be created between one or more Mycenians.

Mihlanaku is the act of creating a geness. It is an act of prolonged contact between two individuals as they stand before the Sacred Tree. Performing this ritual allows Mycenians to either create or add to a geness.

Kinnen is a ritual that allows a geness to adopt a child by creating a parent-child bond between the two parties. Any Mycenian may be adopted into a geness so long as this ritual is completed and an offering of 3 gems are made to the Sacred Tree.


Did you know?
A Sprout is a unique Mycenian which is the direct offspring of a geness. They are the only Mycenians not carved from stone. For more information visit the Sprout guidelines page.Mont


Mycenians get up to all sorts of activities! Continue on to learn about our Events!