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Drasillis [DRAS-ill-is]
Quick Facts

Length: Up to 5ft (1.5m) long without the tail; averages 4ft (1.2m)

Weight: 45-65lbs (20.4-29.5kg)

Lifespan: Average of 50 years outside the Cave; variable inside, depending on how an individual is affected by his or her time spent in stone


Legend has it that when the Drasilli came down from the mountains, snow fell for the first time in the valley below. This was hundreds of years ago, however, and there are relatively few written accounts of when or why the Drasilli descended from the peaks where they’d once lived. They formed their own communities in the forests and fields, but as time went on, they co-mingled more and more with Ineki and humans until the division between Drasilli and Ineki villages and settlements was essentially erased.

When the great winter occurred, one of the realm’s most powerful sorceresses turned the Drasilli into stone and stored them within a large cavern. The first generation of Drasilli to wake worked together with Ineki and humans to explore their new home and to form communities. Since then, they’ve charted a great deal of the caverns closest to the Cave’s first main settlement, though it’s understood that a lot remains to be discovered.

Physical Characteristics

Drasilli either have smooth hide or are covered in a supple layer of scales. Scaled individuals tend to be more comfortable on land than in water, though for the most part, all Drasilli are fully able to maneuver through both terrains. They’re also capable of flight and tend to learn the skill early during their developmental phase. Because of their light bones, Drasilli can fly despite their relatively small wing-to-body ratio, though few are able to sustain it for long periods without the help of magic or an unusually strong breeze.

Drasilli typically measure 4 feet (around 1.2 meters) from nose to vent and weigh less than their size would imply.


Drasilli are primarily omnivores and able to eat just about anything, from fish and meat to the fruits and grains recently cultivated by the Cave’s farmers. Due to the prevalence of mushrooms in the Cave, however, a large part of their diet tends to be made up of mushrooms and other fungi.


Drasilli as a species have a greater sensitivity to magic than others do. Though many of the land’s strongest sorcerers and sorceresses were Ineki, more individual Drasilli were able to work magic to some degree, using small spells to make life easier for themselves and their neighbors. The two species combined their unique views and theories to further their understanding of magic, and countless great partnerships sprang up over the decades. Many believe that the Drasilli’s ability to fly is somehow tied in to their inherent magic and that this magic influences the magic present within Mycena Cave, though these hypotheses have yet to be proven.