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Throughout the year, Mycena Cave hosts a number of different events and activities for its players to participate in, usually with an array of fun, themed prizes to be won. While there is always the possibility of a new type of event, we have a number of tried and true event varieties that tend to pop up frequently in the Cave. Events tend to fall under three major categories: collection events, story-based events, and creative community events.

Collection events

These are timer-based events which center around a unique event page. Every interval (usually 15 minutes), players will be directed to a page where they can collect a themed object which can be exchanged for points. These events typically offer a wide variety of themed prizes and multiple event coats. Collection events have two types which can occur during the year.

  • Crafting events have players collect a single randomized ingredient at each interval, and these ingredients are combined to create an item from one of several different recipes. Each item has a set point value that’s awarded when the item is sent to another player.


  • Word-Building events have players collect three randomized letters with each interval. Letters are each assigned a point value, and players can use their accumulated letters to send words to one another. Points are then awarded based on the total letter value of the word.


Did you know?
Sending words and items to other players doesn’t just give you points — both you and the other player get a one-minute reduction on your timer!

Story Events

Story events are typically events which are made up of a collection of activities for players to complete. These can range from solving a puzzle to posting in the forums to finding hidden links or images. These events follow a narrative storyline that expands upon Mycena Cave’s lore and characters, and they often feature recurring NPCs and callbacks to previous events. While the prize pools tend to be smaller than the collection events, story events do offer a handful of prizes and often one or two event coats as well.

Community Events

Community events typically take place in the forum and are geared towards creativity and participation, aiming to foster a sense of community and productivity. They tend to be centered around one or two creative media, such as art, roleplay, or writing — they can even include things like cooking or photography. Typically, these events only offer one or two event items that can only be earned once or twice, although there are sometimes end-of-event raffles that allow players to earn further prizes as well.

Ongoing Creative Activities

Mycena Cave has several ongoing creative activities that you can participate in to earn rewards, ranging from nuggets to pets and items!

  • The Creative Collective is a continuous activity that introduces a new prompt every month. There are four sections which players can participate in: The Scribe Circle, which is focused on writing; the Canvas Circle, which is focused on drawing; the Roleplay Circle, which is focused on collaborative roleplay; and the Adventure Circle, which is focused on creating Adventures. Participation in a circle awards players with a Golden Ticket, which can be sold to Mycena Cave for 3600 nuggets. Giving other players feedback also awards a Golden Ticket, as well as an entry into a raffle to win a Forever coat or a set of that month’s Out of the Shadows items.

  • Bin-GO RP is an activity designed to reward you for role playing. You can sign up to request a card, and roleplay to fill squares, until you complete a bingo. You can turn in completed cards to earn points and select prizes.

  • The Chamber of Reflections is an activity designed to encourage profile creation. Each month you can submit up to four ‘aspects’, or distinct sections, of a pet or geness profile to earn Golden Tickets.


    Did you know?
    Participating in events earns you stickers — collectibles that you can view on your profile. For more information, see the Stickers guide

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