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Our community is the lifeblood of Mycena Cave. We encourage our players to interact, get to know one another, and make friends! We have three main channels over which you may find yourself interacting with others: our forums, official Discord server, and echo system.

  • The forums are where the majority of inter-player communication occurs. This is where you can buy and sell items, show off your art, roleplay, and partake in all sorts of discussions! Announcements are posted on the forums and are always open for discussion. Any new threads started in the Announcements subforum will also pop up as a blue banner that displays for all players on Mycena Cave.


    Did you know?
    You can quickly grab another player’s attention by giving them a mention in a post! Just type the player’s username in this format [@player name here] and they will receive a notification in their navigation bar!


  • The official Discord server is a way of interacting with other players in real time. All players on the discord server have their display names set to their Mycena Cave username, so there’s no need to worry about remembering who’s who! The Discord server does have its own set of rules and guidelines, so please be sure to familiarise yourself with them before joining, and remember that all content posted to the Discord server must also abide by Mycena Cave’s content guidelines.


  • Echoes are private messages sent bouncing through the Cave to other players. Players can send an echo to any other player — or to a group of players! Additional players may also be added at any time to an echo thread, and players may remove themselves from an echo at any time. Echoes save in your inbox indefinitely unless you leave the conversation, but you can also choose to archive any echoes you want to make sure you keep.

Mycena Cave has a large focus on creativity and community, and has three forums to roleplay in so that players can have as much freedom with their characters and their stories as possible. There is also a forum for solo writing, if you have a story that doesn’t need a partner. These forums are a great ways to earn extra nuggets, as there is no limit to how much you can earn in a day.

  • Cave Stories is for roleplays that take place within Mycena Cave and as such must adhere to Mycena Cave’s lore. The Cave is large and magical, however, so there are very few limits on setting. Likewise, characters roleplayed in this forum must have a Mycenian representation, although they do not have to be roleplayed as a Mycenians.


  • Mycena Stories is for roleplaying characters with a Mycenian representation, but these roleplays do not necessarily take place within Mycena Cave. Characters can take whatever form you like, and setting can be wherever you want.


  • Other Stories is the least restrictive forum. Characters do not have to have Mycenian representations, and roleplays do not have to take place in Mycena Cave canon. You can roleplay whatever you like here!


  • Musings is a place for writing that isn’t part of a roleplay. This can be in the form of a continuous narrative or shorter, self-contained pieces. Writings in this forum do not have to adhere to Mycena Cave’s canon, and characters do not need a pet representation.


  • Classifieds is a forum where you can find roleplay partners, either through posting your own thread, or by responding to someone else’s thread. You can use the Character Caverns as a place to introduce yourself and your characters.

    All roleplays and writing must adhere to Mycena Cave’s content guidelines, regardless of forum, and must be tagged appropriately!


    Adventures are guided roleplays created by players using the Adventure system. Players are able to select from one of several actions to roleplay around which shape the course of the Adventure. Responses are generated automatically by the Bone Monster, meaning it’s possible to play an adventure alone, although some Adventures can be played with up to four players! Adventures can be set to Canon or Non Canon by the creator, and playing an Adventure earns you nuggets at the same rate as the roleplay forums.

    It is also possible to make your own adventures for other players! The Quick-Start Adventure Guide is a great place to get started in creating your own adventures. Adventures can be as simple or complex as you’d like; there are no minimum requirements as to what can be published.


    Mycena Cave is managed by a variety of staff members who are all friendly and excited to help you or chat anytime you need! All of our staff participate daily on the site as players, and love contributing to the Cave’s success and growth.



    Our administrators run the site in its entirety, appointing new staff, making major site decisions, and handling everything on the business end of Mycena Cave! We currently have two administrators: glitch, who is also responsible for the majority of site programming, and Myla, who runs our artist team and assists in creating site art.



    Coders manage all programming needs around the site. They are responsible for maintaining the cogs that keep Mycena Cave running, creating new games and event activities, responding to bug reports, and crafting ridiculously tricky logic based puzzles that keep players on their toes. Our coding team consists of two staff members: glitch and juvian!



    Moderators keep the peace around Mycena Cave, ensuring that content guidelines are adhered to, resolving player reports, and tidying up around the forums! They are always willing to help if you have a question of conflict involving the rules or another player. Our current moderator team consists of Paradoxical, Amaterasu, Firkasa, KeeperGreymuzzles, and Dash.


    Community Coordinators

    Community Coordinators serve as the link between the community and staff team. Coordinators draft all major announcements, write flavor text for new coat and item previews, assist in organizing events and activities, and answer questions about the site and its many opportunities, and handle the writing of Mycena Cave’s lore. They also create guides like this one, and handle Mycena Cave’s social media! Our coordinator team currently consists of Dove, Crow, Prose, Cien, and Hyasynthetic



    Artists are responsible for producing all of the beautiful artwork you see around the Cave. This includes all items, coats, event and miscellaneous site art, and our customs and Sprouts! Our art team is one of our largest on site, and currently consists of Myla, Eluii, Plasma, Morgan, KingHush, Rhyme, Mouse, Chou, Meru, priz, Loon, Plaid, and Puppy

    Interested in joining our staff team?

    When and if positions become available, announcements will be posted detailing the application process for players who wish to be considered for staff. As Mycena Cave grows, a larger staff team may become necessary — we look forward to all prospective applicants when that happens!