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I start teaching prac on the first of April. I also start Camp NaNo on the first of April. Absolutely nothing can go wrong here..


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Such is life
Sometimes you win
Sometimes you regret not failingShiro

Hi there!

I’m Synth. I have too many characters from too many stories that aren’t going anywhere. Send help.

I also have a YouTube channel now. Check it out if you want to see my face and listen to me ramble about books.

Pets in the ??? tab are for sale. I don’t have a set price for any of them, and some are a lot more tentative than others, but if you’re interested, shoot me an offer and I’ll definitely consider it.

I make previews of coat drifts! Check it out!

Nyfeaena is my Mycena sempai. If you haven’t already, go show her some love.
Woracori is my IRL best friend. I suppose you could give her some affection, too, if you want.

A beast of silent snarls and rapid footfalls, this monstrous creature is first and foremost a herald of death. It does not commit murder itself but instead lurks by those doomed to die, tailing their every move with unnatural precision and reeking of a scent somehow reminiscent of rot despite the flowers blooming from its back. Its victims enter a haze of sorts, unable to motivate themselves to action until it is too late and death itself finally claims them. It is said that this monster can glimpse the future and that it somehow sustains itself by being present when people die, leading it to act as such a dark omen. *** By DelightfulDragon
Once a proud sentinel, created much like a golem from mud, clay, moss, and flowers to be a statement of ceaseless growth and the beauty of nature, this creature was twisted by time into a mere shadow of its original intent. In the wake of the fall of its people, the constructed amphicyon grew hungry for blood. It is said to be insatiable, its previous tranquility marred with rage and an unceasing, desperate smile. Though there are many theories on how to tame the beast, none have ever survived long enough in its presence to attempt any sort of reconciliation. *** By Nyfeaena
Some postulate that this creature is distantly related to the unicorn; it certainly shares the delicate form and equestrian nature of one. Additionally, in an abstract mirroring of the unicorn’s attraction to young maidens, this beast can only be seen by youthful homosexual males. Others can only see flattened impressions of where its invisible hoofs press upon the ground. Everyone is susceptible to the scent of the flowers, however, which (if the length of exposure is long enough) can induce such a state of mourning in the individual that they can be seen shaking on the ground in tears. *** By WaterWishes
Named after the shining of its many eyes and the morbid splitting of its own chest, this is a beast of nightmares and sin. A horror show of shambles, the Glistening Heartthrob is allergic to its own flowers and so is constantly in a state of pain as its skin erupts into sores. Even its eating habits cause it harm. The creature lures in large herbivores through the flowers displayed on its back (the eyes hidden within allowing it to watch even when the flowers are all that is visible) and is capable of gripping them through its “face” alone, as the flesh there is covered in barbs. Unfortunately, in eating them it rips open its own chest, incapable of containing such mass. *** By Akikira

3x Moveshroom [Kite, Iodin, Ian]
4x Loneshroom [Ashe, Chain, Ian, Crest]
1x Teal Pondshroom [Drifty for Aer]
2x Wings [Anien, spare]
1x Notebook [spare]

Silver Anklets [Aer]
Broken Heart Earrings [Aer]
Black Tail Bow [Larkspur]
Black Neck Bow [Larkspur]
White with Black Top Hat [Larkspur]

Black Rebel’s Wig [Aer]

Gardinia Blossoms [Astyrian]
Freckles [Wren]

Valkyrie Sword [Irissian]
Leather Bracers x2 [Phoenix, Comet]
Staff of Wintertide [Comet]?

Starry Faerie Lights x2 [Crest, Kaeal]
Enchanted Icy Gaze [Crest]
Golden Magical Streak [Comet]
Rainbow Magical Streak [Phoenix]
Starry Rebel’s Wig [Tsurai]
Starry Rose Candles [Tsurai]

Rylke, Raine

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