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Hello there! My name is Nyfeaena, though I’m far more frequently called upon by one of my numerous nicknames; Ny, Nyf, Nyfy, and Fea are the most common of these. You can also call me by any other nicknames you wish to concoct. As a general rule I’m online all throughout the day, but I frequently multitask while online or leave the site open when I’m away, so don’t worry too much if I don’t respond to you quickly. I always do my best, but sometimes I’m just too overwhelmed! Despite this, I very rarely bite. I’m always happy to chat with people, so feel free to reach out if you’re looking for some company or for someone to build characters with.

general status
I finish school on April 11th. I won’t be responding much until then as I am currently in rush-to-finish-my-thesis-and-adequately-study-for-exams mode.
(Relatedly, if anyone has been waiting for the ideal opportunity to snipe me and snuff out my fragile life now is the ideal opportunity because let me tell you friends my thesis is going to kill me either way so strike now when you still can.)

Need to complete: Felicity, Cin, Syn, Cat, Klara, Aiden, & Kurenai.

mission status
Stockpile ... 700/???k

my lovely darlings

Cosmo - January 15th
Azurrys - February 8th
DelightfulDragon - February 20th
Hyasynthetic - September 15th

[feathered refuge][glimpses of galaxies][scadoxus][lost fragments]
[trade][glowing changingshrooms]

art to obtain
any art of any character, always
this includes Knives/Feathers (featured to the right)
Kanji with her new moto (plus quality request)
Ilne’era tossing Kurenai into the void while going “this bitch empty, YEET”
Samuel Kim-Cariana - human
Lillith Naeydore - humanoid (elf)
Klara Henrick - human
Felicity Churchill - human

items to obtain
Dysis - Dying Light Background
Zanna - Black Floating Candles
Cieksia - Walnut Anklet
Ilne’era - Starlight Mage Scarf
Syn - Ominous Sky Background + Silver Moon
Cin - Ominous Sky Background + Silver Moon
Crystal - Enchanted Lavender Gaze + Starry Eyes
shipwreck (Coraline) - upright fodder + Brown Rebel’s Wig
Faolán - Blooming Garland
Thaïs - Mists of Fate Background

- Bottle of Stardust
- Starry Eyes
- Seductive Eyelashes
- Sultry Eyelashes
- Backgrounds (all)

general groupings
[Cave Stories]
characters that have canon stories; some also have non-canon variations
[Outside Stories: Assorted]
characters that are exclusively non-canon; some belong to the same universe but don’t warrant their own tab
[Outside Stories: Planets]
characters who belong to my planet universe
[Aesthetic: Bermuda Babes]
characters who primarily serve an aesthetic purpose; are water and island themed


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