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Hello there! My name is Nyfeaena, though I’m far more frequently called upon by one of my numerous nicknames: Ny, Nyf, Nyfy, or Fea. You can also call me by any other nicknames you wish to concoct. As a general rule I’m online all throughout the day, but I frequently multitask while online or leave the site open when I’m away so don’t worry too much if I don’t respond to you quickly. I always do my best but sometimes I’m just too overwhelmed! Despite this, I very rarely bite. I’m always happy to chat with people, so feel free to reach out if you’re looking for some company or for someone to build characters with.


general status
Things sure do just keep going, huh?

my lovely darlings

Nonnavlis - February 4th
DelightfulDragon - February 20th
Hyasynthetic - September 15th
Epipen - December 18th

art to obtain
any character, always, because I have an art hoarding problem;
especially characters in new/different clothes than their current art
Nadi in her superhero outfit
(need more in the yellow-y color of her coat’s tail)
Isidora in an old-timey wheelchair thingie
Isidora and Eramoon making out
(but like it’s tsundere still, it’s a hate make-out session of course)
(or like that lesbian make-up meme, obviously Eramoon would do the make-up)
Kei, in his fancy new designs on his profile
Erasmus with his ghosty pals
Cieksia looking more thiccc
Lillith in her human form
Klara in her human form
Thaïs in her wolf and human forms
Faolán in his human form
Ryuu in his fae and human-like forms
Willow in her human form

items to obtain
Recipes (Moon Phase Shawl, Mother of Pearl Wig, Draccko, Purple Alchemist Jacket, Cloud Dancers)
Mushroom of Forgetting x2 (Emphie, Flirr)
Loneshroom x2 (Felicity, W.C.)
Sunspot - Peachy Cream Wings + Poofy Hat + Colorful Bandages + Comfy Cozy Slippers + Spring Warmth + Cozy Campfire + Mallows Onna Stick
Incipiens - gloomshroom
Josephine - Colorful Bandages
Maisie - Happy Little Honeybees
Lillith - gloomshroom
Hun-Nie - Red Rose
Gabriel - driftshroom
Lavender - driftshroom
V. - Windchill
W.C. - Golden Moon
Marram - Traveler’s Dust + Blue Background
Cymodocea - Teal Background
Cyberpunk - upright fodder + Come get t’ Voodoo Nail Polish + Space Punk Wig + Tail Protector + Tactical Visor + Static Surge + Punk Piercings + Pleather Jacket + Drifty Rune Markings + Infinite Vortex + Noir Alleyway Background
Lion - active fodder + Bold Rebel’s Wig + Enchanted Green Gaze + Pirate’s Glamourrr + Drifty Enchanted Necklace + Glacial Ridge Background + driftshroom
Snow Leopard - upright fodder + Saltwater Wig + Enchanted Brown Gaze + Enchanted Pink Senses + Soulstone Collar + Jewels from Paradise + Prehistoric Volcano Background + Sunbeam Mushroom + driftshroom
Aisole - Untamed Earth Magic + Emerald Sword + Desert Sands Background
Bear - active fodder + Dark Scars + Excalibur + Black Locs Wig + Arrow to the Knee + Mischief Mask + Glacial Ridge Background + Fangs + Breakup Makeup
Deer - fodder + Ancient Overgrowth + Enchanted Teal Gaze + Gnarled Root Staff + Mystery Potions + Salty Rig Wig + Whispering Woods Background

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