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Hello! I’m Purr, an absolute nerd. My pronouns are they/them or she/hers.

I enjoy a lot of things, including space, the color purple, rainbows, cats, chocolate, FF:XIV and additional video games, Dungeons & Dragons, hoarding shiny dice, and making shamelessly self-indulgent characters.

Want to talk to me? Cool! :D Feel free to either send me an echo or poke me on Discord at purrdri#8592 where I am almost always online. Other websites I’m on are available upon request because if I sat here and listed everything this profile would be Long.

unofficial MC discord server
musings - nonsense - sales

If I owe you or am owed something from you that isn’t on this list, feel free to poke me about it!

I owe:
Nothin’ at the moment!

I am owed:
Nothin’ at the moment!


I collect Galactic Gazing Backgrounds! I would like to own as many Gambler’s Dice items as I can get my hands on, if you have one I will pay out the ass for it. Contact for details.

Eden, Snow Day, Sweetgale Fen, Oni One For You, Ink Wash, Opalescence, Trailblazer, Divergence

Bag of Wonders:
Drifty Book of Beasts, Gambler’s Dice, Health Potion, Leather Bracers, Druidic Cape, Traveler’s Dust, Staff of Wintertide, True Sight

Rainy Stroll Background, Cat’s Cradle, Starry Eyes, Meteor Shower, Cozy Knit Scarf, Blue Rose Collar

Untamed Dark Magic

Current Status



i dont know what you expected

thank u feyani for the fiend art


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