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hello, I’m

pronouns they/them or she/hers
discord purrdri#8592
switch 7997-7808-1759
feel free to add me!

From time to time, my singular brain cell hits the corner of my skull and I experience a Thought™. I once spiked my glasses on the floor because I thought it’d be funny, and I’m infamous at the gas station down the street for saying “slorp” to the attendant instead of anything coherent while buying a Slurpee. I think that’s a little more informative about me as a person than a list of interests, but I also think that Dungeons and Dragons is awesome.

current status
like everyone else right now I am Going Through It :‘D bear with me please
if you need me urgently feel free to poke me on Discord


brick by teaunicorn

24 PP from Chimerical

Please get in touch if there’s something I’ve forgotten. 8);;;

Gambler’s Dice
Inkling for Lucy, Ink Wash for Az, Ethereal Ebb for Gabriel-and-Uriel
Tabby Squire mushroom (or pet + petrified mushroom) + gloomshroom
Ice Cream Dream
Blessed Battle Axe

To the surprise of absolutely no one, I have a lot of characters set in one big overarching space universe. 8) A lot happens here.

Folie à Deicide
The characters of a story about killing God both accidentally and on purpose. 
or: “it started out with a moodboard, how did it end up like this”

Original Worlds
Important characters with worlds that are nowhere near as expansive as the first two pockets!

Derivative Friends
Catchall pocket for OCs set in worlds that I didn’t really come up with - my D&D characters, Mycena canon pets, etc.

A healthy combination of underdeveloped characters and pets I haven’t figured out what to do with yet!

a e s t h e t i c
The few-and-far-between pets I have that don’t have a character and instead serve an aesthetic/tribute purpose. I apparently have some kind of issue with keeping aesthetic pets. Oops.

Pets I don’t intend on keeping - if I don’t have an active sales thread at the moment, please feel free to contact me about buying anyone in this pocket!



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