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hello, I’m

a loose constellation of atoms and molecules
pronouns they/them ★ discord purrdri#5894 ★ birthday april 17th
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I live in Wisconsin with my bestestest buddy -Sid and a particularly mischievous kitten. My interests include purple things, spacey things, gay things, polyhedral dice, and pensive emojis. I am terrible at writing about myself but I love writing about my characters and questionably scribbling them, too! If you see a purrdri anywhere else, it’s probably me - please say hi, I love attention >:D

If you want to chat about anything (polite trade requests are always welcome!) feel free to drop me an echo or a Discord message, and if I forget to reply please poke me about it! ovo

currently playing:
Final Fantasy XIV, Warframe, Mass Effect 3, Genshin Impact

current status:
pretty much settled in now! back to shenanigans as usual

8 PP to Nonnavlis

(Electric Halo to Celestine after sprout 8D)

Please get in touch if there’s something I’ve forgotten. 8);;;

Gambler’s Dice x infinity, Gloomshroom x4 (spooky sibbos), Ethereal Ebb, Lone Mushroom x5 (lilith, b+v, cbhkl x3)

Other wishlist items are usually in my trading post thread! Currency is always nice. If you’re in this spoiler, I love you.

Current: sad fluffdras twinsies with geck 8D
Next Up: Europa edits, maybe purrsona depending on queue

Custom: Purrsona, Bean, party worm
Edit: Adi, Aelita round 3, Kore round 2, Europa
Sprout: Bril/Dhanzi, Bo/Fred, like 7 more aesthetic sprouts…


Purr status: online

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