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hello, I’m

a loose constellation of atoms and molecules
pronouns they/them ★ discord soupurr#8008 ★ birthday april 17th
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I live in Wisconsin with my bestestest buddy -Sid and a particularly mischievous kitten. My interests include purple things, spacey things, gay things, polyhedral dice, and pensive emojis. I am terrible at writing about myself but I love writing about my characters and questionably scribbling them, too! If you see a purrdri anywhere else, it’s probably me - please say hi, I love attention >:D

If you want to chat about anything (polite trade requests are always welcome!) feel free to drop me an echo or a Discord message, and if I forget to reply please poke me about it! ovo

currently playing:
Final Fantasy XIV, Warframe, Mass Effect 3

current status:
engages the nitrous oxide boost on my rotisserie oven and slams each of my blorbos in it

20 PP from Pink Chocolate
3 PP from Dove

8 PP to Nonnavlis

Please get in touch if there’s something I’ve forgotten. 8);;;

Gambler’s Dice x infinity, Driftshroom x3, Gloomshroom x4 (spooky sibbos), Ethereal Ebb, Lone Mushroom x4 (lilith, cbhkl x3). Petrified Mushroom x2 (Purr, ...someone else)

Other wishlist items are usually in my trading post thread! Currency is always nice. If you’re in this spoiler, I love you.

Current: ???
Next Up: ???

Custom: party worm, cloud dras
Edit: Adi, Aelita round 3, Kore round 2
Sprout: Bo/Fred, like 7 more aesthetic sprouts…


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