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Hello! I’m Purr, an absolute nerd. My pronouns are they/them or she/hers.

I enjoy a lot of things, including space, the color purple, rainbows, cats, chocolate, Warframe and additional video games, Dungeons & Dragons, hoarding shiny dice, and making shamelessly self-indulgent characters.

Want to talk to me? Cool! :D Feel free to either send me an echo or poke me on Discord at purrdri#8592 where I am almost always online. Other websites I’m on are available upon request because if I sat here and listed everything this profile would be Long.

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I owe:
Sky Desire to TheGermanTaco

I am owed:
34PP from Oxton for Necromouser
Art from TheGermanTaco for Sky Desire

Pockets are ordered in no specific way but are named to organize things a bit.

From left to right, they’re:

stories that take place in space
stories that take place in fantasy worlds, urban or otherwise
stories that take place with angels in them
pets that indulge me in some way, shape or form
stories that aren’t initially mine, but that I’ve put some kind of twist on i.e. customizable protagonists in video games
my D&D characters
sales pocket

I realized the other day that Mycena Cave has been a part of my life for the last four whole years and that is absolutely wild. I love you all. Thank you for making it such a great place for me. <3

I collect Galactic Gazing Backgrounds and Gambler’s Dice :3c

Witch’s Brew, Entropy, Northern Wind, Angelic Solstice, Eden, Snow Day, Sweetgale Fen, Oni One For You, Ink Wash, Opalescence, Trailblazer, Divergence

Bag of Wonders:
Staff of Verdure, Drifty Book of Beasts, Gambler’s Dice, Health Potion, Leather Bracers, Druidic Cape, Traveler’s Dust, Staff of Wintertide, Bow of Aegis, Morning Star, Lightning Bo Staff, True Sight

Rainy Stroll Background, Forest Spirit Mask, Playing Cards, Blue Side Splash Wig, Tropical Feathers, Ornate Horns, Cat’s Cradle, Starry Eyes, Cute Ear Piercings, Meteor Shower, Cozy Knit Scarf, Blue Rose Collar

Scythe, Pirate’s Glamourrr, Fistful o’ Doubloons, Untamed Dark Magic

Current Status

(as an FYI, a lot of stuff that used to belong to Silent is now with me for the purposes of not being trapped forever on a dead account! it’s not for sale, don’t ask; I’ll be doing some kind of item giveaway/raffle when I have more free attention)


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