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She/They | Chicken | 28 | Floridian in California
Likes pink, galaxy, art stuff, cat stuff, and weird jewelry. Absolutely lives for foreign candy/snacks and has a collection of chicken figurines and plushies that’s forever growing.

I’m also always down for fodder and items because I can literally never have enough items to dress my pets. Can be tempted by art; usually open For art trades.

*active Fledgling Phoenix…and a driftshroom for them….and a gloomshroom for them….ah
*gloomshroom x2 (or more? I need one for Jack and maybe Gon’a? And…probably others….)
*driftshroom? (Who needs it? I know there’s someone…ah)
*more….items…..i need most of the old stuff….origami cranes and obi and….what else? I don’t know. I’m missing a lot of oots stuff…ah i need a list
*bow items? Which ones. Self. Plz. Make a list.
*fodder for my gargoyle oops
*maggie…does maggie need a wife…maybe…
*@self Why are you so bad at this



Current Mood: Avoiding family and politics and medical things. Very determined to do art. Very excited about pink. (This has been my mood since mid-ish 2017 apparently.)



Officially quoted at 44PP, although 12 of that is just fish which I could drop/wait to get later in edit queue.

~Osen would be an awesome kelph but super expensive. Fun mockup again though.
~Maybe Tau? She’d need two extra forelimbs, right original forelimb turned into a prosthetic, and possibly no tail, and then it’s just her weird accessories. I’d want her headdress, but otherwise I don’t know. She’d probably suit a dras best but nnn. I’m not a dras fan.
~Iriala’s sister Crexa. Could probably be the base tier? Maybe eye edits? Oh, hair. Get her special hair. But—probably just have her inspired by the idea of Iri’s resurrected sister. Mm. I think I’d want to see the coloring and then maybe go back for edits. This one’s actually fairly likely.
~Any of my fae designs, especially the fire fae or Leo. Artistic freedom.
~Weedy/Leafy sea dragon? And/or a moray eel. Possibly a custom with one or both as a pet? Hmm. Like a huge eel wrapping all around an ineki? Shit that’d be neat

This is literally just where i keep my random “that’d make a cool custom” thoughts.




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