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Note: currently no non-bg equips but trust me i need so many of them, honestly esp items from events from the last three years or so

Deep Dive Background
Cabin Window
Cottage Garden Background
Misty Shroud Background
Sundered City Background
Wet Trout Tavern Background
Peaceful Daydream Background
Cozy Tavern Background
Retro Sun Background
Shimmering Sands Background
Made of Starstuff Background
Slumbering Sands Background
Rainy Day Background
Rainy Stroll Background
Fishing Rendezvous Background

  Pets (shroom or pet, where applicable)
(Fodder pets, always)
Depths Below
Bubble Tea
Cool Beans

Subzero Shark
Suits Out
Lunar Glint
White Tiger
Fae Parade
Sherbet Shepherd
Free Spirit
Sabre Mycenae
Twelfth Hour

Wheat and Sky

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I’m also always down for fodder and items because I can literally never have enough items to dress my pets. Can be tempted by art; usually open for art trades.






Courtesy of Plasma, whose weapon of choice turned out to be a bloopy eel



Officially quoted at 44PP, although 12 of that is just fish which I could drop/wait to get later in edit queue.

~Osen would be an awesome kelph but super expensive. Fun mockup again though.
~Maybe Tau? She’d need two extra forelimbs, right original forelimb turned into a prosthetic, and possibly no tail, and then it’s just her weird accessories. I’d want her headdress, but otherwise I don’t know. She’d probably suit a dras best but nnn. I’m not a dras fan.
~Iriala’s sister Crexa. Could probably be the base tier? Maybe eye edits? Oh, hair. Get her special hair. But—probably just have her inspired by the idea of Iri’s resurrected sister. Mm. I think I’d want to see the coloring and then maybe go back for edits. This one’s actually fairly likely.
~Any of my fae designs, especially the fire fae or Leo. Artistic freedom.
~Weedy/Leafy sea dragon? And/or a moray eel. Possibly a custom with one or both as a pet? Hmm. Like a huge eel wrapping all around an ineki? Shit that’d be neat

This is literally just where i keep my random “that’d make a cool custom” thoughts.


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