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I’m trying real hard to keep smiles on faces...

Summer Semester is drowning me. Sorry for my absence and sporadic nature. If you need me please Echo me!

If you’re an easily upset or offended person, then I highly suggest navigating away from my profile. I’m super sweet and willing to talk to anyone, however a lot of my characters are very triggering with deplorable behaviors. At the very least I ask that, for your own comfort, you just don’t dig into my characters if you find violence, gore, murder, drug addiction/abuse and other triggering materials to be, well, triggering. Thank you <3

With that out of the way, it’s good to note that I’m almost always around but am often very busy. With college, my other sites, my irl responsibilities, and other things besides. So if you message or @ me and I don’t respond immediately I promise I’m not ignoring you. If I don’t respond in a few days please feel free to poke me again. I probably forgot, currently there is a test a week, so I’m almost guaranteed to be scattered. Interested in rp? Please poke me, the pets in the first tab all have characters, even if I haven’t written anything on their profiles. I’m just a lazy git, don’t see anything that interests you but still want to play? Still poke me! I have ample characters not listed here!

Notes Friend Tracking Invoices

You’re free to message me if you’re selling one of these pets! Note that those that are at the top or in bold are the ones I’m really looking for as I have characters for those pets in particular. I’ll look at any of them though~

Death’s Embrace
Spell Weaver
Angelic Solstice
Three Wishes
Polaris Bear
Lucky Rabbit

As a note, I share my home and ip address with user # 492, Parasitic Candy.


When I’m sad I just fake it...


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