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Please note the tags on character profiles! I have some very deplorable gremlins but a good many other sweet beans! So just watch your tags and you’ll do just fine! <3 I’m not easily offended and am super willing to talk to anyone about anything, so do feel free to reach out if you have need. Note that I am a student and have sever bipolar so I tend to come and go. I promise I’m not ignoring you, you’re free to smack me again if you feel like it’s been too long. Interested in rp? Please poke me, the pets in the first tab all have characters, even if I haven’t written anything on their profiles. I’m just a lazy git, don’t see anything that interests you but still want to play? Still poke me! I have ample characters not listed here! Don’t like rp but still want to plot? I do that too, so really, poke me. Promise I’m not nearly as mean as this makes me sound. You can find me on Discord, Final Fantasy 14, I’m that annoying player that gets on to play in gpose for two hours and then logs out, League of Legends, Genshin Impact, and various other websites. Note that I tend to avoid things like Twitter and Facebook, since cutting them out of my life the lack of drama has been incredible. I love to commission art, so you’ll likely find a lot of it strewn about. Questions? Concerns? Comments? Feel free to ask~ Promise I don’t bite.

The artwork on the side of my profile is Aystoria! Check out the awesome artist.


Notes Friend Tracking Invoices

You’re free to message me if you’re selling one of these pets! Note that those that are at the top or in bold are the ones I’m really looking for as I have characters for those pets in particular. I’ll look at any of them though~

Fog Active pose
Spell Weaver Upright pose
Divergence Either pose
Polaris Bear Either pose
Lucky Rabbit Either pose
River Kelpie
White Tiger Either pose
Little Nisse Upright pose
Divine Caster Either pose
Death’s Embrace
Shaggy Smallhorn Active
Prismatic Peace

Nyf said I had to start an item wishlist, so here’s that I guess.
Golden Gallery Background
True Sight
Prima Donna Wig
Space Punk Wig
Ringed Planet
Moonlight Rays
Desert Royalty
Silver Glamourrr
Plasma Whip
Starry Strands Bangle
Rose Duet
Pink Piggy Bracelets
Jewels from Paradise
Moonstone Tiara
Humble Heart Earrings
Planetary Gift
Rainbow Star Scarf
Enchanted Winter
Rowdy Cloud
Tidal Bow
Drifty Noble Dragons
White Rebel Wig
Drifty Moon Necklace
Sages Secrets
Ringed Wanderer
Cloud Cover
Hanging Stars
Starlight Lanterns
Mushroom Grove Background
Blue Moon
Celestial Compass Frame
Forest Spirit Mask
Ominous Sky Background
Sky Background
Moonlit Cloud Background
Dusk Sky Background
Dawn Sky Background
Ominous Clouds
Puffy Clouds
Twinkling Shrine Background
White/Rose/Starry Rose Candles
Black Floating Candles
Ghostly Floating Candles
Flowering Staff
Horned Rose Crown
Rose Chest
White Wuthering Wings
Bird Nest Wigs (All Colors)
Silver Side Do Wig
Arcane Scars
Electric Halo
Hallowed Halo
Starry Eyes

As a note, I share my home and ip address with user # 492, Parasitic Candy.


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