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Hey, I’m Nobo, and I am indeed a big fan of Kingdom Hearts if you could tell from my username. I’m into comics (DC if you want a generalized category; I also enjoy Umbrella Academy), manga,  I like creating characters, and currently I’m really into superhero/super power based characters (heroes, villains, and civilians).


Current RPs


Bin-GO RPs

Coats Currently Seeking:

*Death’s Embrace***  x2 (Plans: One for Aced, one for OC)
White Tiger (Plans: Gula)
Lucky Rabbit - Adventurer/Traveler who can talk to ghosts.
Starstruck Sea
Entropy - Cyrus
Divergence - space entity that surfs through space and enjoys exploring cultures.

*Witch’s Brew***
Little Nisse (Self note: Not happening this season)
Gilded Glow

Items Currently Seeking:

(For Elio)
Sundisk Choker
Pirate’s Glamour

(For Ioni)
Jewels From Paradise
Spotted Seahorses

(For OC Death’s Embrace)
1x Drifty Haunted Hood
1x Red Bobtail
1x Blood Moon
1x Enchanted Golden Gaze

4x Scrolls of Unveiled Truth
1x Captured Rose Staff
1x Nightblooms

4x Stained Glass Marigold Background (for the foretellers)

1x Lacy Parasol (Elias)

1x Cat’s Cradle - Elio
2x Star Stuff - Elio

Any Beaded Organic items (Necklace, Necklet, Anklet, Bobber, Earrings) (I’m forever collecting these.)

Fodder Pets


1. RPs
2.Sprout between Tivan and Ioni - SUCCESS
3. A Custom


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