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hey yo I’m raus and I like pretty purple things and putting everything in rainbow order. 2020 kicked me hard, and I am trying to get a job after becoming extremely depressed after spending 3 years with the same organization in animal welfare, so uh I am kind of not a real person right now. It’s hard to relearn life, especially being unemployed in a pandemic.

I love languages and history. I’m a language and linguistics nerd, though I haven’t practiced any in ages. I am into writing and crocheting and knitting. My big things are jellyfish and space. Lots of jellyfish. And space. And 70s-90s Japanese City Pop/funk jazz fusion. Jazz is awesome.

I’m trying to get in some gaming time while I try to get my life together. I’m always obsessing over Assassin’s Creed in spurts. I am SUPER into Ancient Egypt, and the Bronze Age in general, so like half my writing stuff is Bronze Age inspired lol. The other half is my time besides games is trying to find things to do with my hands while listening to audiobooks or watching youtube documentaries on the ancient world or random weird history topics. My favorite things tend to be the Yakuza series, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age, FFXII, Mass Effect, Sims 2, and Civ type games, and typically that’s how I spend my time when not mired in audiobooks or youtube history documentaries. I also like the X-Men movies, Star Trek TNG, and Dragon Ball. I go through Dragon Ball spurts. I watch some anime, but mostly just re-watch Natsume Yuujinchou, Mushishi, or other similar anime. That and Golden Kamuy.

Spotty at long replies but I love to talk, so please talk to me about anything! I suffer from depression and anxiety, and sometimes I end up putting off a reply that accidentally gets forgotten about, or I’ll worry over it so long I just never… do… so if I stop replying for a while I might be in a bad spot.

They/them if you please. Aroace and of questionable gender. I also find it flattering when people call me he/him so those work too.

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whoever you are anon, I love you

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um sorry for the unplanned hiatus,
probably will go on for a while
i try to log in now and again for the
monthly and whatnot but :|
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