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may pop on every now and then to play echolocation to try to earn a monthly thing but not able to be social. i’m broke, i’m overworked, family members are in really bad health, and so am i.

I’m raus and I like pretty purple things and putting everything in rainbow order. Also pretty boys. I do not apologize for my array of girly boys and non-boys. I rp both canon and non-canon, so if you want to rp or plot, or discuss genesses with me 8D please do send an echo my way. I’m too busy to do anything interesting right now, tbh.

Currently spending my life in an animal shelter. Animals are my world right now, seeing as I have been working non-stop for longer now than uh, I’ve literally ever done anything else. I love languages. I’m a language and linguistics nerd, though I haven’t practiced any in ages. I am into writing and crocheting and knitting. My big things are jellyfish and space. Lots of jellyfish.

I also obsess about things and stick to my fandoms, but I don’t want to seem like that’s all me being online is. Dragon Age is my main fave, has been for a couple years, but my other faves are FFXII and the X-Men movies, and Star Trek, mostly TNG. Currently re-discovering The Maze Runner trilogy and trying to watch the Thor movies, maybe Captain America. At this point I could care less about anyone else in the Marvel universe. I’m also trying to watch Star Gate? If I can find it anywhere? DUNGEON KEEPER
and, uh, FFXII The Zodiac Age, and Assassin’s Creed. Goin’ back to the classics (my classics, that is)

Spotty at long replies but I love to talk, so please talk to me about anything! I suffer from depression and anxiety, and sometimes I end up putting off a reply that accidentally gets forgotten about, or I’ll worry over it so long I just never… do… so if I stop replying for a while I might be in a bad spot or I might be suuuper busy and have no time because of work. I put in about 50 hours per week, at the minimum, so expect me to always be too busy for socialization.

They/them if you please. Aroace and of questionable gender. I also find it flattering when people call me he/him so those work too.

Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free (Gladiator OST)

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whoever you are anon, I love you

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If you add me on line, please tell me who you are
I don’t add anyone who doesn’t tell me ^^;;

update 9/14 two family members
in hospital, officially taking
some kind of hiatus. if I don’t respond
it’s because I can’t take time off
work and I’m too stressed to talk

this has not been my year….

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