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hey yo I’m raus and I like pretty purple things and putting everything in rainbow order.

I love languages and history. I’m a language and linguistics nerd, though I haven’t practiced any in ages. I am into writing and crocheting and knitting, but I don’t really do anything outside of work now. My big things are jellyfish and space. Lots of jellyfish. And space.

I’m a history nerd and game sometimes, like Sims 2, city-builders, Rimworld, Stellaris, historical type games, FFXII, or Dragon Age (mainly Inquisition). I read books or audiobooks occasionally even though my shelves (and virtual shelves) are bursting with unread things. Such is the life.

I’ve been inactive the past few years but still pop my head back in sometimes. I’m a chronic pain and illness sufferer and have always dealt with anxiety and depression so I’ll likely be quiet these days even when I am back on, and am liable to disappear when my energy wanes. I don’t really see myself roleplaying from here on because I can barely focus enough to write a single little character blurb—I don’t trust myself to keep up with things with how spotty my attention is these days. I’m probably here to just fiddle with my own genesses and nab another sprout or two for the heck of it.

They/them if you please. Aroace and of questionable gender.

Tatsuro Yamashita - Sparkle

: IT’S OVER 500!!!!
~fling me a fish, pass go, collect 200 nuggets
whoever you are anon, I love you

only active on fr now
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if you want my discord, echo me but
just know i am not very chatty lately


i’ve been on hiatus off and on
medical stuff just not feeling great
and such. probably am not going
to be active from here on

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