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heck i got featured two days in a row

hey yo I’m raus and I like pretty purple things and putting everything in rainbow order. I’m too busy to do anything interesting right now, tbh, though I sometimes daydream about writing again lol. I am also trying to find a new job, which sucks. My job is sucking the life from me.

Currently spending my life in an animal shelter in a dead-end middle-management position. I love languages and history. I’m a language and linguistics nerd, though I haven’t practiced any in ages. I am into writing and crocheting and knitting. My big things are jellyfish and space. Lots of jellyfish.

Wow this was outdated. Currently I’m super back into Assassin’s Creed and particularly Origins (have been for over a year), and then Odyssey. I am SUPER into Ancient Egypt, and am getting into Ancient Mesopotamia, so like half my free time is playing around with my fantasy Ancient Egypt based world in the form of an adventure I’m compiling or doing little bit of world building. MAYBE one day I’ll publish it. The other half is my trying to find things to do with my hands while listening to audiobooks on the ancient world or random weird history topics. My favorite things tend to be AssCreed, Dragon Age, FFXII, Mass Effect, Sims 2, and Civ type games, and typically that’s how I spend my time when not mired in audiobooks or youtube history documentaries. I also like the X-Men movies, Star Trek TNG, and Dragon Ball. I go through Dragon Ball spurts.

Spotty at long replies but I love to talk, so please talk to me about anything! I suffer from depression and anxiety, and sometimes I end up putting off a reply that accidentally gets forgotten about, or I’ll worry over it so long I just never… do… so if I stop replying for a while I might be in a bad spot or I might be suuuper busy and have no time because of work. I put in about 50 hours per week, at the minimum, so expect me to always be too busy for socialization.

They/them if you please. Aroace and of questionable gender. I also find it flattering when people call me he/him so those work too.

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semi-hiatus as i languish in the public
at my job while being high risk nbd
i’m too busy and stressed and
have too many headaches to
be social, sorry
if i ignore you i WILL get back to you
just don’t have the mental capacity rn

npcs for river and farm nodes
one quest related, another ghost or two?

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