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 « I can’t find what I want to do with my life so I keep my head down, run against the time  »   

Hello! I’m Cien! I I’m a 20-something on the east coast of the United States, so MC time +1! I have a BA in creative writing and I absolutely love writing, roleplaying, and plotting. I also like art, video games, and piddling around with OSINT. I do a fair bit of lurking, but feel free to reach out about anything! I’m always happy to chat or help out, if I can! o/

if it’s been a while since I responded, please feel free to bump the echo! I tend to forget to respond or hit send ... alternatively, feel free to hit me up on discord or ask for my id!! :‘D



currently playing: ACNH, Hades

next up: Aria edits, Eclipse, Enul, Haku edits
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Moonlit Night ; with Loon
(that one harry potter rp) ; with Loon, Swan, and Ibis
Into the Fire ; with Crow
Beauty & the Beast ; with Dove
Bloom and Decay ; with azurrys
Down from the Gallows ; with Dove
A Missing Piece ; with Dove, Crow, and Loon
Behind the Mask ; with Dove
Before the Fall ; with Swan
A Champion, a Professor, a Failure, and a Child walk into a bar… ; with Dove, Crow, and Loon


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