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Hi, my name is Kiwi! While I am kinda short, I promise I’m not actually that fierce. I’m a pretty laid back and introverted individual, though I’m slowly working at being a little more outgoing. :)

My job keeps me busy, but I love to spend a lot of my spare time roleplaying and plotting characters! Feel free to contact me about any character that’s listed as open on their profile.
[ or even about ones that don’t have full profiles yet because I’m l a z y ]

Otherwise, I love spamming my friends with silly images, videos, and totally irrelevant song lyrics. Sorry guys ♥ 8) I tend to be a wanderer; in that I tend to distract myself from what I’m suppose to be doing. So if it’s been awhile and you’re waiting on a reply from me, please poke me again - I’m probably just off wandering. ❥

I’m looking for someone who would be interested in tackling a Bingo centered RP with me!

Tackling probably isn’t the right word to use here, maybe ‘gently chisel away at’ would be more accurate :’) My life has been pretty busy lately, and I’ll be the first to admit I’ve become really horrible at juggling my free time - so you’d have to be okay with slow and sporadic replies. I am usually always available via discord though, and am 100% down for background plotting, chatting, and character developing.

My goal here is to start building healthy habits to get back into forum rping on site, and to turn in a few bingo cards along the way. Please feel free to hold me accountable to my goal if it’s been forever and I haven’t replied. :’);;;

I’m also okay with either something more serious (ie focused on actual character development, with relevant history and settings. More plot and talk.) or something more relaxed (ie taking already developed characters and tossing them into an AU scenario with a random plot point to see what happens. Less think more do.)

None of my characters have profiles right now because Kiwi of the Past decided to remove them all with the grand ambition of redoing them. Kiwi of the Present has to live with those consequences. Sadly that means I can’t point you in the direction of ‘open’ characters.
Generally speaking, I prefer fantasy or ancient historical focused settings. I would be okay with other settings so long as you’re okay with it being AU - just because I don’t necessarily have any pre-made characters I could use for them.

If you’re interested please send me an echo or shoot me a message on discord (Kiwi#0381) and we can see if we have any characters that mesh well together. :)


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