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K i w i ⤜ the blanket burrito™
though she be but little, she is fierce

Hi, my name is Kiwi! While I am kinda short, I promise I’m not actually that fierce. I’m a pretty laid back and introverted individual, though I’m slowly working at being a little more outgoing. :)
oh yeah, and that’s my cat. she’s my favorite little stinker ——————>

I have a job in medical research that keeps me busy, but I love to spend a lot of my spare time roleplaying and plotting characters! Feel free to contact me about any character that’s listed as open on their profile.
[ or even about ones that don’t have full profiles yet because I’m l a z y ]

Otherwise, I love spamming my friends with silly images, videos, and totally irrelevant song lyrics. Sorry guys ♥ 8) I tend to get way too engrossed in anything fantasy based, and will happily prater on for hours about some random topic. I also really love to tinker with profile layout coding, so if you’d like some help or advice on that feel free to hmu! I also tend to be a wanderer; in that I tend to distract myself from what I’m suppose to be doing. So if it’s been awhile and you’re waiting on a reply from me, please poke me again - I’m probably just off wandering. ❥

[ discord Kiwi#0381 ]


Never Gonna Let You Down - Colbie Caillat
I’m never gonna walk away, I’m always gonna have your back
And if nothing else you can always count on that

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