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Forum Tagging Guide

This guide goes in depth about our forum tagging system!  If you are wondering how and when to tag your forum posts, look no further!

General Overview
What is “tagging,” and why is it used?
Tags are simple descriptors that provide information about the contents of forum threads. On Mycena Cave forums, thread creators use tagging to let others know they may encounter sensitive content within the thread. Players can also choose to disable or enable certain tags, giving them the power to filter certain content from areas such as the recent posts.
What are the tag categories?
Players may tag their threads with any or all of the following tags:
  • Gore
  • Language
  • Sexual Content
  • Substance Abuse
  • Violence
Does every thread need a tag?
No; the majority of threads are untagged, which means that the thread should not contain sensitive content. Untagged threads should be PG13 or lower: if they will, may, or have exceeded this then players are required to add the appropriate tags as soon as possible.

How to Tag a Thread
Thread tagging comes into play when you are creating a new thread that will contain sensitive content or editing an old thread where sensitive content will be introduced. 
  1. To view tagging controls whilst creating or editing a thread, click “Advanced Thread Controls” located near the bottom of the New Thread box:
  2. Once you’ve clicked “Advanced Thread Controls,” the bottom of the New Thread box will expand and give you more posting options. From there, select the relevant tag(s) from the menu to add them to your thread. We also recommend you use the content warning box to explain why you’ve tagged your thread.
  3. After you’ve filled out the tagging information, you may then preview, post, or edit your thread.

When to Tag a Thread
Tag your threads for any mature/sensitive content:
  • Tag strong language, heavy violence, and/or sexual content/themes. Liken a tagged thread to an R movie.
    • Example of use: Your character curses like a sailor and injuries are detailed more explicitly.
    • Must adhere to the rules in section 4.5.
  • Tag discussion, roleplay, art, or creative writing involving controversial or sensitive topics.
  • Be careful to not sanction illegal activities in discussions or roleplays.
  • Keep in mind not all sensitive/mature content is allowed on Mycena Cave.  Section 4.5 of the rules details unacceptable content.

It is the responsibility of the thread creator to select tags appropriate to the thread. If you think your thread falls “in between” a category, or if you are unsure of which category, it is best to pick the category that promotes the more restrictive viewing.

If you tag a thread with a content descriptor, we recommend filling in the content notes to detail why the thread is tagged with a content descriptor, so that other players can make an informed decision about viewing the thread.

What if I want to post potentially sensitive content in someone else’s untagged thread?

If the thread’s creator is a player, ask first because they may not want any sensitive content in their thread. If you have permission, then post it under a spoiler with a warning, like so:

~image of gory thing~

If players are needing to post their content in spoilers regularly, then the thread creator should tag their thread.

If the thread is an official thread posted by staff (e.g. a thread for art submissions to an event), post any mature/sensitive content under a spoiler with a relevant tag. You do not need staff permission beforehand, but double check that it follows the content guidelines outlined in section 4 of the rules.

What do I do if I want to post sensitive content outside of the forums (e.g. player or pet profiles)?

Use spoiler tags with a relevant tag. For example, if you want your pet’s profile to contain an image of its character who is graphically injured, put it under a spoiler tag like so:

~image of injured character art~

Why do you allow sensitive content?
Mycena Cave is geared toward creative expression, community, and roleplay. We allow for the respectful exploration and discussion of sensitive content because we believe it is overall more beneficial to our community and society at large than to restrict such content. Exploring sensitive or controversial topics can be socially transformative; it allows one to think critically, express oneself, explore differences, and develop conflict resolution skills. These are all skills that are highly valued in the real world. However, we recognize that viewing such content can be too tough or distasteful for some players, and encourage players to disable any tags containing content which with they would not like to engage.
What should I do if I run into an untagged thread that should be tagged?

Report threads that you’d like the moderators to examine. To report a thread, go to the first post and click on the arrow in the right hand corner. A menu will appear with the “report” function.  You’ll be able to give some detail about why you’ve reported it, and the moderators will respond to it.

Where do I learn more about the content rules?
Content rules are detailed in section 4 of our rules.
My question was not answered in this guide; I’m still confused about something!
That’s no good! We encourage you to echo Dove and/or Crow with your question—they will do their best to get you the answer you need!