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Hi, I’m Crow!
  • I’m a Community Coordinator along with Dove. We work on planning events, running activities, and compiling the news!
  • I am an x-ray/CT tech! I work overnights at a small hospital, so I tend to keep odd hours and often have free time during work. If you see me online at a ridiculous hour of the morning, I’m probably at work. Feel free to say hi!
  • I love making characters and worldbuilding. I’m a bit shy, but I love to RP - and I’m getting a little better at being less self-conscious about my writing!
  • I have four cats, a miniature australian shepherd, and a freshwater fish tank! I love animals, would love to hear about yours, and will shamelessly show off pictures of mine at any given opportunity.
  • If you have any questions about MC or find any of my characters interesting, or just want to chat, feel free to toss me a message on here or on discord: Crow#2650 !

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