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Hi, I’m Crow!

I’m one of Mycena Cave’s Community Coordinators! My main focus is on planning events and activities, but I also work on various other things around the site. If you have any questions, please reach out! I’m always happy to help. :D

Crow Facts
she/her | aro/ace | always tired
  • I’m pretty boring! I don’t drink, I don’t really like social settings, and I prefer to putter around the house over going out.
  • I’ve got a small zoo of pets: four cats, a dog, two axolotls, two saltwater fish tanks, and a small flock of quail!
  • I am an overnight CT/x-ray tech, so you may notice me online at weird hours half the week. :’)
  • I enjoy D&D, character-y stuff, and playing Guild Wars 2. Sometimes I even like to RP, though I’m slow at it and writing is constantly a struggle. I also doodle sometimes—it, too, is a constant struggle.
  • My discord is Crow#2650. Feel free to toss me a message!



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Crow is an official Mycena Cave Community Coordinator.
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