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Hello! My name is Morgan, I’m in my 30s and I enjoy urban fantasy, linguistics, and making art. As for pronouns, either she/her or they/them is fine.

I’m an official artist on Mycena Cave. I mostly work on sprouts, though I dip my toes into other art areas from time to time. If you’d like to see the coats I’ve worked on, click here.

If you own a sprout I’ve made and would like to see the baby images, hit me up. I rarely delete files on my computer so it’s entirely possible I’ve got them lying around somewhere.

My timezone is GMT/UTC +1 or +2, depending on the time of the year, which puts me about 7 hours ahead of Mycena time. If you see me online at weird hours it probably means it’s not a weird time for me… or I’m procrastinating on my phone when I should be sleeping. Again.

I’ve got a bit of social anxiety with a strong distate for instant messaging, so you won’t see me in the chat, and finding me in the forums (outside of events) is a little bit like spotting a cryptid. I do enjoy talking to people though, so feel free to drop me a message if you’d like to have a chat. Though I hope that you don’t mind long messages because if you give me the opportunity and a topic I’m interested in, I’ll talk… and talk… and talk. This profile is a pretty good proof of that.

My favorite color is red, though I like all warm colors (and purple). Aesthetic-wise, I like space, shimmery, shiny things, flowers, and skulls. At the same time even, if it’s possible. Also: witches, and faeries, and magical girls, and weird indescribable monsterspirits.

Foxes are my favorite animals, which is why I aim to collect all the fox ineki coats here on Mycena. So far, I’ve managed to get them all, and I hope to keep it up!

I’m a big fan of Potions Master and I don’t understand Echolocation at all. I did have someone try to explain it to me, but it’s a lost cause.

Fun secret fact: I actually made a new deviantart account last year… and haven’t uploaded anything so far. At this point, it’s just embarassing.

  • a friend
    A friend! (now with family)

  • Dream Palace
    The characters in this category exist in a vaguely defined, high fantasy-ish setting. There isn’t one single plot tying them all together; rather, they all have their own individual, yet interconnecting stories. The pets in this category are also the ones I typically adjust to the Mycena canon during site events.

  • God of Parasites
  • “God of Parasites” is a story I’ve been working on-and-off for years. It details the adventures of a young witch who has returned to her hometown after years of absence. The genre can be described as a mix of contemporary fantasy and slice of life with horror elements. There is also an important romantic subplot because I am Weak.
  • One Shots
  • This is the “casual” pocket. The characters here will be vaguely developed, as will the universes they live in. This category exists to fulfill my need for cheesy romance without having to spent five years world-building first. (this is not an exaggeration.)
  • WIP
  • I don’t know who these characters are… yet. I’ll get to it eventually! The pets I keep here are the pets whose design I like, but who I haven’t properly developed yet. Once I do, they’ll be moved to one of the preceding categories.
  • For Sale
  • Self-explanatory! If it’s there, it’s for sale. The list of pets I’m selling (as well as items) can also be found in my Sales Thread.

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