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The Long Hours: Hush goes outside

“Words in the heart cannot be taken.”
-Dorfl, Feet of Clay


INFJ-T ❦ 6w5 ❦ Easily startled in the wild ❦ Hyperfocus machine
I am a lurker. Mostly. I work full time and my availability has limited itself down to days off that aren’t during work crunch time. I’m quiet but I don’t bite, promise! Feel free to PM me and I will try to get back to you asap!
I can also be reached via discord, but I only give it out over PM.


RDR2, The Dreamer Trilogy, zippy cars, writing, wine, Hulu’s ‘Castle Rock,’ my pet rats, fixer-upper projects.

I owe: 1pp to Reggi

My sibling - Beaded Honey - shares nets with me.

Wigs forever! Rebels and long braid wigs, specifically.
Gems forever
Moodboards? Which are things I did not know that I love
Poems for characters, which are things I did not know I loved and also have no idea how to commission
Creative fiddly things. like Pixels! I love those.
Weaponry items

Moth Queen
Sidney (coat name??)
victorian bab
fluff monster
Wendi & stag
‘Sprouts’ for Bannin/Onjou

Sprouts for:


Whom Do I Echo When I Have A Question?

With our growing staff team, you may at times find yourself unclear on whom to contact for assistance. Here is a handy list of which staff is best equipped to respond to your questions or concerns:

Something serious happened on the forums - Use “Report” feature on right hand corner of post.  All mods will be notified as soon as you submit the report.
Something serious happened in chat - Use “Report” button on right hand side of Live Chat.  All mods will be notified as soon as you submit the report.
Deleting double posts or other minor forum concerns - Can use Report feature or echo mods individually.

Questions relating to forum content, trading, or site rules - Echo a moderator (see above)
Questions related to new updates - Feel free to ask in the announcement’s thread, but if we miss your question, you’d like a more detailed response, or feel it is better fit to a private echo, contact Dove or Crow
Questions related to roleplaying - Echo Dove or Crow
Questions related to events or gameplay - Echo Dove or Crow
Typos/errors or questions about item descriptions or Mycena Cave story - Echo Prose
Art errors - Echo Myla
Price estimate on future customs - Echo Mycenangelo. Please be sure to copy and paste Mycenagelo’s estimate into your order form.
Questions about game, site, & event mechanics/statistics - Echo Juney
Bugs, glitches, or payment issues - Echo glitch
General site questions - Echo Dove or Crow

If you have a question not covered by this list on what a particular staff member can assist you with, please feel free to ask in this thread or echo Dove or Crow.

We hope this list will be useful to everyone. All staff is always happy to help! <3

For Bannin, once he’s finished: (by BountyofColor, aka Kewbee)
(by the amazing Dame)


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