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Hi there !
I’m Puppy and an artist here on Mycena !

I’m very shy, and not extremely social, but feel free to send me an echo if you’d like <3
I tend to keep to myself for the most part, but that’s just because I’m not the best at being outgoing, though I’m always happy to chat !

About me & Notes :

  • If you don’t get a reply to an echo within 48 hours please poke me again !
  • I’m not a role player, and unfortunately I don’t really write ;u;
  • I can also be found on many other pet sites !
  • I’m a hopeless addict for moths, so you’ll find my personal designs will be some fairy/moth creature most of the time !
  • I grew up around many animals, but ferrets still own my heart ;u; <3
  • Currently living in Canada, but originally from the southern USA
  • I have three very vocal cats and several dogs back home who like to yell a lot
  • Character designs are some of my favorite things to mess with alongside backstories to existing designs
  • I can easily get lost in my projects, so it can be hard to get my attention at times when I’m working ! (Just keep poking me with a stick until I notice)
  • I’m in the official Mycena discord server as well, so feel free to DM me on Discord !
  • My messages are always open !
  • Currently my game addiction would be Terraria & 7 Days to Die <3
  • Favorite genre of music would be dubstep, alternative, or synthwave



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Puppy is an official Mycena Cave artist.