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- Castaway Dras -
Enchanted Golden Gaze, White Pleather Jacket, Starbright Mage Scarf, Snowdrop Crown Braid Wig, Starbright Bobtail, Vintage Bookcase, Snowy Glimmer, Fuzzy Earmuffs, White Rose Candles, White Tiny Horns, Conjured Fog

- Lovestruck Dras -
Black Spike Horns, Bloody Depths Wig, Cozy Knit Scarf, Enchanted Golden Gaze, Vampire Wings, Snake Pupils, Cream Ruff, Peachy Cream Wings, Seadog Sash, Drifty Dangly Tail Ring, Gleaming Gold Anklets, Gilded Bling, Spirit Bell

- Eden -
Toxic Side Eyes, Gaze of the Abyss, Alabaster Curls Wig, Pink Heart Freckles, Verdant Tail Bow, White Panther Spots, Enchanted Pink Senses, Falling Petals, Pink Background, Mug of Candyfloss Cocoa, Flowerscape, Starry Strands Bangles, Gilded Bling, Magic Circle

- Sunshower -
Drifthsroom, Dark Scars, Enchanted Golden Gaze, White Plaid Scarf, Troubling Waters Background, Stony Steppers, Sylvan Jewelry, Phoenix Sparks, Oversized Collar, Seductive Eyelashes, Snake Pupils, Twisting horns

Pleather Jacket, Crowned Crane Drasillis, Blue Sky Butterfly, Lovestruck Drasilis, Driftshroom, Gloomshroom
Hello! I’m Acydosis. I’m 30-years-old and work as a trauma nurse in the emergency department. I love the sciences, particularly the biologies! Anatomy and physiology, micro, genetics, and genomics, neuro; all stuff I really enjoy! Aside from personal studies I enjoy drawing and playing games from tabletops to stuff like Pokemon, devil May Cry, Overwatch, Elden Ring, Sea of Thieves, Stardew Valley, Sonic, Minecraft etc! I’m a massive fan of the One Piece series. I love horror, thrillers, monsters, skulls, poison/acid themes, and yatta, yatta. I’m pretty friendly and always happy to have a little chat if you’re feeling like you’re up for one! Feel free to send me an echo, and I’m also on Discord. If you wanna give me a poke there, just lemme know! Have a beautiful day~! :D

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