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Join the Drawntlet! July is a great time to get creative. Submit here.

[EVENT] The Drawntlet (July 1 - July 31)


The Drawntlet is a month-long activity that encourages artists and writers to challenge themselves as well as develop positive creativity habits. The goal is to create a unique piece each day, based on one of the provided prompts. This activity welcomes both art and writing, and will run in lieu of our usual Creative Circles this month.

We are excited to announce our annual Drawntlet activity, beginning July 1st and running throughout the month! :D

Changes From Last Year
  • Changed the prize for being spotlighted to a Lucky Envelope instead of a Bag of Wonders.
  • No other major changes this year.
    • We’d still like to figure out a more streamlined submission process, but we will have to focus on developing that for next time — this year’s submission process will be the same as last year.  As always, there will be a feedback form available at the end of the activity, and we encourage all participants to share their thoughts with us there! 
You can find the full rules and guidelines on the Town Square!


New Secret Coats & Completion Prize
  • Players who complete all 31 days of the Drawntlet will receive a New Document Frame and New Canvas Frame (both by Nonny)!

    New Document

    New Canvas

    These have some hidden toggles to help you achieve your optimal digital workspace!

  • The ‘choice of GCS coat’ prize tier includes two newly added coats: Sky Wanderer (by Plasma) and Aurora (by Plaid). These coats are also available from using a Glowing Changingshroom.


Remember to submit permalinks to your entries on the submission page!


Posted Jun 30, edited Jul 1
(reserving this post for updates or whatever)
Posted Jun 30

Yaaay, I’m excited! I feel like I’ll be able to actually keep up this year. <3

I’m a smidge intimidated by week 3’s redux challenge, but I guess I’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll take a week of prior drawntlet entries and rework under the povs of different characters? Could that be considered as reworking? It wouldn’t really be improving. These are both challenges I’ve avoided in previous years, but they’re both on the same week this year. ^^;;

psst Crow, the threads for weeks 2 - 5 don’t have the alt word banks and themes, only week 1 does.

Posted Jul 1

Uhh, I’m excited as well!
I feel the same about the week 3 challenge as I’m neither a redux nor a tribute kind of person, but if the ‘rework’ is meant in a wide sense I might be able to come up with something…

Also, I have a quick question regarding the price categories: do activity items also fall under the ‘event item’ category? Because there’s an activity item from before the time I joined that I would really love to get my hands on

Posted Jul 1

raus As long as you’re revisiting an old piece and working on it again, I think that should be fine! Previous drawntlet entries written in a different POV sounds like a rework to me. :D

And the prompt banks for other weeks have just been added in, sorry for the delay on that!

Nebelleben Yes, activity items fall under the “event item” category!

Posted Jul 1

Thanks Cien!

I actually have one additional question, since I can’t find it in the rules for this year. I feel like in prior years, there was a limit on 2 prompt bank words used per week. Is that a thing this year, or can we potentially replace as many of that week’s words with that week’s prompt replacement words as we want/need? or maybe I am misremembering?

Posted Jul 1
raus I don’t quite recall about a limit on how many alternate prompts you can use, but let me double check - I will get back to you ASAP!
Posted Jul 1
Thanks for answering so quickly! ^^
Posted Jul 1

raus No limit on alternate prompts! :D

General update, the submission page should now be updated and correct for 2024!

Posted Jul 1, edited Jul 1
Cien Great! Thanks again! This helps for planning out my weeks.
Posted Jul 1
Would I be able to use adventure progress for drawntlet? For writing different encounters and such? (Assuming I stick to the prompts.)
Posted Jul 1, edited Jul 1

That would be fine!

Posted Jul 1
It’d be great to get the event banner with the submission page and Drawntlet link for the month!
Posted Jul 2
Azurrys glitch got that all set up for us! Thanks for pointing that out! :D
Posted Jul 2
The Week 2 thread says at the top it will open sometime July 6th but it’s the 7th and it’s still not open.
Posted Jul 7
OnyxMalvolio Thanks for letting us know! I just opened the thread.
Posted Jul 7
Myla Thank you! <3
Posted Jul 7

For week 3
“Tribute - create pieces of, or including, other peoples’ characters. This includes both fanart and gift art.”
Can this be OCs that aren’t from Mycena Cave?

My health comes in fits and starts. I do the art when I can. I’m scared my health won’t let me finish so I do as much when I feel well. Sorry if I go ahead too much.

Posted Jul 10, edited Jul 10

Yes, it can! The Drawntlet has no restrictions on OC usage in general, so all of your pieces could be of off-site OCs and it would still be fine.

Posted Jul 11
Crow Thank you so much! I’m very excited there are some of my friends characters that are going to go very well with the prompts.
Posted Jul 11
Week Three is now open for submissions!
Posted Jul 13
The spotlight for week 1 is live! Find the collection on Twitter and Facebook!

Week 1 features work by Desrasaela, Azurrys, Runarite, Featherfoot, Lullaby, and Nobo! You should all receive a Bag of Wonders shortly, and this post will be updated when they’re sent out! Bags of Wonders have been sent!

(edit: As mentioned below, I made a mistake and the prize should be a Lucky Envelope! If you would like to swap out the BoW for a Lucky Envelope, send it to the Bone Monster and give me a ping here and I’ll get you the Lucky Envelope. It was my error, so if you would prefer to keep the BoW, you may do so!)

What a great start to Drawntlet 2024, everyone! Keep up the great work - we’re loving everyone’s creativity so far, and can’t wait to see what else you create!

Posted Jul 14, edited Jul 14

Cien Omg, thank you so much! I did not expect that! * o *

Though, I thought this year’s spotlight reward was a Lucky Envelope! :‘o

Posted Jul 14

Oh, wow thank you!
Also I’d like to echo Lullaby’s question. It does say it’s a lucky envelope on the Drawntlet page.

Posted Jul 14, edited Jul 14

Oh gosh, that’s my mistake! I’m still on auto-pilot with what we did last year. x__x Thank you for pointing that out!

Desrasaela, Azurrys, Runarite, Featherfoot, Lullaby, and Nobo - apologies for the second ping! If you would like to swap out the BoW for a Lucky Envelope, send it to the Bone Monster and give me a ping here and I’ll get you the Lucky Envelope. It was my error, so if you would prefer to keep the BoW, you may do so!

Going forward, the prize will be the Lucky Envelope (for real this time), as stated on the Drawntlet page!

Posted Jul 14
Cien No worries, it happens haha! Sent my BoW to Bone Monster! <3
Posted Jul 14
Cien Thank you for the spotlight and no worries! I sent my BoW to the Bone Monster c:
Posted Jul 14
Thank you! Lullaby and Azurrys, you’re both taken care of! <3
Posted Jul 14
Cien Just sent my bag of wonders to the bone monster.  Thank you!
Posted Jul 14
Desrasaela, you’re all set, thanks! <3
Posted Jul 14