02:38 ST
Female | 21 | Pansexual | Scorpio ♏ | Poland

Goodbye, excluded, into the vortex you go.
Laughing, crying, getting mad, calming down.
Goodbye, excluded, high five.
Let’s put a full stop to the world belonging to just the two of us.

Goodbye, excluded, alright I’ve done it.
No matter who you are, just don’t touch me anymore.
Goodbye, excluded, high five, all by myself,
I’ll put my hands together and say goodbye.

About me
Notes for myself

Previously known as Heresy.
I probably have an account on most of virtual pet sites, so I guess you could’ve seen me somewhere. I may seem shy at first, but I am very friendly.
Stuff I like include: cows, webcomics, anime, RPs, unicorns, books, animals, music, art, manga, games, pretty colors, writing, video games, mythological creatures, musicals, movies, fantasy, random stuff, monsters, bats, fluff, memes, Nintendo games, hugs and original characters.
If you’re looking for a person to chat to, feel free to pm me!
(bigger art by Saivur@Flight Rising, small unicorn by Feeshy)

- Sold pink dras mockup to Huli for 6pp
- Sold Rainy Day BG to Celestine, need to poke for 2pp
- How about you work on pet profiles, you lazy bum… :////


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