04:59 ST

Call me Runa! | She/her | 20+ | ST+1

Welcome to our cavern!

You make your way through a long, twisting path through a maze of tunnels. After one final turn, the way ahead suddenly opens up into a cavern lit by a large, glowing crystal structure. A river pours from one of the cave’s walls, winding its way through the space and settling in a deep pond, the water feeding a large patch of moss. There are a couple small tents pitched in the area, the warm colors standing out starkly against the dark stone. While mostly empty, the cave feels like it has some potential.

Please feel free to stick around and get to know everyone!


Tattered Wraps, Spirit Dove for Luci

Whispering Woods background, tangled flowers, for Fen

Coat Goals
  1. White Wind (upright)
  2. Flederhund (active)
  3. Lunar Glint (active)
  4. Ephemeral Light (active)
  5. Autumn Forager (active)
  6. Gerbera Daisy (active)
  7. Frazil (active)
  1. Fairytale (active)
  2. Divine Caster (upright)
  3. Carmine Carnival (active)
  4. Golden Thread Cordyceps (upright)
  5. Cygnet (active)
  6. Marbled Mists (active)
  7. Oni One For You (active)
  8. Ink Wash (upright)
  9. Arcane Whispers (upright)
  10. Fable (active)
  11. Dryad
  12. Silver and Gold (active)
  13. Unflappable (active)
  14. Kittea (active)
  15. Misty Step (active)
  16. Starstruck Sea
  17. Star Cross Fox (upright)
  18. Rainforest (active)
  19. Entropy
  20. Grand Phantasia
  21. Angelic Solstice
  22. Sugar Serenade (active)
  23. Kitsune (active)
  24. Red Fox (active?)
  1. Ill Omen (active)
  2. Enchanted Stone (active)
  3. Raptor Mycenae (upright)
  4. Aberration
  5. Shattered Star (upright)
  6. Pawsperity (active)
  7. Dunewalker (upright)
  8. Desert Deity (active)
  9. Royal Drake (active)
  10. Capricious Sun
  11. Moon Phase
  12. Monster Under the Bed (upright)
  13. Temple Guardian
  14. Slumbering Unicorn
  1. Trailblazer (active)
  2. Wheat and Sky (upright)
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