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HELLO! I’m a crazy little voidling who loves worldbuilding and storytelling, especially of the interactive sort. As such I’m mostly here to RP and make fancy characters. I also happen to be a game designer, so that’s fun. Other than that, no idea what to put here! So go look at my pretties below instead. Nyah~

Oh! But if you want to echo me about any of my stories, I quite like hearing that people have read them! ^^

If you’re curious of how to actually pronounce my Mycenian’s names, this should help:

Wish list:
-Firefly night background
-Ominous Clouds
-Ominous Sky Background
-Starry Rose Candles
-Shadowy Mage Scarf
-Suspiciously Red Beverage
-A boatload of fodder pets

Poly’s Shorts (A story thread.)
Voidling Sanctuary (Where character bios go to exist!)
Cavern Compendium (A list of places that exist.)


Feel free to ask about having any of my pets cameo in your stories! Most of them do like to explore quite a bit.


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