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HELLO! I’m a crazy little voidling who loves worldbuilding and storytelling, especially of the interactive sort. As such I’m mostly here to RP and make fancy characters. I also happen to be a game designer, so that’s fun. Other than that, no idea what to put here! So go look at my pretties below instead. Myah~

Oh! But if you want to echo me about any of my stories, I quite like hearing that people have read them! ^^

If you’re curious of how to actually pronounce my Mycenian’s names, this should help:

Questionable Ethics:

My ‘Meet The Mushrooms’ thread:
My Community Card for MycenaDeck:

Wish list:
-Firefly night background
-Ominous Clouds
-Ominous Sky Background
-Starry Rose Candles
-Shadowy Mage Scarf
-Suspiciously Red Beverage
-A boatload of fodder pets

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