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Hello! I’m hopelessly obsessed with Warriors, PJO, WoF, and Hunger Games - I devour books in a record amount of time. I am also the owner of a German Shepherd, 6 chickens, and a freshwater fish tank! Feel free to send an rp with me, I don’t bite! I wish you a great day <3 (also, please note that I cannot currently accept gifts/trades because the old email I’ve been using for this site is deleted, and I can’t get the conformation code. Mods, please don’t ban me, I’m still me, and to prove it, I have no intentions whatsoever to trade. The first time I tried it, it was so confusing that I gave up)


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You take one last sip of Bumbleberry Brew, and set the stein onto the table with a loud clang. Mumbling an apology, you push your chair farther from the table and exit the Tavern. Outside, you see two Mycenians chatting. You didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but you manage to hear a word about some evil and crazy witch living in a mysterious building nearby.

Deciding to find out what that was all about, you hitch on your backpack and go in the direction you assume is the right way. After some wrong turns, you finally reach the Mysterious Building. It’s pretty shabby, but also enchanting and beautiful in it’s own way. It looks like at least a hundred years old, with the walls made of stone and a shabby roof, the holes crudely patched up with pieces of metal and wood. On the sagging porch there is garlic and different dried plants hanging from poles and branches. Wary of your surroundings, you knock on the door, ready to run at any moment. After all, an evil and crazy witch lives here.

After a few minutes, you hear footsteps, and the door opens with and earsplitting creak. From inside peeks a a green and purple dog Ineki, with a witch hat and a scarf. Some wispy white stands of hair cover her forehead. You take these details into note, but you don’t ask why she is wearing a scarf in the middle of summer. She frowns at the door, mumbling under her breath. “Tsk-tsk. Shoulda oiled the door. What an ugly noise it makes.” You shuffle your feet uncertainly. “Oh! Do I know you?” the witch asks, finally looking at you. Shaking your head no, you take a few steps back. “Well, I’m Oona. Feel free to call me Oonfuss, though. Come on in!” Oona says cheerfully. Taken aback by her kindness and personality, you enter the house, looking around with interest. Its very cozy inside, with a fireplace glowing in the corner, a shelf stacked with dusty books, and countless cupboards. There are herbs hanging from the ceiling, and they emit a sweet smell. As you take in your surroundings, a small pink dragon bounces onto you and begins licking you with it’s forked tongue. “Snorky, stop! This is a guest, and you must not act that way. Off!” Oona exclaims, gently picking up the dragon and putting it under the table, where the was a mini dog bed. She then glances at you apologetically. “Sorry about Snorky. He isn’t very socialized, and well, you know… I have a bad reputation around her, in the Wet Trout. Just don’t believe anything they say. Rumors. It’s all just stinkin’ rumors.” she says, waving her paws dramatically. So that tells why she seemed everything but evil and crazy. “Sit down, the chairs won’t bite. And you don’t seem to talk a lot, eh?” she inquires. Rolling your eyes, you sit down, only to yelp and jump up. There sat a ghost, who was looking at you with such horror and seemed so shocked, as if you were the ghost. “That’s just John. Used to be be a scholarcrow, but died. I let him live here. Right, John?” in answer, the ghost nodded enthusiastically. You sit down at another spot, and begin to chat with Oona. Or, as you could say, she was the one who chatted. “Those rumors about me? Not true. When one of those villagers saw John and a few other spirits that live here, that idiot ran away to tell this to their friends. Then it all turned into a game of telephone. With each story, the Killer Witch became the Mega Killer Witch. And that witch then became Crazy Mega Killer Witch. And that went on… Trust me, I’m sick and tired of it!” Oona slammed her fists onto the table.

Feeling that things are going too far, you hurriedly look at your watch. “Sorry, gotta go. Loved visiting you. Bye!” you say, fumbling to excuse yourself from the table. Stopping to pat Snorky and utter a “goodbye” to Joh, you leave the house. Just before the door closes, you here Oona’s voice ringing inside. “Come back soon!”


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