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24-year-old bespectacled girl from Malaysia. I love reading/writing/drawing and make too many characters for my own good :x I’m a massive fan of anime, K-pop, vocaloids/utaite, Fire Emblem and Pokemon, among many other things! I’m perfectly open to random echoes if you want to talk about characters/fandom and I promise I don’t bite, so you’re welcome to poke me if you want c:

Languages: English/中文/Bahasa Melayu OK. If you’re more comfortable with another language I’m fluent in, feel free to use it with me.

You can find me under the same username on Flight Rising.

Current Hell: Idol Producer/Nine Percent
Currently Watching/Reading: Produce X 101, Noragami (manga, reread)
Recently Finished/Caught Up: Produce 48, Yuri!!! on Ice (rewatch)
On Hold: Ace of Diamond, Durarara!! X2
To-Watch/Read: Owari no Seraph, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Houseki no Kuni, Violet Evergarden
Currently Playing: Shadowverse, Slay the Spire, Heroes of Might and Magic V
On Hold: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Tokyo Onmyoji
To-Play: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Fire Emblem Fates, XCOM: Long War mod
Fandoms I Always Like Talking About: Fire Emblem, Natsume Yuujinchou, Noragami

Uncredited art in any profiles/etc. is by me; everything else will have appropriate credits attached (if not via the text, clicking on the picture will link back to the artist).

Lyrics/quotes credits for the pets where the credits were taken out for the sake of coding:

Yang and Kamil: F.I.R. - Fly away
Undine: Rie Fu - Life is Like a Boat
Day: Al Stewart - Roads to Moscow
Argent: Tackey & Tsubasa - Venus
Riyin: Rurutia - Suzaku no Sora
Fiore: ONE OK ROCK - Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer
Yan Xiaoyu & Wu Qin: 三生三世 (Three Lives, Three Worlds) - 张杰 (Zhang Jie)
Amour: Two Steps From Hell - Star Sky
Starstruck Sea (you need a name): Rurutia - Michiru Mori
Sen and Amatsuki’s geness profile: (1) Kaito - Jougen no Tsuki; (2) Yoshioka Aika - Mai Kaze

Pet Goals
Mycena Kimono [ ]
Shoreline Sage [ ]
Little Nisse [ ]
White Tiger (active) [ ]
Fledgling Phoenix (upright) [ ]

Fodder for Monarch Butterfly, Simulacrum [ ]

High-End Pet Goals
Stardust Firework [ ]
AF custom for Valeranth [ ]
Sprout for Briar/Ash [ 5/34 PP collected! ]

Item Goals
Golden Loose Braid Wig [ ] - Day
Brass Monocle [ ] - Farran

Magic Circle [ ]
Festival Kanzashi [ ]
Winter Wreath [ ]
Spiced Bouquet [ ]
Coffee To Go [ ]

Fungal Forest Background [ ]
Joquil Cavern Background [ ]
Lumina Galaxy Background [ ]
Prodigious Rose Background [ ]
The Cost Background [ ]
Slumbering Sands Background [ ]
Far, Far Away Background [ ]
Snowfall [ ]
Sparkling Stars [ ]
Craggy Mountains [ ]
The Volcano [ ]
City on the Water [ ]
Stormy Sails [ ]

Cry Me a Puddle [ ]
Lantern in the Sky [ ]
Ocean Fae Wings [ ]
Sparkling Bubbles [ ]
Reflected Rainbows [ ]
Tealight Lantern [ ]
All the gorgeous new user-sponsored items in general *O* [ ]

Low-Priority Goals
Recoloured items!
Meteor Shower
Fleeting Flowers
Bottle of Stardust
Starspun Strands
Other Enchanted Gazes
Enchanted Sclera
Rebel’s Wig recolours
All other pet BGs


Sprout for Miru [-] (34/34 PP acquired!!)
Custom for Sei [x] (!!!)

Fable***** [x]
Starstruck Sea***** [x]
Blue Morpho Butterfly*** [x]
Red Tufted Squirrel*** [x]
Pearly Depths*** [x]
Three Wishes (active, drifty) [x]
White Fox [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
The Wheel (upright) [x] (thank you, Ny! <3)
Kittea [x]
Djinn [x] (thank you omg <333)
White Wind [x]
Fairy Dust [x]
Bleeding Heart Dove [x]
Sugarsweet [x]
Ephemeral Light [x]
Magic Surge Meteorite [x]
Melanistic Jaguar [x]
Three Wishes [x]
Kheper [x]
Fable #2 [x]
Blue Banded Bee [x]
Pumpkin Pie [x]
Golden Glow [x]
Angelic Solstice [x]
Lily of the Valley (upright) [x]
Light in the Darkness [x]
Happily Ever After [x]

Leatherbound Journal***** [x] (ilu <3)
Driftshroom*** [x]
Fragile Blue Wings*** [x]
Firefly Night [x]*** (y u so sweet)
Sea Butterflies [x] (WTF YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO RETURN GIFTS ON BIRTHDAYS >:| but thank you <3)
Starry Eyes [x] (you’re always awesome, thank you again <333)
Serene Shores Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Secret Sanctuary Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Cavern of the Lost Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Renewal Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Enchanted Red Gaze x2 [x] - Kamil and Lucius (one down thanks to Ny, and the other thanks to Nephele <3)
Origami Cranes [x]
White Rebel’s Wig [x]
Cream Ruff [x]
Peachy Cream Wings x2 [x]
Bold Rebel’s Wig [x]
Rebel’s Tatters [x]
Hidden Waterfall [x]
Fiendish Companion [x]
Fleeting Flowers x2 [x]
Gardenia Blossoms [x]
Driftshroom or Teal Pondshroom [x]
Star Sphere [x]
Snowkissed Cape [x]
Holly-day Blossom [x]
Galactic Bloom [x]
Stack of Books [x]
Drifting Petals [x]
Enchanted Wings [x]

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