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Current Status: mostly on hiatus! poke me on Discord

25+ ♢ she/her ♢ GMT+8

Either drowning in fandom or making too many characters for my own good; often both. :x

Always open to random echoes about characters/fandoms ♥

Languages: English/中文/Bahasa Melayu OK. If you’re more comfortable with another language I’m fluent in, feel free to use it with me. I love practice!

Current Hells: INTO1
Currently Watching/Reading: Dragaera series, too many Chinese novels
Recently Finished/Caught Up: n/a
On Hold: Ace of Diamond, Durarara!! X2
To-Watch/Read: Owari no Seraph, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Houseki no Kuni, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen
Currently Playing: Honkai Star Rail, Granblue Fantasy
On Hold: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Tokyo Onmyoji, Rune Factory 4
To-Play: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, Fire Emblem Fates, XCOM: Long War mod
Fandoms I Always Like Talking About: Fire Emblem, Natsume Yuujinchou, Noragami

Uncredited art in any profiles/etc. is by me; everything else will have appropriate credits attached (if not via the text, clicking on the picture will link back to the artist).

Lyrics/quotes credits for the pets where the credits were taken out for the sake of coding:

Yang and Kamil: F.I.R. - Fly away
Undine: Rie Fu - Life is Like a Boat
Day: Al Stewart - Roads to Moscow
Argent: Tackey & Tsubasa - Venus
Riyin: Rurutia - Suzaku no Sora
Fiore: ONE OK ROCK - Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer
Yan Xiaoyu & Wu Qin: 三生三世 (Three Lives, Three Worlds) - 张杰 (Zhang Jie)
Amour: Two Steps From Hell - Star Sky
Starstruck Sea (you need a name): Rurutia - Michiru Mori
Sen and Amatsuki’s geness profile: (1) Kaito - Jougen no Tsuki; (2) Yoshioka Aika - Mai Kaze

Pet Goals
Mycena Kimono [ ]
Shoreline Sage [ ]
Polished Jade [ ]
Little Nisse [ ]
Blue Sky Butterfly [ ]
Autumn Forager [ ]
Fledgling Phoenix (upright) [ ]
Unflappable [ ]
Kitsune [ ]

Item Goals
*general: backgrounds and jewellery! I can never have too many of either!

For Ratio:
Star Chart Background [ ]
Toga [ ]
Ducklings [ ]
Celestial Crest [ ]
Infinite Vortex [ ]
Laurel Crown [ ]

Snowy Feathered Wings [ ]
Bioluminescent Speckles [ ]
Crackling Fireplace [ ]
Drifty Sylvan Silks [ ]
Punk Piercings [ ]
Pleather Jacket [ ]
Snow Friends [ ]
Picnic Set [ ]
Sticker Stars [ ]
Sandy Bird’s Nest Wig [x]
Prima Donna Wig [x]
Golden Gallery Background [x]

Desert Royalty [ ]
Silver Glamourrr [ ]
Magic Circle [ ]
Coffee To Go [ ]

Fungal Forest Background [ ]
Joquil Cavern Background [x]
Lumina Galaxy Background [ ]
Prodigious Rose Background [x]
The Cost Background [x]
Slumbering Sands Background [x]
Far, Far Away Background [x]
Made of Starstuff Background [x]
Peaceful Terrarium Background [ ]
Snowfall [ ]
Sparkling Stars [ ]
Craggy Mountains [ ]
The Volcano [ ]
City on the Water [ ]
Stormy Sails [ ]

Cry Me a Puddle [ ]
Lantern in the Sky [ ]
Ocean Fae Wings [ ]
Sparkling Bubbles [ ]
Reflected Rainbows [ ]
Tealight Lantern [ ]
Drifty Dangly Tail Ring [ ]
Moonstone Tiara [ ]
Sundrop Circlet [ ]
Tiny Shiny Bling [ ]
Gilded Bling [ ]
Starry Strands Bangles [ ]
Jewels from Paradise [ ]
Winter Berry Bow [ ]
Sandy Tousled Wig [ ]
Space Punk Wig [ ]
All the gorgeous new user-sponsored items in general *O*

Low-Priority Goals
Recoloured items!
Meteor Shower
Fleeting Flowers
Bottle of Stardust
Starspun Strands
Enchanted Gazes
Enchanted Sclera
Rebel’s Wig recolours
All other pet BGs


Sprout for Miru [-] (34/34 PP acquired!!)
Custom for Sei [x] (!!!)

Fable***** [x]
Starstruck Sea***** [x]
Blue Morpho Butterfly*** [x]
Red Tufted Squirrel*** [x]
Pearly Depths*** [x]
Three Wishes (active, drifty) [x]
White Fox [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
The Wheel (upright) [x] (thank you, Ny! <3)
Kittea [x]
Djinn [x] (thank you omg <333)
White Wind [x]
Fairy Dust [x]
Bleeding Heart Dove [x]
Sugarsweet [x]
Ephemeral Light [x]
Magic Surge Meteorite [x]
Melanistic Jaguar [x]
Three Wishes [x]
Kheper [x]
Fable #2 [x]
Blue Banded Bee [x]
Pumpkin Pie [x]
Golden Glow [x]
Angelic Solstice [x]
Lily of the Valley (upright) [x]
Light in the Darkness [x]
Happily Ever After [x]

Leatherbound Journal***** [x] (ilu <3)
Driftshroom*** [x]
Fragile Blue Wings*** [x]
Firefly Night [x]*** (y u so sweet)
Sea Butterflies [x] (WTF YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO RETURN GIFTS ON BIRTHDAYS >:| but thank you <3)
Starry Eyes [x] (you’re always awesome, thank you again <333)
Serene Shores Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Secret Sanctuary Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Cavern of the Lost Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Renewal Background [x] (Thank you, Santa! <3)
Enchanted Red Gaze x2 [x] - Kamil and Lucius (one down thanks to Ny, and the other thanks to Nephele <3)
Origami Cranes [x]
White Rebel’s Wig [x]
Cream Ruff [x]
Peachy Cream Wings x2 [x]
Bold Rebel’s Wig [x]
Rebel’s Tatters [x]
Hidden Waterfall [x]
Fiendish Companion [x]
Fleeting Flowers x2 [x]
Gardenia Blossoms [x]
Driftshroom or Teal Pondshroom [x]
Star Sphere [x]
Snowkissed Cape [x]
Holly-day Blossom [x]
Galactic Bloom [x]
Stack of Books [x]
Drifting Petals [x]
Enchanted Wings [x]

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Am owed:
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