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[EVENT] Cave Chronicles: Quest for the Lost Chamber (Mar 24th - Apr 21)
Head over to here to fill out the prize/feedback survey in order to receive your prizes!  You must fill this out by the end of the 28th.

Though the magical surges that have been rocking the Cave for several months now have all but faded into the minutiae of everyday life for most, several prominent Mycenians remain convinced that this instability is a clear indication that something is dreadfully wrong. Exploration and data collection have been ongoing ever since adventurous Mycenians first began making their way into the Cave’s depths late last summer. As Mycenian scientists have analyzed the data, there is a consensus that the emerging evidence is pointing toward a large center of unstable magic somewhere inaccessible and deep below in the Cave’s system.

It’s a well known fact that all of the magic contained within the Cave originated with the Sorceress, and though her mysterious chamber has previously been discovered, upon returning, the chamber was gone, a rocky cavern in its stead.  Many speculate that the chamber moves from place-to-place, perhaps functioning in a way that allowed the Sorceress to keep her eyes on the areas with the highest concentrations of magic.

In the interest of stabilizing the Cave’s magic, a number of brave Mycenians have been recruited to venture to places where the magic is wild and dangerous, tasked with finding the chamber and retrieving any clues that may prove helpful.

Rules & Reminders
  • This is a roleplay event, which will run from 00:01 on March 24th until 23:59ST on April 21st.
  • You should only be roleplaying your own characters.
  • All characters must have a Mycenian pet representation.
  • This event takes place within the Cave, which means that all canon roleplaying rules apply.
  • You may participate in more than one group at a time.
  • While we understand that everyone roleplays differently, we do expect to see a reasonable amount of effort put forth in your posts.

The first thing you should do if you are interested in participating is find yourself a group. For this event, we are allowing groups of 2 - 4 players. If you’ve already got a pretty close group of friends you intend to participate with, you should continue to The Outpost thread (which will be posted on March 24th) and follow the directions there. If you would like to be placed in a group, you should head over to the Looking For Group thread and follow the directions there.

Once you have your group, wait for the Bone Monster to create your roleplay thread. The first post of this thread will contain pings to each of the involved players, the path you have chosen to follow, and a few general reminder notes. Now you may begin your roleplay!

When you feel as though your characters are ready, you may ping the Bone Monster to have your first encounter generated for you. An encounter is a challenge that your characters must face and overcome along their journey. These may be terrain obstacles, traps, or monster encounters, the basic details of which are provided by the Bone Monster to be fleshed out and approached as your group sees fit. Optional rules are provided for incorporating dice rolls into your roleplay, and for the most part, what you choose to do with an encounter once it is given to you is entirely up to your group. In order to encourage variety, each path has a number of encounters tied to it, and staff will be rolling dice to determine which encounters your characters will face.

Once your group has roleplayed through the encounter, you should ping the Bone Monster to have another generated for you. It is up to you how many encounters you choose to tackle throughout the duration of the event. After completing three encounters, your characters will reach their destination and discover a clue.

On April 21st, at the end of the event’s duration, the clues will be analyzed by the finest Mycenian scientists, who will then share their results with the Mycenian public.

Prizes & Raffle

The participation prize for this event is a Runestone. A copy of this item will be earned for each encounter your group completes, up to a maximum of three items per player. Upon grasping the Runestone, its strange magic will activate, granting the wielder a choice between three magical effects. Each Runestone can only be activated once, so choose wisely!


Untamed Water Magic
Untamed Earth Magic
Untamed Dark Magic

In addition to the Runestone earned by completing an encounter, we will be raffling off the unique coats that have been used to represent two of the NPCs for this event: Interloper and Earthly Wanderer. A handful of smaller prizes will be included in this raffle, as well.

Tickets for this raffle can be earned by completing encounters - each completed encounter will earn you one ticket, and there is a cap of three tickets per player. The raffle will be drawn following the conclusion of the event on April 21st.

How to Sign Up

If you already have a group in mind, that’s great! You don’t actually need to do anything right now! A thread will be posted at event launch where you can post your group and set out on your adventure.

If you’re looking to be assigned a group, please continue to the Looking For Group thread and follow the directions there.


If you have any questions regarding this process or the event in general, please post them in this thread, and we will do our best to answer them swiftly! Alternatively, you may also echo Dove or Crow.

Other Threads
  • Looking For Group - Post here if you would like to be assigned a group, or if your group would like to adopt an additional player!
  • Event Discussion Thread - You’re already here!
  • The Outpost - Once you have your group, post here to trigger the start of your adventure!
    Posted 03/16/17, edited 04/28/17

    i love the vibe of this event! i can see the dnd inspiration and i am INTO IT

    and its really exciting that the coats we were all coveting will be up for the raffle!! :3

    Posted 03/17/17
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH so excited! Also, finally some water magic for my oc :3
    Posted 03/17/17, edited 03/17/17


    Is it all right to participate in more than one rp? (even if we only get credit for the first one)

    Posted 03/17/17
    Rules & Reminders
    • You may participate in more than one group at a time.
    Event information

    Keep in mind that you can only earn up to three items and three raffle tickets total, but you could potentially earn these over multiple different RPs — it doesn’t necessarily need to be your first one.

    Posted 03/17/17


    Wanna be on a group? *has no other friends* If you’re busy it’s cool.

    Posted 03/17/17
    Oh wow an RP event!!! So excited, this’ll be my first one :D
    Posted 03/17/17

    That would be awesome! I also have no other friends :P I’d be happy to group with you!

    Posted 03/17/17
    Are you allowed to RP more than one character within one group? For instance, say I was in a group with one other person, but we wanted to use 2 characters each for a total of 4 in the RP?
    Posted 03/18/17
    Arintol  Sure, that’d be fine!
    Posted 03/18/17

    Will people be matched up by how skilled they are in writing?
    I don’t want to be grouped up with writers and hinder the roleplay…like becoming an inconvenience to them.

    Posted 03/18/17

    As we have no way of judging how skilled someone is in writing, groups are made fairly arbitrarily as people post that they are looking. Some have been posting that they are either new to RP or that they’re willing to help folks who are new to RP get oriented, and when that happens, I’ve been trying to put them together.

    This is supposed to be a pretty relaxed event though! I wouldn’t worry about being an inconvenience to anyone. :) I like to think that people wouldn’t be volunteering themselves for random groupings if they weren’t open to RPing with people of differing levels and approaches.

    Posted 03/21/17

    So, um… Say we’re in three separate RPs, and we complete three tasks in all three. Do we get three copies of each item, then? Or do we just get the three regardless of how many other RPs we’re in? I read earlier that we get three and it doesn’t matter from which RP, but… I just want extra extra extra clarification for myself. ^^;; Cuz… Tama wants more than one of each of the items, lol. ; w ;

    *EDIT* nevermind. I missed a part in Myla’s post. ^^;; >>;; Just three total, then? Wehweh. Item hoarder Tama is not pleased, lmao.

    Posted 03/23/17, edited 03/23/17
    Uh so, I think Bone Monster might’ve missed my group’s Outpost post. Help? ;~;
    Posted 03/24/17

    Sorry about that! It’s been fixed now.

    Posted 03/24/17

    Thank you!

    Posted 03/24/17

    Is it possible to add another user into a group, and if so, what is the procedure to go about doing so? (the group has not started any encounters yet)

    Posted 03/24/17, edited 03/24/17
    Arintol The easiest way for us to handle that would be for you to start a new group with the members you want and then just abandon the old thread. :)
    Posted 03/24/17

    In that case, is it ok if we copy and paste the two posts we made in the previous thread into the new one? (I and the other user who posted can send the nuggets we get to you or glitch)
    Never mind, it looks like the person is going to join a different group c:

    Posted 03/24/17, edited 03/24/17

    If someone(s) would be interested in making a group with me to follow Visk’s path (I’ll be using Mrgl) please echo me!
    (I didn’t want to post this in “looking for group” since I’d like something more specific).

    Found! Thanks!

    Posted 03/24/17, edited 03/25/17
    Er, not sure who to ping, but I posted in the Looking for Group several days ago, the Bone Monster posted later saying that all people had been assigned, but I never received an echo with other possible RP players’ names? Did I do something wrong? I’m not able to log online very long during the week, so I’m hoping to bang out as much as I can during the weekends, starting with this one. Bit hard with no partners though. ^^;;;
    Posted 03/25/17

    I’ll look into it tomorrow when I’m home!

    Posted 03/25/17
    WeyrLeader  I popped in to take a look!  We did miss you when we were doing our assignments, but you should have an assignment now. :)  Happy rping!
    Posted 03/25/17

    Myla Crow

    Thank you for your help!

    Posted 03/25/17

    I’m trying to get my head around the whole roll the die idea.  I can see the Bone Monster gave us an encounter, but I’m a little confused.  Do I have to roll a die to go forward with my ideas for the rp?  Or do I take the number that the Bone Monster posted above the prompt??  *old dog learning new tricks…..

    I mean, I have an idea for my rp, but I’m confused if I have to learn how to do a die roll?

    Crow Myla Dove  don’t mind me, just gonna randomly ping people c=

    Posted 03/26/17

    OregonCoast The die rolls are optional! I think the die roll on the Bone Monster’s post is just to generate a random encounter!

    If you want to use the dice rolls yourself, its just a fun way of making outcomes random! You roll a dice to determine the outcome for your character, then Roleplay using the outcome generated!

    For example, in my roleplay Rosie’s team encountered a magnetism room! I roleplayed the reaction to seeing it, and included a dice roll in my post (1d20). She got a 16, meaning she was able to not be pulled in. The other team members got lower than 10, so they were pulled in. I haven’t posted it yet, but in my next post Rosie will react to the roll in the previous post (the 16) and hold on and help her friends :)

    Make sense? As I said above, its optional. I like it as a way to spice things up so far though!

    Posted 03/26/17
    OregonCoast: Salem explained that beautifully!  The die rolling options are to give you an idea of what could happen in the encounter and to add some randomness to the encounter.  However, you can completely ignore the die rolling options and come up with your own, or just roleplay it out in a more traditional way without using dice at all and using your own ideas. :D Feel free to peek in other player’s roleplays to get an idea of how they are using dice if that is something you are interested in — I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool scenarios play out using the dice!
    Posted 03/26/17
    Salem Myla thank you both so very much!  I think I’ve got a grasp on the concept now c= 
    Posted 03/26/17

    I have a question about dice rolls…I’m going to put it in a spoiler though since I’m going to use a specific encounter as an example and I don’t want to spoil possible encounters for other users.

    So, in the case of the the Crawlspace encounter where characters have to go and eat mushrooms… We have four characters (ten if we include animal companions), two of which have magic that can potentially allow them to turn into leaves and float around, and another who is very powerful in magic and probably knows a shrinking spell. Since it’s a lot to ask 4 people to roll 18-20 to succeed, could we choose to roll and see if a shrinking spell work or fails/if turning into leaves and floating through the crawlspace works?

    Aka: Can we choose to not roll for what the bone monster proposes we roll for, but something else?

    Posted 03/27/17, edited 03/27/17

    The dice rolls are entirely optional. You may use the suggested rolls for an encounter, make up your own entirely, or not use them at all. It’s really up to personal preference! :)

    Posted 03/27/17