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I’m still in dissertation hell, but it turns out the rest of the world is also in hell right now.
I’ve lost a lot of interest in Mycena. Mose of my customs will go up for trade once I figure out what I’d even want to trade them for.


Jacq. They/Them/Theirs
A loosely organized collection of thoughts and too many feelings.
Like a hug that’s just a little damp.


Neil Cicierega - Floor Corn

Fancy-Pantsy calligraphary by Purr
(Gravestones by Chicken and Dame, respectively)

Notes to Players
  • Polite inquiries about any of my pets or items are always allowed. You are also welcome to use my pets/characters in cameos, on threads, as art practice, etc. Please link me if you do! I’ve love to see what they’re up to :)
    Please to not take/post any of my characters to use offsite, or present them as if they were your own.
    Mrgl Garblr is not for sale, and if she is it probably means I’m quitting or have a terminal disease.

  • I run an adoption thread with inexpensive pets for newer or inexperienced players here
  • I pair boots for free! Send me a leftie boot and I’ll send you a pair of boots back.
leetle beaky birdy pal twerp twerp twerp


I owe Losty 5PP

(Pocket Sacrificed in the Great Pet Pocket Reorganizing 2018)

I am so bad at uploading art to profiles gosh jacq get it together.

Displacer Kelph by Hexlock

DooDad fox by Pirran

Merle by LadyHawke


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