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[EVENT] The Winter Book Fair (Feb 3rd - Feb 17th)

Between the frigid temperatures and the snow piling high, conditions are perfect for curling up with a good book. A perennial favorite throughout the Cave is the consumption of just about any book by the mysterious Paige Turner, one of the most prolific and varied Mycenian authors of our time. And now, as if to stir up the quiet winter days with a bit of excitement, she has announced her intention to put down roots in the main settlement!

The cavern is abuzz as its denizens celebrate their incoming neighbor the only way they know how - by holding a small festival! Paige intends to eventually open her home, along with its vast array of literature, to the public as something of a community reading nook—so what better way to welcome her to town than by centering the festivities around books!


This event will run through the end of the day on February 17th.

The Activities
  • Participation in at least 2 activities overall will earn you an activity sticker and the Very Ancient Text avatar background
  • Otherwise, each activity has its own reward for participating in that particular activity
  • Activities will be marked manually after the end of the event, and prizes will be passed out ASAP!
Posted Feb 3

Ooh! Ooooh!!!! I LOVE THIS books are such a fantastic theme!! I really appreciate the art options since oh my GOSH writing is HARD hahaha.

The items all look lovely and the tasks look like so much fun!!! Thank you so much!!

Posted Feb 3

I wonder, if for the sake of balance, the item/je ne sais quois categories of the Blank Paige activity could be expanded to allow for a written description of the edit, rather than just being art-only? Not everyone has the tools or skills to execute edits on a mockup, and I would hate for them to be excluded. Other events (the weapon event from the Faire comes to mind) have allowed for item descriptions in the past, so it seems a bit strange that it was left out for this event.

Edit because I sound negative: I’m genuinely psyched for this event and don’t actually know where I want to start! It was just a weird thing I noticed

Posted Feb 3, edited Feb 3

Oh!! I would like to say that this all looks so fun and I am so excited to get started, I barely even know where to begin!! Everything looks amazing!

I had a little question though: In Extra! Extra! Does it have to be canon, as in cats/dogs/dragons/etc and taking place in the cave? Or could we go non-canon with that? It doesn’t say anything about canon I just wanted to make sure! ^^

Posted Feb 3

We’ve added the option for written entries into the Blank Paige activity!

Non-canon is fine for that activity! :)

Posted Feb 3
Thanks, Crow!
Posted Feb 3

Ee thanks crow! that will be super fun
There’s one other thing I wanted to ask!
On the four panel canvas is says you can do anything as long as it connects to the lines! Would something like, say, typography be okay? As long as in the end it connected to the sides?

Posted Feb 3

We purposely left the guidelines pretty vague on that one to allow for maximum creativity. :D If you want to do typography, feel free to typography away!

Posted Feb 3
Thank you both for answering my questions! I can’t wait to get started on all these activities <3
Posted Feb 3
Took a peek at the activities and they look so fun. I’m always glad to see an option between writing and drawing, because sometimes one just doesn’t click.
Posted Feb 3
This is exciting <3 I love the theme!
Posted Feb 3

Question, for the four panel canvas, does it have to be done on a computer?
I don’t have an art program, so… Can I trace the box from my screen on paper, draw on that, and take a pic and upload it?
I’d like to participate, but have no way to do so digitally! ^_^”

Posted Feb 4

You may participate using traditional media! When we go through and put the canvases together, we just might have to resize yours a bit to fit the template, but it’s no problem.

Posted Feb 4
Crow Thank you! <3
Posted Feb 5
The Winter Book Fair is now over!

All participation has been marked, and prizes will go out ASAP!
I will also work on getting all of the pieces put together from the Four Panel Canvas activity - I should be able to get those up later today/tonight! :D

Posted Feb 18

I thought the event went til the 21st. xx;; I got it mixed up with the raffle! ; ;

*edit* Will there be a chance to get this sticker in the future? T__T I haven’t missed a single event sticker yet and this is murdering my soul that I mixed up the deadlines.

Posted Feb 19, edited Feb 19

Aw, I’m sorry to hear that! D: We don’t have any plans for past event stickers to be made available again once their event has passed. If we were to do another Winter Book Fair themed event next year, we would likely change the sticker, too.

Posted Feb 19

It breaks my heart a little, but I’ll survive, haha. Just makes me hope that someday, we’ll be able to purchase past event stickers or trade them or something. Kinda like how people trade stamps/pokemon cards/pins or something, haha.

*cries in a corner lmao*

Posted Feb 19, edited Feb 19
Prizes and stickers have now been distributed!
Posted Feb 26
I love all the items so much. <3 Thank you for the event, it was really fun! :)
Posted Feb 27
I agree! It was a fun event!
Posted Feb 27
I’ll wait for the next event
Posted Feb 27
Loved this event :D
Posted Feb 29