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I go with the flow and I’m patient if I have something to do while waiting. I’m also lazy but determined. My favourite animals are equines, elephants, tapirs, kitties and doggies! My favourite My Little Pony character is Pinkie Pie. My favourite game genres are edutainment, open world, puzzle, racing, and simulation, and so some of my favourite games are Zoo Tycoon 2, Re-Volt, Lemmings, the Reader Rabbit series, and the Petz series. I have a laptop which has a triple-boot of 64-bit Arch Linux XFCE, 32-bit Windows 7, and 64-bit Windows 10. I’m a vegan and I have three dogs named Odie, Pinkie, and Ruby (Pinkie gave birth to four puppies in late November 2019 :D). Also, the year in my username is not my birthyear; I just picked it at random :P

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