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[EVENT FEEDBACK] Siege of Saltrock Cove (through Nov 2nd)
The feedback summary can be found in this post!

For the first time in weeks, the seas are calm. No ship-sized tentacles reaching out from the depths; no undulating serpents breaching the surface; no distant splashes as cannonballs plunk into the surf. Just the gentle slosh of the waves and the creak of the remaining ships as they shift with the tide.

“‘Bout time those slimy whosits left us be.” Clipper says, breaking the silence. She tosses one of the leftover bombs from paw to paw, squinting out over the harbor. “Only wish I got to wreck a few more’ve their monstery mugs.”

Her grin breaks into a scowl as a second set of paws gingerly takes the explosive from her. Doc places it aside, well out of Clipper’s reach, and pats her sister on the shoulder. “I’m sure they’ll be back eventually. But, for now, looks like we best start cleaning up their mess.”

It’s then that the stench really hits you. Briny bits of monster litter the docks, festering in the sun. Some folks are already beginning to clear them away—gathering them into buckets or pushing them back into the surf. Clipper picks up a particularly slimy looking tentacle and, to the horror of both you and Doc, slurps it into her mouth like a noodle.

“Least they left us some snacks,” she says, meeting your uncomfortable grimace with a smirk as Doc turns away to retch.

Event Feedback

Our event feedback survey is now live, and will be accepting responses through November 2nd. As always, we appreciate any thoughts and comments you have regarding this event, especially since we’ve played around with the mechanics since last autumn. We’ll be sure to post our usual feedback summary once the survey has closed.

For every 20 survey responses, we will be raffling off 1 random non-mushroom prize from the event.
Posted 10/27/20, edited 11/16/20

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this event - thank you guys very much for putting it together :D

the secondary purpose of this post is so that I remember I’ve already replied to the feedback survey

Posted 10/27/20
I really liked this event! The rng will forever hate me tho :D Also I am really thankful for the fact that even items could also be bought with gems. I found that this helped me personally not to stress that much about getting enough points.
Posted 10/27/20

thank u for the event!! the battleship portion was extremely fun!!

(i too, am posting to remind myself i completed the survey (isabelle thumbs up emoji))

Posted 10/27/20
I loved this event! :D I’ve filled out the survey. Hopefully the ‘buy event items with gems’ feature is now permanent :)
Posted 10/27/20
This event was fun!
Posted 10/27/20

I had a lot of fun with this event!
Also sent my form!

Posted 10/27/20

I enjoyed this event even if I didn’t get all I wanted… and found it being a bit much clicking wise. My wrist started hurting the last couple days .

Anyway filled out the form.

Posted 10/28/20
I really enjoyed this event! It was a bummer I couldn’t be a slave to the bell thanks to school/work but I still managed to get most everything I wanted! Thanks for all your hard work!!!
Posted 10/28/20
Feedback Summary
  • A total of 109 players responded to our feedback form.
  • A majority of respondents (78%) felt that the event duration was appropriate, while a majority of the remainder (approx. 15%) felt it was a bit too short.
  • 71% of respondents felt as though the prize shop prices for this event were fair, while the majority of the remainder (approx. 26%) felt that they were too expensive.
  • Most players (approx. 72%) felt that the event coats were useful for their characters, or inspired new characters.
  • Overall, the event items were considered to be useful to our respondents’ characters, with 82% answering positively.
  • Consensus was a bit split on the preferred fate of our monster hunting mechanic. 51.4% of respondents stated that they would like it to remain an event mechanic for the future, while 48.6% would prefer to see it become a more permanent part of the site.
  • Most players (89%) found the added mechanic where different types of booty awarded different boons to be helpful.
Common Comments
  • Certain types of booty (specifically the tentacles) felt less useful than others, and several players suggested having the option to do something else with collected booty. This, as well as potentially adjusting the boon effects, are certainly something we will keep in mind for future events.
  • On a related note, several comments noted that much of the leftover booty really didn’t feel like it served much of a purpose after collection had ended, due to certain boons specifically affecting that aspect of the event.
  • Overall, the battleship element was very well-received! The potential to game-ify our building/collection event is something that we were very interested in developing, and hopefully an angle that we can continue to refine and use in the future.
  • We once again received several comments about players taking advantage of being able to buy event points for gems. This is something that we’re happy has been so well utilized, and will definitely be returning in the future.
  • From a staff perspective, seeing the player-run side activities that some folks hosted during this event was amazing! We really enjoyed seeing your different challenges and how they brought players together toward a fun goal!
Prize Raffle

Since we had 109 responses, we were able to raffle off 5 prizes from the event! Winners and their prizes were chosen via random number generator, and are as follows:

  • NunuBun will receive a Weathered Blade
  • Kiwi will receive a Piratekeets
  • Daisy will receive a Briny Spinies
  • Dracogryph will receive a Gaze of the Abyss
  • Miranda will receive a Murky Depths Wig

Thanks again for your feedback, everyone!
Posted 11/16/20