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Hello! It’s Hoax!

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I’m the kind of person who turns the lights off in each room behind them, bakes cakes at midnight, and eats leftovers straight from the bowl.

I’m casually chaotic neutral, but it’s because I know everything will fall into place when given time.

Discord - Hoax#7942


Roleplays !



All Hands on Deck, All Eyes on the Prize - Shiba and Hoax
Tomorrow - Shiba and Hoax
Is this your blood, or mine? - Blemy and Hoax
Splish splash, I’m taking a bath - Thyme and Hoax



Want to Roleplay with Me?




I am currently openly searching for roleplays and casual plotting!
I am happy to use these roleplays as an opportunity to test new pairings and flesh out new characters with you!


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