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I’m 22 years old. ENBY but hush hush I’m chronically ill and autistic! I’m happily married <3 and I’m 23weeks pregnant with Baby Api!!
I like to bake, craft, draw, and play animal crossing!
I like the cottage core aesthetic, attended cosmetology school, and have a tattoo sleeve of luna moths, bees, and sunflowers. Im hoping to add more flowers a big bumblebee and a fairy.
I dislike a messy house, doing the dishes, phone calls, and being home alone. I struggle with OCD, general and social anxiety, panic attacks and sensory processing disorder. I’ve got broblems disorder
I have a buppy named Venom, and a pearl scale goldfish named Marshmallow. I’m currently in the process of saving for a service dog after retiring my last buppy Lucy.
I love to watch and talk about movies and shows, plants and animals, video games, art, and historical costuming/fashion.
I have wayyy too many plants….. unless..
I would love to make friends and make some art! Shoot me an echo for pricing!

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