15:51 ST



Im not a bird! ... unless….<.<


In Case of Ghosts *cough cough*

Im scared of most things so to haunt me would be easy
just know Im a vampire so blood wont make me queasy
Im very VERY scared of spiders so please go easy this haunt
Id much prefer some ghosts or bats or werewolves that taunt

Now surely you know Im a bit scared of cats
As they are the natural predators of birds… and rats?
But you have to admit that despite them being ruthless
You could easily find yourself admiring their cuteness.

Really in the end Im most fraid of all things spooky
So Im sure my ghost will have no problems being kooky
Even a silly ghost is sure to scare
Im just a frightened birdvampire, beware!

I’m 21 years old. ENBY but hush hush I’m chronically ill. I’m married.
I like to bake, craft, draw, and play animal crossing!
I have a buppy named Venom, and lottttssss of fish. I’m currently in the process of saving for a service animal.
I love to watch and talk about movies and shows and historical costuming/fashion.
I have wayyy too many plants inside and outside.
I would love to make friends and make some art! Shoot me an echo for pricing!

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