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[EVENT] Echoes of Nautalis (Oct 24th - Nov 7th)

It starts as little more than a feeling—a vague sense of something being off; that sort of deja vu sensation that makes you take pause, try to remember what comes next. Something good? Something bad? Something is most certainly coming. Then, a full-body shudder—it feels like a wave of static just raced from your toes to the tips of your ears; like it’s crawling through every last nook in your brain, just looking for somewhere to dig in.

Then, you hear it—a voice. It’s distorted and distant; somewhat warped-sounding, like whoever’s at the other end has a poor signal. But, it sounds desperate. Scared. There are noises you can’t quite parse in the background; rumbling, maybe? A storm—an earthquake?

“Please,” the voice says, breathless and wavering, even beyond the interference. “Please, someone; anyone. It’s—” a patch of static, and a sort of echoey ringing that feels like it’s coming from just behind your eardrums, making you cringe in discomfort. When the voice picks up again, it almost seems to blossom from the feedback, the ringing breaking into a conversational tempo before finally becoming discernable words once more.

“—barriers have fallen; the city is lost.” Another patch of indiscernible feedback. “Going to save as many as possible—please, if anyone——please come—-” The voice is overtaken by a dull, distant roar—not unlike the sound of putting a large conch shell to one’s ear. Then, silence.

All around, you begin to see Mycenians react. Some look around, bewildered; others respond verbally, a light chorus of ’Hello? Are you there??’ sounding from those within earshot. You meet the gaze of those who seem to be, same as you, looking for some sort of confirmation that someone else just experienced something weird.

Beyond the confusion, the concern, you are left with a vague sense of direction. Somehow, you know where the voice was coming from—where it wanted you to go. The distant call of gulls and crashing of waves; the taste of salt; distant sunlight shifting through pristine waters, and the building of pressure in your ears.

The ocean calls—and somewhere far from the beach, deep beneath the waves, a city needs your help.

Head to the Town Square for more information!

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Loving the theme!! I can’t wait :D
Posted Oct 22
A sea adventure?? A Victorian Era-esque, age of discovery, lost city of Atlantis sea adventure??? How did you guys know exactly what I was craving?!
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Oooh!! This looks fun! I love the battleship mechanic coming back. :D
Posted Oct 23
What fun!  I really enjoyed the battleship mechanism.  I love the Atlantian theme and Axolotl Friends?!?! Sweet!
Posted Oct 23
Welcome to Nautalis!

It doesn’t look like much now, but before the cataclysm, Nautalis was a thriving underwater city. We (the axolotls) have long been the guardians of this place, and are quite thankful that so many kind Mycenians have answered our call for help!

- So that was you speaking in our heads?
Yes, though our message was sent long ago. We were hoping to attract help before the destruction of the city, but a chance to rebuild is better than nothing.

- What was this ‘cataclysm’?
We are not entirely sure of that ourselves. It was like a great, smothering darkness enveloped our city… It devoured all the magic it could, including that which powered our air and bubble generators. The only thing we could possibly do to combat it was to place our citizens into a deep slumber—not entirely unlike what your Sorceress did, long ago. Now that the danger has passed (though its miasma still lingers heavily), we feel it is time to awaken the Mycenians who once called this place home and start to rebuild.

Collecting Embuebbles

‘Embuebbles’ is a silly word, isn’t it? It makes us smile. Short for ‘magic-imbued bubbles,’ these are the bits of our magic that have survived the cataclysm. On their own, they are quite powerless—little more than colorful bubbles, much like the ones that occasionally escape us when we yawn. But, combine them together and you can make many interesting potions!

Because of the unpleasantness still lingering within the waters here, we can only advise diving down to collect these bits of magic every fifteen minutes or so. Once you’re down there, make sure not to linger! Scoop up your embuebbles and swim back up to safety!


We may be quite wise, but time takes its toll on us all. We can recall six potions of varying strength that should be helpful to your efforts. Each one will allow you to stave off the lingering miasma for a certain length of time, giving you a chance to search among the ruins for our slumbering citizens and magi-machinery.

Search and Rescue

Between the coralline growths and rubble, there is a lot to dig through. Once you’ve uncovered something salvageable, the magic granted to you by the potions you’ve imbued yourself with will help to awaken our citizens and return some power to our machines.

In turn, some of the magic lingering within them will transfer to you, providing you with several helpful boons. And since boons, by their nature, are a form of magic meant for sharing, you may in turn share your boons with your friends if you so choose!

Slumbering Ineki
The Ineki citizens of Nautalis, put into a Lost-like slumber at the time of the cataclysm. They would certainly be most thankful for your help in re-awakening them!

The boon these citizens will grant you is Renewed Focus, which will allow you to search for a specific type of embuebble.

Slumbering Drasillis
The Drasillis citizens of Nautalis, put into a Lost-like slumber at the time of the cataclysm. Many of the drasilli who called Nautalis home have adapted some very interesting aquatic features!

The boon these citizens will grant you is Favor of Fortune, which will allow you to remain within the city ruins slightly longer than normal.

Slumbering Kelph
The Kelph citizens of Nautalis were the first Mycenian species to discover Nautalis. As we understand it, they didn’t become apparent to the rest of Mycenian kind until much later? How curious!

The boon these citizens will grant you is Bravery Blessing, which will embolden you to return to your search for embuebbles 2 minutes early.

Air Generator
Did you know that water is actually full of oxygen? You probably did—but, remember, we’re an undisclosed number of years behind modern science! These machines were used to generate oxygen, which allowed our citizens to breathe easy. Or, breathe at all.

The boon this machine will grant you is Quickening Magic, which will embolden you to return to your search for embuebbles 1 minute early.

Big Bubble Generator
These magic-powered machines were responsible for creating the large bubble-like force field that once surrounded Nautalis. This allowed for non-amphibious Mycenians to call this place home. It could also be used to create a small, personal-sized air bubble helm for short journeys beyond the city.

The boon this machine will grant you is Finicky Forcefield, which will grant you the knowledge of where among the rubble a target is hidden.

Rewards & Keepsakes

To thank you for your efforts, we have set aside a number of Nautalian artifacts to share with you! Beginning on October 31st, you can visit Bubsy’s Hub to take a little piece of Nautalis back home with you.

You may also find an interesting relic or two scattered throughout the ruins. Many of the clambys that we store our goods in were lost in the cataclysm. If you’re fortunate enough to stumble over one of them, or any other interesting lost treasure, you are more than welcome to take it!

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Hey priz (and anyone else involved in the creation of the sundered city bg): OWIE MY FEELS. (but also I need like 50)
Posted Oct 24

Fun event! Am glad we finally get an underwater city themed one! :D

...Now to poke at the efficiency of shopping and what changed from last event. In particular, here’s a little shopping calculator in case anyone wants to plan out how many points they need before the event ends. Just edit the light blue cells in the Cost Calculator section of the first sheet. The other sheets have various information on the mechanical parts of the event.

Click me!

And now, a list of mechanical things that have changed in the efficiency of the event since the last time this event was run! (during Saltrock Cove)

  • The cost of the item boxes went up. 18->22, 36->45
  • The cost of buying items directly went down. 36->33, 68->72
  • The cost of buying mushrooms and coats directly went down. 400->300, 433->333
  • There are only 4 items in each box instead of 5.
  • The cost of buying one of everything directly went down. 1740->1304.
  • The cost of buying one of everything using chests went down slightly. 870->868
  • Shots from craftables now match points, generally lower.
    5->6, 9->8, 11->9, 13->10, 15->11, 15->11

Overall, while the cost of the loot boxes went up across the board, the fact there are less of them this event means that we should be able to get more event items this year than previous. This includes both items and event coats, the latter of which has been kept the same price to get from the loot box as the previous event. This saves 25% on tokens to buy everything directly, and saves .22% when buying everything using loot boxes.

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That’s a really handy calculator — thanks polygone!

As you’ve noticed, there’s a few things we’ve tweaked to tune the mechanics from last time:

  • The price multiplier for buying individual things is now 1.5x instead of 2x
    (this brings the price for non-mushroom Mycenians down by quite a lot)

  • Boons which you receive but do not use turn into 50 nuggets each after the event
    (so any that you can’t use aren’t wasted)

  • The number of battleship clicks you get per potion is now equal to its point value
    (average # of clicks has gone down a little bit)

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Nevermind I am an idiot o-o;

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How rare is it to find a clamby in the ruins?
Posted Oct 24

Condor The three clambys, the Sunbleached Saltwater Wig, Blue Ringed Hugotopus are all a part of the same random encounter group which means there is an overall likelihood of a player triggering that encounter (exact same likelihood for all players). While I can’t give the exact %, if you’re regularly playing the event, there is a high likelihood you’ll see this encounter at least once. We balance out the high likelihood of getting the encounter with a cooldown, so you’ll get the encounter and then you won’t have a chance of getting the encounter again for a certain amount of time. This makes it less luck based & allows a more even gifting across the playerbase but still allows us not to oversaturate with the items in this encounter.

Within this encounter group, the different prizes have different likelihoods. So when you get this encounter, you’re most likely to get the sunlight zone clamby, followed by the wig and hugtopus, followed by twilight zone clamby, and the rarest is the midnight zone clamby.

The flavor text only encounters are a part of a different encounter group with its own probability and doesn’t affect the likelihood of getting an encounter with a prize.

I hope that helps! <3

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Myla Thanks for the information! It’s very helpful :)
Posted Oct 25
I just want to say I am in absolute love with the pretty search image this year. Every time I snag an ingredient, I just stare for a few seconds because it’s so pretty. *u* Everything else is fun so far, but the art for everything is just nice. The coats especially.
Posted Oct 26
Are the boons one time use, or do the time shortening boons last longer?
Posted Oct 27

Each boon is one-use, and the time-reduction boons will deduct one or two minutes from your current timer. Once you collect again, your timer will always reset back to the 15 minute cooldown.

Posted Oct 27
Thanks. I need to start collecting boons I guess. Haha
Posted Oct 27
We had an issue with the event shop in the first few minutes of it’s launch, where purchases were not being correctly subtracted from your point balance. The issue has been resolved and point balances calculated correctly, but during this time it may have been easy to accidentally buy things without realizing you were buying them. If you made any purchases from the event shop during this time that you’d like rolled back, please send me an echo and I’ll get it sorted out :)
Posted Oct 31

This is fun, but I am having a time getting all the required Embuebble for potions. I have so many different ones, and right now can only make one potion, the 9 point one. I’m trying to get a Black Embuebble so I can make an 11 point one.
I know we will get a feedback survey, but I’d like to post it here, too. I’d very much love the option to be able to turn in Embuebble for a different color. Like IDK 5:1. For example. I’ve got 16 white and 17 orange. If I could be able to switch 5 each to two black ones, I could make two 11 point potions.
Or just be able to use our own boons instead of sending them to people. ^_^” I don’t know why we can’t just use our own boons… I mean, I’m not that social, so I don’t know that many people here, so I just send to random people and hope to get some back. lol
I don’t remember having this much problems getting necessary components last year. I only have 401 points right now because I can’t make stuff.

Posted Oct 31, edited Oct 31

Just seconding what Odin said: The black embuebble is so rare, I literally am only able to get it when I am gifted the boon that lets you pick your next salvaged item. If you could increase the likelihood of getting the black embuebble, or at least allow us to trade in a certain number of other potions to get an embuebble of a different color, that would be immensely appreciated!
I do want to thank you for this event, it’s very fun! :)

Posted Nov 1
I just wanna say, I think I’ve opened a total of 7 Midnight clams, and every single one has been the Sea Slug lmao
Posted Nov 6


Over the past couple of weeks, you have watched Nautalis begin its slow, but steady recovery. Newly re-awakened denizens have joined the rebuilding efforts, their numbers increasing as more and more of them are pulled from the rubble. The force fields are once again active, pushing back the heavy ocean waters to once again create walkable streets, and with every generator that comes back online, that barrier grows stronger. Fresh, breathable air fills the space, and the mire left behind by the cataclysm grows steadily weaker.

“We truly cannot thank you enough,” the now-familiar voice echoes in your head. An axolotl floats suspended in the air nearby, and though its expression remains unchanged, you can feel the warmth it intends to portray. “Once again, Nautalis will thrive. Our people can begin to put the tragedy of the Cataclysm behind them.”

Not far from where you stand, two newly recovered Bottled Sea ineki embrace tightly. Across the still half-upturned street, a Lionfish drasillis and a bright blue Sea Slug kelph shoulder a fallen pillar away from a dilapidated doorway. They share a high five-turned-hand clasp. You can’t help but smile as you see these small moments blossom all around you.

“You are welcome back to Nautalis anytime, friend.” The axolotl says, giving your shoulder a pat with its tiny hand.

The Echoes of Nautalis event has now concluded!
  • Bubsy’s Hub will remain open until November 27th, so please be sure to spend your points before then!
  • You will also have until then to use any potions you have remaining. All unused boons after that point will each turn into 50 nuggets.
  • The feedback form will be made available after that time, as well!




only a few hours late posting this thanks to a midday nap :)’ - crow
Posted Nov 7, edited Nov 8

Crow, pinging you since you signed off on the Bone Monster post, though maybe someone else needs to know about this. :’)
The above post indicates that Bubsy’s Hub will be open until Nov 14th, while the banner indicates that it’s open until Nov 27th! That might cause some confusion, especially if it closes earlier rather than later. Would you be able to clarify when it closes?

Posted Nov 8

Nyfeaena That was my mistake! The date in the banner is the correct one. The shop will close November 27th.

Also, there was a discrepancy with the potions: they crumbled along with the embuebbles but were supposed to remain until the shop closed. I forgot we had them set to crumble so we could convert the boons to nuggets today without continuing to generate boons after the fact. We will go ahead and make it so that you can continue to use the potions until the shop closes, and do the nugget conversion for the boons, the autobuy, and nugget conversion of extra points after the shop closes.

Tdlr: the potions will be back, and the nugget conversion for the boons will happen after the shop closes.

Edit: Potions are back!

Posted Nov 8, edited Nov 8

Myla So I’m a bit confused. Are we not going to get to use our leftover embuebbles as points for this event, if they’re not supposed to crumble until after the shop closes? Or is this just referring to potion-making and boons?
The instructions for the event state the embuebbles will turn into points one day after the event ends. I can no longer make any potions with my current embuebbles and thought they’d turn into points to use in the shop?

Posted Nov 8
Riaa Embuebbles crumbled at noon today and converted to points—you should no longer see your embuebbles on the event page. Potions will crumble when the shop closes, but you have until then to use them if you had any left.
Posted Nov 8, edited Nov 8
i can also still see my embuebbles!
Posted Nov 8
I have the problem as Miranda.
Posted Nov 8
Oh, hm.. mine were converted and everyone else’s should have been too. :| I’ll let glitch know!
Posted Nov 8
My Embuebbles are still showing as well. ^_^”
Posted Nov 8