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[EVENT] Reign of the North Wind (April 19th - May 4th)

It was mostly by chance that the lone Drasillis found their way to civilization. Thin and tired, they were quickly taken in by the kind Mycenians of the Main Settlement. And as soon as enough strength returned to their bones, they shared the message they had journeyed so far to relay:

“Stonecrest needs help.”

After several bouts of questioning and much scouring over maps, it became evident that Stonecrest was a small settlement that existed deep within the Cave—nearly as deep as the Core itself, where magic is strong and strange.

The cavern that contains Stonecrest is protected by four spirits that have always worked in harmony. At least, until some time ago, when the spirit of the North Wind overtook the others and cast the entire cavern into a deep winter. The townsfolk tried their best to keep on with daily life and let the spirits sort out their differences - until food began to grow scarce, and scavenging in the neighboring tunnels stopped turning up enough food for the settlement to get by on. There are now young sprouts who have never seen grass. The situation has become dire.

Upon traveling to Stonecrest, it becomes clear that the Drasillis scout was not exaggerating. The snow is deep, and a number of the little houses that make up the village proper now sit dark, their inhabitants lost to the North Wind’s reign. Despite the cold, you are welcomed warmly, and even before they are aware you’ve brought some supplies to disperse, the village folk are happy to share what little they have.

When you ask what else you can do to help, they direct you to the temple. It lies within a tunnel nearby, and is home to the Guardian Spirits who have made their home in this cavern. If the North Wind can be tamed—and the East, South, and West winds freed from its influence—balance should return to the cavern once more.

But, they warn, it won’t be quite so easy as fighting some simple foe. The Temple is home to old magic—runes rumored to have been written by the Sorceress herself. This old magic must be harnessed and used to restore balance to the spirits, and free the cavern from its endless winter.



  • This event runs from April 19th at 12:00 noon ST through May 4th at 12:00 noon ST.
  • This is a word-building event, much like previous years’ fall events have been.
    • The gist of this type of event is that every 15 minutes, players collect a letter, and build words out of the letters they’ve collected to send to others for points.
  • However, there is also a community goal for this event!
    • The balance between the 4 Spirits that typically watch over Stonecrest has shifted. The North Wind, which reigns over Winter, has become much too strong; the other Spirits have become angry and corrupted.
    • Players must work towards the common goal of quelling the spirits and returning the proper balance to Stonecrest, lest they continue to suffer under this endless winter.
    • Each Corrupted Spirit will have its own word list, and each word from that list that’s sent to it will chip away at its power. When a Spirit is quelled, its power will return to the central altar of the shrine.
      • Quelling each spirit will unlock a prize that becomes available to everyone participating in the event. This prize will not cost event points to buy, and can be collected in the quelled Spirit’s chamber.
      • When all four Spirits are quelled, balance will return to the Cavern. This will unlock an additional prize, which will be available to all participants.
      • If all of the Spirits are quelled before the end of the event, players may still continue to send words to each other for points as normal.

Pack your coats and hats - Stonecrest awaits!
See you on the 19th!

Posted Apr 16, edited Apr 16
Really like the added community element! That’s super neat! So tired of snow though… Why must my real and virtual life be plagued by it.
Posted Apr 16
I love word events! I’m hyped for the Corrupt Spirit part of this, it sounds neat and rewarding.
Posted Apr 16
Ooh this is so interesting! Love the aspect of community goals! Looking forward to this :D
Posted Apr 16
oooh i’m excited!! couldn’t be a better time for a theme like this since a big cold front blew through a few days ago and it’s been wintery here since haha
Posted Apr 16

Ooh fun! I might actually have time for this event for once. :’) Just like old times! *u*

The crystals are so pretty at the bottom of the post. I am really looking forward to seeing the art and items for this event! Also I am hyped for the community goals and multiple word lists. I love having the word lists to work toward.

Posted Apr 16
This sounds really fun! I’m excited. :D
Posted Apr 16
This will be my first word event and it sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait for it to start!
Posted Apr 16
This looks like an awesome event :D I especially love the community goals part of it.
Posted Apr 16
Community element is a good. Excite to see what rewards it gives.
Posted Apr 16
Wow! I’m hyped for this!
Posted Apr 17
I’m going to start uploading the event stuff soon! You can watch stuff appear here (sort by release date)! OuO
Posted Apr 18

Pause to eat dinner and play some AC. I’ll do some more uploading in a bit dootodootdoot

edit: resuming upload!

edit 2: done!

Posted Apr 18, edited Apr 18
The time has come!

The Temple sits just outside of town: a dark, gaping maw in the side of one of the mountains that encroach upon the settlement. The entire community gathers to see you off, and though they haven’t much to spare, they load you up with food, supplies, and a surprisingly soft jacket lined with some sort of wool.

Taking a deep breath, you hoist your bag onto your shoulder and make your way to the Temple. You’re eager to try your hand at wielding whatever ancient magic lies within and determined to quell the spirits so that Stonecrest may once again experience the warmth of spring.

Posted Apr 19

Banner was made by Eluii
Spirit guardians created by King and Eluii
Collection background was created by priz
We also encourage you to take a peek at the artist credit page to see who made individual items and coats
Event planning and design by Crow and Dove
Event coding by glitch

It takes an enormous amount of work to put together our events, and we hope you enjoy the result!! <3

Posted Apr 19

So for people like me who are confused as to what to click on…


Hope this helps!

Posted Apr 19

“Quelling each spirit will unlock a prize that becomes available to everyone participating in the event. This prize will not cost event points to buy, and can be collected in the quelled Spirit’s chamber.”

I didn’t get a chance to hand in a word to the Autumn spirit (I was short a H for harvest) does that mean I will not have a chance at the Autumnal War Pick?

Posted Apr 20


You can still send a word to them and claim the prize, even if they’re defeated! c:

Posted Apr 20
Oxton I guess I’m missing where it says that.
Posted Apr 20

It’s in the bottom note of the instructions page.

Posted Apr 20


I believe if you go to the guardian’s page you should be able to see it, I asked a friend who hadn’t sent a word yet and they said they could see the word listing still.

But I agree it’s a little confusing from the text you’re referencing. But don’t worry, you can still get the item!

Posted Apr 20
Yeah, I read that as ‘To be eligible for the special prize you can continue to send after quelling’ I didn’t realize it was talking about the Guardian-specific prizes. Thanks for the clarification.
Posted Apr 20
I’ve been having so much fun with this event! Scrabble ones are typically my favorite and the community aspect has really upped it for me. I do wish that event notifications showed the user and pet the word was sent from, though. I know I can check at the bottom but that takes considerably more work, especially when it’s an older notification and the word isn’t on the first page anymore.
Posted Apr 20

glitch I have a word or two that needs to be added in:

a woman’s gown or outer petticoat.
a man’s tunic or coat.

dark brown or black; ebony.
“the dark shadows of the mountains gave the river an ebon hue”

pluck, grasp, or pull with or as if with tweezers.

a translucent quartz spangled with bits of mica or other
        minerals [syn: {sunstone}, {aventurine}]

a title or form of address given to scholars, especially those qualified to teach in a medieval university.

a crustacean of the order Decapoda, such as a shrimp, crab, or lobster.

Posted Apr 21, edited Apr 30
I’ve been having a lot of fun so far because I’m really excited about the prizes. Have set out a sheet for my desk with the quantity and cost of things so that I have a goal. Thanks for setting up this event :)
Posted Apr 21


Halp ;o; The bear won’t take my pinecones!

(I posted in the discord too, but figured this was a more appropriate place for it)

Posted Apr 21, edited Apr 21
I just wanted to give everyone a quick update that one of the event words for the North Wind spirit guardian, pinecone, brings up an error message if you try to submit it. We are aware of the issue and have passed it along to the proper individuals to have it fixed. It may not be immediate as it is late and many of the staff is asleep, but we’ll get to it as soon as we can. We’ll let you know when it has been. Thanks!
Posted Apr 21
Glitch just fixed the issue—all the winter words are valid now. Sorry about that!!
Posted Apr 22
Hah, ok. The claiming of the prize was pretty cool. ^^ I like the notification it gave.
Posted Apr 23
Wow <3 I love the prizes from this event so far! I hope I get enough tokens to get everything I want from the shop, too. :D
Posted Apr 23