06:34 ST

Celestial Sproot:
0/23 PP saved so far…

WoW sproot:
Ultra Heavy Sproot: 34PP

Morning Butterflies for Lunarya - ??? Nuggets
Stitched Ribbon for Spriggin - ??? Nuggets
Midnight Horns for Blizzard - ??? Nuggets
Driftshroom for Louku - 60K nuggets
Midnight Horns for Louku - ??? Nuggets
Bloomshroom for Bluebell - 36K Nuggets
Immatureshroom for Aquamarine - 36K Nuggets

Royal Red - Alaistair replacement

Dove owes me 4PP (Inner Peace BG) Traded 4PP to Feli for FR gems.

Welcome the newest to the cave:

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