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Kirin Tor? More like Kirin Snore, am I right?

My name is Evii. I use he/him pronouns and I like to play 5 petsites at once before getting bored and no lifing World of Warcraft until I do it all again. If you need to get in touch with me:

Discord: Eviiana#4962
Neopets: Eviiana
Flight Rising: Titan #32765
Goatlings: Playmaker
Xanje: Playmaker

Currently reading: nothing my books are gone *cries*

Sept. 5th 2017: Name changed from Queen Elsa to Eviiana

I am Titan on Flight Rising, and mostly play to trade,

look at all these cats


Titan #32765 on Flight Rising

72k [ ]
16g [ ]


In the case that it interests you, my favorite pokemon are jolteon, raichu and sandshrew!

Anyways, my profile is a mess. HOWEVER~ Have a short blurb about me that I’ll update maybe several months from now:

I am Elsa! You may call me Elsa, Evii or Eviiana. All are fine with me. I love playing games. Both online and IRL! Card games are great, board games are amazing, but online games are on top, definitely. I play whatever my computer can handle (which isn’t much until I get that amazing gaming computer I’ve always wanted!) which for now mostly includes: League of Legends! An extremely popular MOBA played all around the world. I also love Strife, a casual, still-in-beta MOBA with an extremely small userbase that ends up making it impossible to find matches sometimes >.> I also spend a lot of time playing Neverwinter! The MMORPG, not the other one. Path of Exile is also a game I love, but it lags like all hell on my computer. Lastly, I play Terraria once in awhile. :) Feel free to message me if you’re interested in adding me on Steam!

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Concrete World (Song for Stolen Keys) Lydia Elise
Fawn/Hamadryad - Autumna
Fog - Echo
Winter Phoenix - Aurill
Drifty Moth Wings - Saturn
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Spellstones high score: 2745.6!

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