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please do not send rude words to any of my pets

gotta name a moonster kogurt (credits to teatales)

Ollie | they/them | nonbinary | ace | aro

I play Flight Rising! | Selling goatlings items for MC!

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-Rainy Day Background
-prodigious roses bg
-compass necklace
-flower rush bg
-the cost background
-shooting star
-green onion hamhams
-leatherbound journal
-star stuff
-plum curlicue wig
-dapper the rock
-inky paws
-ancient overgrowth
-oswald the ghost
-humphrey the ghost
-konpeito pouch
-wee whale shark
-cat’s cradle
-neon raygun
-starry eyes
-blessing of joy
-eggy earrings
-bacon scarf
-pancake hat
-ramen soup
-spirit of a scholar
-spirit guardians
-siren’s scales
-teeny tent bat
-rowdy cloud
-red sunset butterfly
-vibrant morningdew butterfly
-drifty noble dragons
-enchanted brown gaze
-pancake mush or pet
-tuxedo mush or pet
-fable mush or pet
-magic surge meteorite mush or pet
-elysium mush or pet
-winter phoenix mush or pet
-trailblazer mush or pet
-burnt sugar mush or pet
-seraphine mush or pet
-snow day mush or pet (either pose)
uhhh more items soon


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