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Ollie | they/them | nonbinary | ace | aro

-celestial compass frame
-Rainy Day Background
-prodigious roses bg
-compass necklace
-flower rush bg
-harvest bg
-coral reef bg
-rainy stroll bg
-sunshower bg
-dreamscape bg
-clock tower bg
-corona borealis
-lumina galaxy bg
-inked over frame
-the cost background
-ankle bells
-stitched ribbon
-friendly turtle
-poofy hat
-pumpkin trio
-green onion hamhams
-shooting star
-star stuff
-dapper the rock
-inky paws
-autumn leaves
-oswald the ghost
-desert royalty
-teensy stars
-tiny jellyfish swarm
-starry strands bangles
-rose duet
-mangoberry beaded anklet
-tangled flowers
-donut dreams
-mushroom meeting frame
-blooming garland
-tropical feathers
-flowering tea
-stack of books
-feather quill
-golden/silver/blue moon
-hanging stars
-rain on my parade
-sandy bird’s nest wig
-soft shawl
-pixie dust
-tiny shiny bling
-celestial curse
-immortal antlers
-doctor’s mask
-itsy bitsy earrings
-galactic earrings
-starry eyes
-fall frame
-spiced latte
-faerie chimes
-cute ear piercings
-celestial charm bracelets
-astraea’s tears
-reflected rainbows
-perennial flower crown
-humphrey the ghost
-konpeito pouch
-wee whale shark
-cat’s cradle
-starry eyes
-blessing of joy
-eggy earrings
-bacon scarf
-pancake hat
-ramen soup
-spirit of a scholar
-starfarer’s astrolabe
-origami cranes
-gleaming gold/gleaming silver anklets
-mushos onna stick
-golden ear cuff
-cartographer’s charts
-flower trio
-ominous clouds
-festival kanzashi
-little leaf pouch
-starry neck and tail bows
-ebony/iridescent anklet
-every witchy cat in game
-leatherbound journal
-bright bubbles
-grape/cherry/strawberry hairclip
-birdy beads
-spirit guardians
-teeny tent bat
-rowdy cloud
-red sunset butterfly
-vibrant morningdew butterfly
-drifty noble dragons
-pancake mush or pet
-magic surge meteorite mush or pet
-elysium mush or pet
-winter phoenix mush or pet
-trailblazer mush or pet
-burnt sugar mush or pet
-divine caster mush or pet
-tropical splash mush or pet
-sugarsweet mush or pet
-kittea mush or pet
-seraphine mush or pet


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