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[EVENT] Reign of the North Wind Feedback Survey

With the Guardians quelled, winter has finally begun to recede from Stonecrest Cavern. Birdsong can be heard drifting along the warm, sweet breeze, and flecks of green can be seen peeking through what little snow remains. The townsfolk can finally, after what seems like forever, shed their heavy winter coats and repair the damage caused to their small community.

They thank you profusely, of course — without your help, they’d still be stifled under a heavy blanket of snow and ice. And as they see you off at the start of your long journey home, they are eager to invite you back to visit them in the future. Tunnel by tunnel, Mycenian society continues to grow.

Prize Shop & Extra Tokens

The Village Cellar will remain open through 12 noon ST on May 11th. After that point, any unspent prize points will first be converted into event openables. Any leftover points will then be turned into nuggets. Please also be sure to collect any remaining items from the quelled Guardian Spirits and the Altar of Spring before then! Stickers will also be handed out ASAP!

An icy toot.

Event Feedback

Our event feedback form is now live, and will remain open until the end of the day on May 12th. Any time we add new mechanics to our events, we really appreciate your thoughts and comments, so please take a moment to fill this out! It helps us to look back and see what worked and what may need to be tweaked for future events. 

For every 20 survey submissions we receive, we will be raffling off 1 random ‘extra’ item from the event! (The items earned from quelling the guardians - Snowy Passage, Spring Flower Necklace, Summer Spirit’s Horns, Autumnal War Pick). In order to be eligible for the raffle, please remember to include your username on your survey form.

The survey results have been posted!
You can find them here!

Posted May 5, edited May 17
Thanks for turning unused tokens into some nuggets. I ended up with 27 left over and they taunt me. xD
Posted May 5, edited May 5
Survey Filled!
Posted May 5
‘An Icy Toot’. My new favorite sticker. XD
Posted May 5
The question that says “if you purchased/sold items” is a required question. Shouldn’t it not be? Since its IF you did….?
Posted May 5
Foxcat Indeed—it is now optional. Thanks for letting us know!
Posted May 5

an icy toot…...................

this event was great! i love the scrabble-like events. i learn so many new words from them haha

Posted May 5
Done!  And I’ll say it again, Thank You!!!! To everyone involved in the making of this event!!! It was great fun c=
Posted May 6

This event was nicely done, thank you! Some notes! :

  • I really appreciated that there was a coloration that was relatively easy to obtain! Being able to participate for a couple days and get the aberration was a nice surprise! It gave me a chance to get at least one coloration from this event, even if the clicker events often require more active time than I can usually put in!
  • I also appreciated that the aberrations were spawned into accounts in the form of pets, not as shrooms!
  • I very much think that the aberrations are a solid coloration! Them being essentially a large/wild looking black dog/cat with toggle effects means they can be readily adapted to character creation! Obviously there’s a limit to how many relatively plain colorations can be created before dupes start happening, so this isn’t something that can be duped for every event, but it was nice to see for this one! The coloration having the option to be simple or more complex means it can be turned into a variety of different characters, instead of railroading the character build into one type of character or another! Well done!
Posted May 6, edited May 6

Did the shop close early or did I misunderstand the time? I thought there is 6 more hours left since it’s 5:45 ST May 11 right now?

I just wanted to get an icy spirit’s horns and an icy passage before it closed. Otherwise, I don’t mind that my leftover event points convert to random openables.

Posted May 11, edited May 11
Umm… I’m still able to see my leftover points in the cellar?  When will they be converted to nuggets, or is this just up for show?
Posted May 14

My apologies for the late responses —

WeyrLeader I’ll reach out to you privately.

OregonCoast The autobuy / conversion has just happened :)

Posted May 17
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 147 responses to our feedback survey for this event (about half of players that participated in the event).

  • The majority of respondents, 71%, felt that the event’s duration was appropriate (rated as a 3), with the majority of the remaining responses, 18%, indicating the event was a bit too short (rated as a 2), and 8% rating it as a bit too long (rated as a 4).
  • If shop prices scaled with event time, 60% of respondents want the event to stay the same length, 14 days. 17% selected 10 days with shop prices at about 70%, and 14% selected 12 days with shop prices at 85%.
  • 52% of respondents felt the amount of effort to earn event prizes was appropriate (rated as a 3), with most of the other respondents rating it as a bit too much effort (40%, rating of 4) or way too much effort (7%, rating of 5).
  • 76% of respondents feel that market prices for event items are appropriate. 20% think prices are too expensive (rated 4 or 5), and 4% think prices are too inexpensive (rated 1 or 2).
  • 35% of respondents got all the prizes they wanted, 32% got the prizes most important to them, and 33% did not get the items they wanted.
  • 81% of respondents enjoyed or greatly enjoyed the event’s mechanics (rated 4 or 5), 10% were in the middle of the road (rated 3), and 9% did not enjoy the event’s mechanics (rated 1 or 2).
  • 89% of respondents enjoyed or greatly enjoyed the community challenge (rated 4 or a 5), 7% were in the middle of the road (rated 3), and 4% did not enjoy the community challenge (rated 1 or 2).
  • 97% of respondents would like to see more community-based portions in future events.
  • 74% of respondents found the event coats applicable and/or inspiring new characters (rated 4 or a 5), 17% were in the middle of the road (rated 3), and 9% did not find them applicable or inspiring new characters (rated 1 or 2).
  • 57% of respondents found the items to be useful (rated 4 or 5), 27% were in the middle of the road (rated 3), and 17% did not find them to be useful (rated 1 or 2).
  • Most motivating aspects of the event:
    • Unlocking the guardian prizes (84% - 124/147)
    • Collecting specific prizes for pets and characters (62% - 91/147)
    • Collecting letters and spelling words (38% - 56/147)
    • Earning one of each prize for collecting purposes (37% - 55/147)
    • Sending words to community members (35% - 51/147)
    • Earning prizes to trade now or in the near future (20% - 30/147)
    • Earning prizes to trade much later when their value increases (13% - 19/147)
Repeated Comments

Adding the community portion in the form of the unlockable spirit items was motivating to a lot of players.
A lot of you have played our scrabble events over the years, so adding community goals was a nice way to spice things up. It was generally super well received, and we look forward to designing more mechanics like this in the future!

Getting the aberration as a prize was well received, as was being able to collect prizes after the guardian was quelled. Some wanted opportunities to collect more than one of the unlockable items.
Adding a mechanic that allowed players to get a few items and a special coat without having to send a huge amount of words was nice for players who didn’t have time to click. It did have a downside of players only being able to collect one of each item which was mentioned in the comments a couple times by players! Overall, having a couple different mechanics to get items was well-received.

Some liked the pacing of the community portion, some felt it was too short.
There were a mix of comments about the pacing of the community portion. Some liked that it moved quickly and lasted only the first half of the event, others felt there wasn’t enough time to be able to participate and would have liked it to have lasted longer. This is one question we should have added to the survey to see what all of the respondents thought, but didn’t think of it at the time!

Getting the mushrooms and pets seemed unobtainable to some. A couple players wondered if we changed how hard it was to get the coats, making it harder.
Our way of calibrating the prices for the scrabble events hasn’t changed in a long while since feedback generally shows that length, pricing, and difficulty are about right. We didn’t change anything about our pricing calibration for this event, though we always do receive comments from individuals about how the pet prices are steep. It’s definitely a tricky balance between having the coats have some amount of value but not making it too frustrating for players to earn the coats—reducing the feeling of pets being unobtainable is in part why we wanted to try having a coat available through the community portion.

Smallhorn was preferred and made trading the coats hard, and some players wondered what the odds of getting the Smallhorn vs. Last Frost were.
Feedback about mushroom and item prices have shown that players favor equal odds for the mushrooms and items within their bags rather than staff trying to make the ones they think will be more popular easier to pull from the bags. This makes sense because we’re not always correct about which coats/items will be more popular, but it does have the downside of if one of them is more popular, it’s going to be hard to trade for it. There were equal odds for pulling the Smallhorn vs Last Frost, but Smallhorn was significantly more popular which made it very hard to trade a Last Frost for a Smallhorn.

Where did the leftover token raffle go?
The leftover token raffle was replaced by the nugget exchange for leftover tokens a few events ago. This is because we generally have a feedback raffle and doing two raffles at the same time is cumbersome, and also because it tended to lead to player confusion with regard to how it interacted with the autobuy. The autobuy + nugget exchange is just more straight forward all around, and has generally been preferred by players.

Some players commented they’d like to see the pet name + player name for ease of sending a word back to the player.
We agree and can make this change for next time!


Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback so that we can improve our future events—we gain a lot of useful information from these surveys! <3 A reminder that the summary hits on comments we hear echoed by multiple players, so if you didn’t see your comments reflected in the summary, it’s not that they weren’t important or that we aren’t taking them into consideration.

Thanks again, everyone!

The feedback raffle will be drawn here at 6 PM Server Time tonight!

Posted May 17
Thank you for the nuggets glitch!  I like that mechanism. 
Posted May 17
Congratulations to Myutoreisu, Marina, Firkasa, dragonsrus, Fuzztheif, DeepRiver1995, Dreamson, and Fie95 for the feedback survey raffle wins! Your prizes have been sent out. <3
Posted May 19
Aah thank you! <3
Posted May 19
Posted May 20