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[EVENT FEEDBACK] Spring Blossom Festival (Feedback results posted!)
Results posted here!
Feedback Survey

Now that the event has concluded, we are ready to collect player feedback about the Spring Blossom Festival! There is also a place in the survey for you to list any words that you would like to see added to our dictionary for future spelling events. The feedback form will be open through the end of the day on May 10th.

We will be raffling off one random encounter event item per 10 responses.
The item each winner receives will be chosen randomly from the four depicted above.

Event participation stickers will be sent out ASAP, as well!

Posted 05/03/21, edited 05/27/21

Survey submitted!
Overall, I had a lot of fun with this event!

Posted 05/03/21
Giant List of Words submitted! Thank you so much staff - the event was beautiful and super fun <3
Posted 05/03/21

Posting to remind myself I’ve submitted my survey!

Thank you, staff, I enjoyed this event! The community aspect was a lot of fun :>

Posted 05/03/21

Lovely item sets for this one. ^^

Thanks, staff!

Posted 05/03/21
Submitted but I have to say again how much I enjoyed the little random encounters. It made me smile every time and when an item came with it that was a sweet bonus. So much fun. Thank you!
Posted 05/03/21
Submitted! Thank you for the fun event with beautiful items! ^_^
Posted 05/04/21

I’ve submitted my survey!

Again, here’s my overall opinion: I had a lot of fun with this event, and adored the random encounters, community stuff, and items especially. Thank you, staff! :D

Posted 05/04/21, edited 05/04/21

I submitted the survey!

Even though I already said this, I really loved the event! The cherry-blossom theme was beautiful. And the Floral Wish coat, its just so….I don’t know how to describe it <3

Posted 05/04/21
Survey sent! Thank you staff for the fun event and highly customizable items. :>
Posted 05/04/21
Feedback Survey Results

In total, we had 136 responses to the feedback survey.

Charts were copy/pasted from Google Forms unless otherwise stated.

Notes: 1 = prices too low, 5 = prices too high

Notes: 1 = not useful/applicable, 5 = very useful/applicable

Notes: 1 = not useful, 5 = very useful

Notes: 1 = too challenging, 5 = too easy

Notes: 1 = did not enjoy this, 5 = enjoyed this

Notes: 1 = did not enjoy this, 5 = enjoyed this

Notes: 1 = did not enjoy them, 5 = enjoyed them

Notes: 1 = I would dislike this, 5 = I would enjoy this

Notes: 1 = it took too long for the shrines to bloom, 5 = the shrines bloomed too quickly


Repeated Comments

Comments indicated that players felt the coats and items were beautifully rendered
Many players enjoyed the artistic effort that went into our set this year.

Some felt that the theme was repetitive
Some players pointed out we already had a lot of floral & eastern asian themed items and coats and that we didn’t need to do more.

Some players felt prices for bags and direct item buy was okay, but direct buy of coat and mushrooms felt too high
Players like the option of direct point buying the coats, but sometimes feel like the price is too high to go that route.

To elaborate on direct buy vs. bag buy, the event is calibrated to buying bags with points and not to the direct buying of prizes. We used to only have bag buy and no direct buy option, but later implemented direct buy at the request of and for players who want very few but specific event prizes. The benefit of directly buying a prize with points is that the player avoids the rng of the bags and potentially needing to trade, but comes at a tradeoff of a higher point cost. This is not to say we can’t revisit or rethink direct buy, but may explain why there is a feeling of a player not being able to get everything they want if they go the direct buy route, particularly with the steep direct buy cost of the coats.

Some players wondered if prices were higher this year
Some commented that this event felt more difficult to get the prizes than in past events. We typically get at least one comment along these lines—it is a grindy/clicky event that most players on our site have played before, and I imagine that it feels more tedious as the years go by, particularly if schedules get more chaotic. The difficulty over the years hasn’t been increased, though we did make adjustments this year:

This year we recalibrated point prices on bags slightly, but to make it easier rather than harder. We lowered the amount of points to buy the coat bag (& thus the direct point buy of the coats was also less) so that getting all of the prizes would require less work than previous years. We made this adjustment due to last year’s event feedback. We also aimed to make it fairly likely that players would get at least one bag via random encounters if they were regularly playing the event, and to give out items through different mechanics (community goals + random encounters) to make things a little less grindy and more varied.

Past feedback has indicated that the community doesn’t have a lot of interest in big changes in this event’s core mechanics, but it would be a good idea to include such questions in future feedback to make sure the community is still largely satisfied with our 15 min clicky, uncapped style events.

Comments about point buying gems were generally neutral or positive
Being able to spend gems on tokens was a relief to some who didn’t have time to play the event to the extent they would have liked. Some would like to see gem-buying available from the start of the point shop opening, and others would like to buy tokens in smaller increments.

Comments indicated that letter distribution could be awkward and uneven
Some noted that some letters appeared too often (e.g. “q”) whereas others didn’t appear frequently enough (e.g. “k”), leading to discarded letters and frustration. This was compounded by the shrines not having certain letters in their wordlist, making pulling one of those letters while working towards one of those words difficult.

Many players felt positively about the addition of random encounters
Comments indicate that the addition of the random encounters mechanic was fun and added to the immersion. Players favored the random encounters that included prizes, though many enjoyed the flavor text only encounters as well.

Some comments indicated disappointment with random encounter rewards not being more widely available
Some wanted to see more of them during the event, whereas others wanted an opportunity to buy more. While we didn’t have extras available during the event, we will have them available in our seasonal shops, so be sure to keep your eye out for that.

There were mixed reactions to the prospect of random encounter exclusive event prizes
For context to those who didn’t participate, we had four recolor items that players could only get through random encounters, but we’re also putting them in seasonal shops throughout the year so that there are other ways to obtain them. In our survey, we asked what the feeling would be if we did not have them available through other means. The spread of opinions in this survey question was reflected in the comments. Some would like this, some wouldn’t mind this so long as it was not rare, or a permanent encounter (not event exclusive), and others would not want to see something only given out through random encounters.

The community goals were largely well received
Players commented that having community goals during events adds an additional layer that gives the event a new and fun feel. Some commented that they like having an opportunity to earn items and a coat outside of the event point system.

A huge thanks to the community for taking the time to give us thoughtful feedback! We’ve run the scrabble event every year and make adjustments to it every year so that it continues to be something the community continues to enjoy. As a reminder, if you didn’t see your sentiment echoed in the comments above, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t read it or consider it; these results tend to take the larger themes from analyzing the comments rather than focusing on individual ones.

Also, a special thanks goes to Hyasynthetic for analyzing the feedback results! :D

Prize Raffle

14 winners were chosen via random number generator, are are as follows:

I’ll get those prizes to you shortly! Handed out!

Posted 05/27/21, edited 05/27/21
Thank you for the feedback rundown, and thanks again for the great event! Always cool to see how everyone feels about events :D
Posted 05/27/21
Well written, thank you!!
Posted 05/27/21
Awesome! Thank you!
Posted 05/27/21
Thank you very much, I am very happy to win for the first time in my life in the lottery! :“D
Posted 05/28/21
Wow, I either forgot or didn’t know that I was in a raffle…thanks!
Posted 05/28/21
hah same as Lemonpickle here, had completely forgtten I was in this raffle. but a nice surprise to get home to after a busy day.  Nice rundown as well
Posted 05/28/21

..Have the stickers gone out for this event yet..? If they have, I believe I haven’t gotten mine yet.

But it kind of feels like no one got theirs yet, and now it’s almost summer..

Posted 06/20/21
Crycket Oh gosh, no! Thank you for the reminder; I dropped the ball on that one. They are now distributed!
Posted 06/20/21

You’re welcome, and thank you! :)

Lol, that’s okay, I know how it is to get distracted and forget to do certain things, I do it all the time..

Posted 06/21/21