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That moment when you realize….

You’re a sucker for mystery chests. And they are too expensive/rare for you to buy. ;w;

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In Glacion, a world where winter is eternal and people are made of ice, exists the Nameless One, a powerful mythical deity who controls everything, from the weather, to the landscape, to the very lives of Glacionians, the people who live there. During every Great Blizzard, a sacrifice, the one who is made of the purest ice, must be offered to the Nameless One. No one knows what the Nameless One does with the sacrifices. Some say he weds them, some say he uses them as toys to quell his thirst, whatever that may mean, and still other say their lives are used to keep Glacion frozen, so the Glacionians do not melt. The only thing the Glacionians know is that the sacrifice will enter the Forbidden Woods, never to be found. The story follows the adventures of Iona, the sacrifice for the thousandth Great Blizzard, and her encounters with the Nameless One. Will she survive, or would the worst of the rumors come true? Who is really the Nameless One, and is e really as mysterious as the stories say?

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