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[EVENT FEEDBACK] Kerric's Magnificent Caravan Feedback Survey

As the last of the Caravan concludes their stay in the city of Mirage, the desert-dwelling Mycenians wish them a fond farewell. Once the final traveler has departed the city, the heavy gates close behind them. The desert mists swirl and obscure the city once more, leaving Kerric and his group with little more than memories and souvenirs.

“They’re very reclusive.” He explains, his glance wandering back toward the mists. “I was hoping we could open up some sort of permanent trade route between them and the main settlement, but I guess not.” He hikes his pack, now heavy with treasures, up onto his shoulders and makes a motion with one paw.

“C’mon, everyone. Let’s head home.”

Event Feedback Survey

Our event feedback survey is now live, and will be accepting responses through August 17th. As always, we really appreciate your thoughts and comments about the event, especially when we’ve played around with new mechanics and activities. We will look over all the responses and post our usual feedback compilation after the survey has closed.

For every 20 survey submissions we receive, we will be raffling off 1 random ‘extra’ item from the event!
These items will be randomly selected from the non-mushroom items available in the event shop. In order to be eligible for this raffle, please make sure you include your username on your survey response!

Event Stickers

Event participation stickers will go out ASAP! Due to some weather circumstances, it may take longer than normal for them to be distributed - we will update this thread when they’ve gone out. Thank you for your patience!


Posted 08/10/20, edited 08/20/20
Thanks for the event guys :)
Posted 08/11/20
Thanks for the event. It was so fun! ^_^
Posted 08/11/20
Thx for the event! And this event forced me to win the minesweeper game. Thx.

Are all old event pages deleted? Thx!

I’m super interested in what the pages of this Kerric event will become, however I couldn’t figure out what’s the URL (including whether https://mycenacave.com/event/[insert event name here] or https://mycenacave.com/[insert event name here]. I’d browsed through the forums and still couldn’t find a thing. At last I searched the forum for the word "north wind" and saw this thing (URL: https://www.mycenacave.com/northwind/activation/). The page showed:

404 Not Found

We couldn’t find the page you’re looking for :(

I also tried this (URL: https://www.mycenacave.com/northwind/, but it showed this again…

404 Not Found

We couldn’t find the page you’re looking for :(

Posted 08/11/20, edited 08/18/20
Thanks for the event! :D
Posted 08/11/20

Thanks for the event. :3

( also omg crow your avatar is just lovely <3 )

Posted 08/11/20, edited 08/11/20
Posted 08/11/20
I loved this event <3
Posted 08/11/20
Thanks for the event!
Posted 08/12/20
Thanks for the event! Had an absolute blast!
Posted 08/13/20
Just a quick note that I’ll try to get the feedback summary up today/tonight! 8)
Posted 08/19/20
Feedback Summary
  • A total of 103 players responded to our feedback form.
  • A majority of respondents (77%) felt that the event duration was appropriate. Most of the remaining respondents thought it was a little too short (13%), while some (9%) felt it was a bit too long or much too long (2%)
  • 79% of players enjoyed the semi-play-at-your-own-pace style of this event, while 19% would have preferred all of the activities to be made available all at once.
  • Overall, 76% of the responding players felt that the amount of effort required to earn prizes was appropriate. The remaining respondents felt as though a bit too much effort was required to earn prizes (22%) or way too much effort (2%). No respondents felt as though too little effort was required.
  • Most players found this event’s coats to be quite applicable/inspiring (71%). Another 13% of players did not find them to their tastes, with the remaining 16% falling squarely in the middle of the road.
  • Likewise, the items were very well received, with 72% rating them a 4 or 5 on our scale. Another 14% of respondents did not find them useful to their characters, leaving 15% in the middle.
  • This event, we introduced the option of buying additional event currency with gems. Overall, this was quite well received - 77% of respondents liked this option, 13% felt neutral, and 11% did not like it.
  • Most players would like to see Discovery Dig become an official game, with 88% responding in favor. We’re happy to see that so many of you enjoyed it, and will work on getting that polished up for a future release!

Common comments
  • There was a positive response to the new validation system for forum activity submissions.
    This feature was a surprise gift to us from glitch and we loved it too! Compared to previous events, submission approval was easier for both staff and players to track, and faster for us to get through and coordinate with other staff graders. We look forward to using this system in future similarly-styled events!

  • The addition of the gem-buyable scarabs was generally well received.
    We strive to calibrate these types of events toward players earning one of each available prize through full event participation. Adding additional scarabs for gems added flexibility for players who wanted one of everything, but also multiple copies of certain items, or one of each pose of Desert Deity, the dimorphic coat. It was also helpful for players who found themselves a bit too busy to participate fully, or those who wanted to skip over certain activities but still get all the prizes. A few commented that the price of the scarabs for gems felt too high.

  • Requiring knowledge of past events (the Sprocket cipher) felt inaccessible to newer players.
    We agree—there was an additional clue to aid players in translating the alphabet that did not get released on time. We are sorry that we put new players at a disadvantage for not including that information and will do better to help newer members in the future. We thank the community for helping each other with this when they were stumped, and though we know it’s not always easy or preferable to ask for help, we really love to see these positive interactions!

  • There was lots of love for the adventure, including someone who inquired about event adventures being published permanently so that they can be played after the fact. While this isn’t possible for the old Icy Soul event, we will look into making the latter event adventures available to be played indefinitely!
  • There were some comments about the adventure payout feeling low/the payouts seeming odd vs. the amount of effort required.
    This is due to some scrambling we had to do toward the end of planning. Some activities that ended up being worth 1 scarab were originally worth 2, but needed to be shuffled around. We’ll try to improve on this gauging next time we hold this style of event!

  • Overall, you guys really seemed to enjoy this event!
    Reading this kind of feedback helps energize us for future event plans, and your feedback, as always, is invaluable - especially when we try out new things.

Since we had 103 responses, we drew 5 raffle winners. Each winner was drawn via random number generator, and will receive the prize outlined below:

I’ll get these sent out soon!

Posted 08/20/20
The event was so awesome, and thank you for the bonus prize! I never thought I would win. The Sand Fox is so cute! ^_^
Posted 08/20/20
Event stickers went out last night!

Anyone who completed at least one activity received one. :D

Posted 08/24/20

Can you guys tell that I really enjoyed this event and all the beetles? Y’all are amazing at planning super cool events for us. <3 Ty so much :D

Posted 08/24/20