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[EVENT] The Summer Sunset Carnival (Aug 21st - Sept 4th)

Excitement is in the air. Literally—the cheerful rising and falling melodies of a calliope grow louder and louder, trumpeting the arrival of the Summer Sunset Carnival!

One by one, the tents and booths are unfurled and hoisted, colorful pennants strung betwixt their striped awnings. Rides of all sorts—from the cheerful carousel with its colorful menagerie of mounts, to the spinning nightmare that is the Scrambler, to the towering Ferris wheel—are erected seemingly overnight. Blinking lights; musical mayhem; the lingering smell of fryer oil—what was just yesterday a sleepy empty lot has transformed into a playground for Mycenians of all ages.

The fliers that have been posted around town with almost obnoxious frequency provide all the necessary details:

The Summer Sunset Carnival!

In town for two weeks only!
Gates open at 12:00 ST on August 21st!

Fun, Games, Prizes!!!

Event Information
  • The Summer Sunset Carnival will begin at 12:00ST on August 21st and run through 23:59 ST on September 4th.
  • This event consists of several forum-based activities, participation in which will earn you Carnival Tickets to be spent in the Prize Booth. The Prize Booth will remain open through September 11th.
  • There will also be a handful of event-flavored Random Encounters, from which you may receive a special item (which will later be available for purchase in our seasonal shops).
  • The activities in this event will be marked manually, with a spreadsheet available for viewing where we will note participants’ current points.
    • Prizes will also be distributed manually.
    • We will try our best to keep up with grading and prize distribution throughout the event, but please be patient with us!
  • Each activity will have its own set of submission guidelines, which will be outlined in the activity thread.
  • There will also be two chance-based games-slash-giveaways, where every player is guaranteed some sort of prize at the end of the event. Each player may participate once in each game.
  • Participation in at least 2 activities will earn you the event sticker!

    ♢♦ Carnival Directory ♦♢
Posted 08/19/22, edited 08/21/22
Posted 08/19/22
So excited for this event! Looking forward to seeing the carnival theme!
Posted 08/19/22
Hoax “Help Wanted: Haunted House” :eyes:
Posted 08/19/22
Posted 08/20/22
Super excited for this event :D
Posted 08/21/22

-Bat Rises from the grave
Oh HECKYEAH, that sounds like fun! :3c

Thanks for the ping!

Posted 08/21/22
*rolls* I love carnivals, this seems like it’ll be super fun! :D
Posted 08/21/22
The Carnival has begun!
Check out the festivities here!
Posted 08/21/22
You can now buy Carnival Tickets with gems!

This is an option we’ve offered in previous events, though with the prize shop being managed manually this time around, the process looks a bit different! You can find the full details in the Prize Booth thread.

As always, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have! You can either post them here, or echo Crow!

Posted 08/29/22
The Carnival ends after 23:59ST tonight!

Be sure to get those final games and rides in! :D

Posted 09/04/22
The Carnival has concluded!

All games & activities have been tallied, and the final carnival ticket count can be found on this spreadsheet.
The prize booth is open through September 11th. You may purchase tickets for gems until that point.
Please be sure to spend your tickets before the shop closes!

Posted 09/05/22
I just wanted to say thanks to Crow for all her hard work :D This was a fun event!
Posted 09/05/22

Hey! Wasn’t sure who to talk to, but I seem to have missed credit for one of my Creative Cartomancy submissions. I did two. Here are the links:

The Emperor’s Pardon
The Next Big Score

Posted 09/05/22

Got that fixed for you!

Posted 09/05/22
Crow Thank you!!!!
Posted 09/05/22
Event participation stickers have now been distributed!
Posted 09/12/22
Hey, I can’t see the sticker for the carnival.
Posted 09/13/22


Not staff, but I think I know the answer - it looks like you only did the two games (ie the balloon pop and the duck race) but in order to get the participation sticker you needed to participate in two of the creative activities, which the games didn’t count for unfortunately!

Posted 09/13/22

Confirming that what Purr mentioned is correct.

Posted 09/13/22
Oh, I see, thanks for the responses. :D
Posted 09/13/22